Chasing shadows

The girls have discovered a spot in the very late afternoon light, just before bed, where the light is best of all for making up stories of castles and fairies and moons and monsters.


  1. Those cut outs. The light. That smile.


    Did you (dum-dum-DUM!) craft them up?


    Gabs x

  2. What a delightful play spot and what beautiful photos….thanks so much for sharing. xx

  3. So cute. It always amazes me what keeps our children entertained.

  4. Thats beautiful!
    So simple…it just made me go ‘aaaahhh’
    The simple things….
    And where did you get the cut outs? I would love some…

  5. Beautiful – now ‘fess up, where did those shadow “puppets” come from? Please tell!!

  6. those chubby hands – what a delight 🙂

  7. Oh, my heart melts to see them play together like that. The joy of sisters. Siblings.

  8. Nice. The light in your place is SO delightful. And those little make believe stories are just the best aren’t they?! Bless their little cotton socks xo

  9. Oh! Will do this with small one TONIGHT! Thanks so much.

  10. Beautiful shadow making and storytelling – I hope their dreams were full of clumsy monsters and delightful fairies – thanks for posting Beth!

  11. These pics brought the biggest smile to my face – love those girls of yours and how happy they are x


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