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The start of Spring is always such an amazing time I think….I always get blown away that after such a long and cold winter everything just springs back to life, leaves unfurl from somewhere inside branches (are all their leaves for all time already in there, waiting?) and growth is all around. Anyone else spend way too long thinking about where leaves come from, or is that just me? The garden is going mad at the moment, we had a little rain too so you can really tell how much the plants have grown…especially our trees that we planted a few years back.

We lost a lot of trees a few years back (Manchurian Pears) which have a ver bad habit of splitting in two. And we replaced them with some Box Elder Maple Sensations (Acer Negundo) that are doing magnificently in their new positions. A beautiful big green leaf for us to sit under in the summer with glorious colour in Autumn and lots of light for the winter sun to come in when it’s cold. Every time I look out the window I can barely see the change, and then when I look back on old photos, I can see how much it’s grown.

Much like my Daisy.

Lately, she has asked me to do her hair for School, like she has for the past 6 years, and maybe some before that when she was at Preschool. But lately? Well, I can’t see the top of her head. She’s a little shorted than me, but there’s not much to it these days, I sometimes have to get her to sit.

My Daisy.

Much like those trees, I don’t see the changes day in, day out, but when I look at her pictures from the start of the year I can see just how much she has grown. She might just be 10 still, but she’s a young woman. And there’s nothing I can do to slow it down.

Harper is turning 8 on Friday.
And Maggie is thankfully still twirling in dresses so we are good to go on that front.

But Daisy, well, I’ll keep doing her hair for as long as she will let me. I’ll sneak those cuddles in when I can. I will sit and annoy her until she talks to me about what she’s feeling, and any questions about anything that seem SO big when you are starting to grow up, and your leaves unfurl in new ways and I will marvel at time. That relentless time that seems to take so long, and yet before you know it, you’re somewhere completely different, changed and grown.

Have you noticed your kids are getting REALLY big all of a sudden?
Or are we shrinking?
How long before my clothes and shoes are in danger? (there are already one pair of Frankies I have lost)


  1. Yup – mine is sitting the HSC at this very moment! There’s a mix of excitement for her, about all the opportunities and fun out there for her and a little bit of grieving from me (I know that sounds weird and entitled but I don’t know what else to call it) about the little girl that was. I know they all have to grow up and thank goodness for that but it’s a very strange feeling, all this leaving of school. My youngest is off to high school as well, so no more primary school!! *sob* but also *hooray* but I’ve done a bloody good job I can tell you that much – she’s a cracker!

  2. It sneaks up so quickly. Mr 13 has all of a sudden grown into and then out of my sketchers. I assumed I was safe with sons, but no the navy sketchers were his for a while. It’s mens shoes now.

  3. Both my older boys have been taller than me for years but now that my eldest has graduated from high school I’m kinda flipping out. Firstly, how did we get here SO FAST? And second, I dont know how to parent an almost adult. He’s only 17.5 but there is so much adult stuff going on & I am not coping at all!

    Thank god for my littles ( even though Sadie has her kindy orientation on Friday & it feels WAY too soon for that! ). I am not ready to be a redundant mum & that is what parenting teenagers feels like.

    • Flip the script, hun, your teenagers need just as much now as they ever have! Just knowing that you’re there for them as they navigate the treacherous waters of puberty is IMMENSE! They may not need you as much in a physical sense (like, say, a toddler/kindy) but they will need to tap into your experience and wisdom when you least expect it. Alcohol and peer pressure? You’re there for them. Body changes and random questions? There. Interest in boys/girls? You’ve been there done that. Not gonna lie, it’s a bloody tricky road but you’ve got this xx

  4. My daughter caught the train by herself for the first time in Sydney on Monday and texted me “ur lil girls’ not so little anymore”. She’ll be 15 on Friday and I am NOT.READY. She is as tall as me and same size foot but doesn’t share my taste so my clothes/shoes are safe 😀 (except my physio thongs – she stole those!)

  5. Just home from the year 12 Valedictory Dinner. Where did those 13 years go?

  6. Linda Jenkins says

    This year has been one of change for me = Oldest daughter (25 )moved out with her boyfriend.Second daughter(22) has been living in the States as part of her Uni course for 12 months.Youngest is my son (18) who has been working hard on his Gap year and is about to go traveling in Asia by himself in 12 days ! I will officially have no kids to care for. I will always be their Mum but sometimes the changes are hard even though you know its the right thing for them. Keep having the conversations and do the hair as long as she will let you Beth x

  7. I’m always amazed at how much bigger and grown up my kids get with each new baby I bring home. The 3 yo is no longer the baby of the family…Sigh!! Cuddling this new one with all my might and so much longer than I need to.

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