Stitching & Bitching

This weekend was the 4th annual “Stitch & Bitch” weekend with all of the females from my Mum’s side of the family. She is one of 4 sisters and they have all had daughters of their own and their sons have married fabulous women so we created an excuse for all of us to get together once a year for a few days without small kids dragging at our feet and husbands around. Now, most of the women in my family are crafty. They are creative and artistic. I seemed to miss those genes but not the love of good wine and food that we all have.

This year the house chosen for all 13(!) of us (and yes, there were even still a few missing) was in my local town. Everyone arrived Friday afternoon and after Preschool, ballet and getting the girls down I trotted up the hill for a fabulous dinner. Saturday morning after everyone came and checked out our house we went back in and settled in for a serious afternoon of doing nothing – except eating and drinking and laughing and a little crafting. Some read, some knitted, some sewed, some stitched, some did puzzles but the one thing we all did was natter. And laugh. Oh my stars how we all laughed. And just had the best time. This tradition is fast becoming one of my favourite things to do in the year. And why wouldn’t it be?

With that view?

And all those fabulous women from different parts of Sydney and the rest the state (Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains and Mudgee) and the country (Victoria and Tasmania) to talk to?

And half price linens picked up from a local Antique Store! For anyone that knows this neck of the Woods Peppergreen Antiques have a half price sale at the moment because I think they are closing down…! I know, too sad.

With sisters (& sisters in laws) catching up, having fun together with no place to go, no where to rush off to, no children to feed or get to bed?

And especially for me with an impromptu birthday soiree! With singing! And cake! AND PRESENTS! My actual birthday isn’t until Tuesday but who was I to complain..?

These four sisters have many tales to tell and things to teach us younger ones. About the importance of family. About being a mother. A wife. A sister. A friend. Regardless of where their lives have taken them their connection as a family is something that I respect so much and something that I hope I always have with my own sisters and that my beautiful girls have with each other one day.

When they all leave tomorrow morning I don’t think it will be long before an email comes through from my Mum organising next years weekend…bring it on I say!


  1. How wonderful! What a great tradition to have. Looks like fun!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Can you adopt me? What a beautiful home, and what an amazing bunch of women. Truly touching! xxx

  3. so nice! what a great idea!

  4. I love this … and who doesn’t love an early birthday celebration!!

  5. I recognize that house! We had our family Christmas there a few years ago. Traditions like this are wonderful x

  6. What a lovely tradition. x

  7. What a fabulous idea!!! I am going to suggest this to the amazing women in my family x

  8. Oh wow!

    That is so beautiful!

    Do you have any suggestions for a male dominated family such as my own? … Or care to adopt me?

    I can’t think of anything better than a bunch of your family’s creative souls coming together.

    Oh, and happy birthday!

  9. Love it!! Oh i can see the movie now, it’s just such a brilliant idea, i should demand my sister, 4 sisters-in-law & all our daughters do this (seeing the youngest daughters in the mass collection are my 10 year old twins, it’s completely tame) as it would be amazing. I can just see the non crafty ones just churning out the food & drinks to those of us who sew, knit & crochet, brilliant. I just love the thought of my daughters all doing this kind of thing, maybe i’ll start it & they HAVE to invite me??!! Is that your mumma & all your sisters in the last image?? Love Posie

  10. Oh I love that idea… I have my Mums in UK, Sis in law to be travels with a Saudi Princess as her Personal Trainer and other Sis in Law is in San Diego… Ummm where to meet up?!

  11. Oh lady, I love your stitchin and bitchin weekends. It is stories and traditions like these that leave me yearning for a sister :o( But I do have 5 amazing sister-in-laws, so I have been lucky :o)
    Thoroughly enjoyed those snaps too! Just gorgeous ladies xo

  12. Hi Beth, I love that this happens without cajoling and stress and that you all really enjoy each others company and that you celebrate one another without petty jealousies and nastiness. So good!

  13. What a fantastic idea! Things like this always make me feel wistful that I don’t have any daughters, sisters, and barely any female cousins. Surrounded my men in my family!

  14. Happy Birthday Beth (Bev)! I wish I was surrounded by a family of women like this. So fortunate. And that view!!!

  15. Wonderful in every way. x

  16. Who is the one doing a jigsaw puzzle? Because next year, when I’m invited, I wanna sit next to HER.


  17. That is just a fantastic thing to do! My Mum, Aunt and I used to belong to stitch and Bitch group. We’d spend a few hours together ever Friday afternoon. I’ve missed it so much since I have had kids…

    One day…

  18. Aaaw, look at you all! Such gorgeous pictures, and an awesome tradition!


  19. Clare Steph says

    this is the first time i have seen someone in a blog i know!! i’m not sure of the propper protocol, but i’m so glad to see your sister in law there, being part of such a wonderful family she was a great teacher.

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