Hello stranger! It’s nothing but a VLOG!

A very boring VLOG, but a VLOG nonetheless! With added bonus health(ier) child!


  1. See ya round like a rissole, Harps! Glad to see you are SO much better, because hospital is a bit boring and home is MUCH nicer!

  2. She looks great now Beth!

  3. Oh Harper! You are a doll! Glad to see that you are all better!!
    Great to hear your voices!!
    Thanks for sharing xo

  4. How great to see ya’ll both!

  5. so great to see a happy harper x

  6. Oh Harps!
    and Macca.
    so happy to hear ya & see ya.
    love ya

  7. Gorgeous!! I love your vlogs ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  8. SO lovely to see and hear you Pooks x

  9. I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!! x

  10. Two happy gals. Lovely to see! xx

  11. oh yay!! so cool to hear your voices xx

  12. That is adorable! x

  13. Beautiful happy faces, lovely to see.
    Sue N

  14. Oh! Absolutely gorgeous, Beth. And Harps, you are a STAR. So glad you’re feeling better x

  15. Home from hospital with a better child is the best feeling.

  16. Nice to see you healthier Harper. Have a nice Tuesday! Today I am going with my son to take his blood sample. High fever (40 degreeses Celcius, stomach pains and vomitting). Keep your finger crossed for him!

  17. Oh you guys are too cute!

  18. So so glad harper is better and you are at home with your family,Enjoy

  19. OH so happy and adorable.. Glad Harper is better now!! xx

  20. Gibbergunyah says

    Oh, she’s divine and so sparky! Lovely!

  21. Both of you looking gorgeous!
    P.S. I would LOVE to make a VLOG. But can’t stand the sound of my own voice. Working on that one :)))

  22. Hi Beth,
    This is the first of your Vlog’s that I have been able to view on my laptop without the buffering taking four hundred hours and me getting the shits and leaving the page…and it was great! After many years following and reading your fabulous blog, it was a little bit bizarre hearing what you talk like and sound like for the first time! You know when you have an idea in your head about how someone might sound or act in “real life” when you’re reading their blog posts – well you were very different! So lovely, fab voice, so well spoken – different good, not different bad (if that makes sense??). And I sound a BIT like a strange stalker (of which I am not) making these random comments to someone I do not know! Anyway….just wanted to drop u a line on here, glad to see your gorgeous daughter is feeling better (she is SO cute!!) and hope you keep writing your extremely addictive posts for many more years to come!
    Cheers, Jess

  23. So glad wee one is on the mend!

  24. SO glad Harper is well and taking deep breaths with mumma.

    Beth you are a pixie minx, is what you are. Tiny and gorgeous XXX

  25. Awww That was a Happy VLOG! So good to see her well and smiling and you looking a little more rested, even if you are high on coffee ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  26. First vlog I’ve seen, if I sounded like you I would make them too (thats a compliment btw , can’t stand my voice ..)
    I grew up asthmatic, its pretty scary, so glad my kids don’t have it, hope Harp’s outgrows it, and I did have a nice Tuesday thanks!

  27. Oh Harper and Beth, just way tooooo cute! Lovely to sort of ‘meet’ the both of you!
    (And good to see your little girl looking much better!)
    Hope you both have a lovely week x

  28. How lovely to see her so healthy and cheerful!

  29. You have a lovely voice!! Would be perfect for TV or radio ๐Ÿ™‚ And Harper is adorable x

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