You guys, I’ve kept my fiddle leaf fig alive for 9 months!

You know what’s Rob’s least favourite thing is at the moment? It’s feigning interest each and every night when we get into bed and I say “Rob! LOOK AT MY FIDDLE LEAF FIG. It’s growing! Nay! THRIVING!” and then he rolls his eyes and says something like I’ll look at your Fiddle Leaf etc etc…

But you guys, the Fiddle Leaf Fig that was given to me before Christmas last year is not dead.

In fact, I think it has actually grown and in FACT, I think it may even be thriving. No small miracle given the tricky nature of these plants.

Look at her go!

I moved the plant from the lounge room into our bedroom in March when we started to have the fire on all the time and while initially it had a freak out, it settled into life and is very happy.

Here were some of the tips that I had initially about these tricky bastards.

  • Don’t move the plant about. Choose a spot and stick with it. That spot should be in non direct light, but with plenty of light (so not direct sun I suppose)
  • Don’t repot – they cannot handle the stress
  • Don’t overwater…maybe every week to 14 days (and don’t underwater). Some suggest to water from the down up (place in water so it can soak it up)
  • Spray the leaves with a spray bottle of water. These are rainforest plants so the more water you can get into the leaves the better. Some people also suggested placing in the shower for a good soak to get all the dust off the leaves
  • Fertilise! Fertilise! Give it a dose of Thrive once a month
  • Take outside for a sun bath every so often

And here’s what I have done. Pretty much, not much.

  1. Not overwatered. In winter pretty much once every 10 -14 days and now as it’s a little warmer like once every 7-10 days
  2. It’s in a easterly position so gets morning light
  3. I have wiped down the leaves to make sure there is no dust
  4. I have sprayed the leaves with a light spritz of water when I have watered too

My question now is…if it gets bigger, do I need to replant it? I dare not touch it.

The next question I have is how can one little plant place so much fear into one person? It’s worse than another child I swear. And because I am a sucker for punishment, yesterday I bought a new member home. This wee little boston fern. Look how sweet!

If you have one, how is it going?
Got any other tips for us?
What’s your favourite indoor plant right now?


  1. Oh Beth.
    I do so admire your horticultural optimism. I love a fiddle-leaf and the huge ones were on sale recently at my local for $100. It was tempting. Until I remembered the two attempts of maiden hair ferns in my bathroom. So green, so delicate…so dead. I am a dedicated gardener but the second fern broke me. Good luck with your newest addition :)!

  2. Well done on nurturing such a fickle plant. At the moment I am loving our potted peace lily. Not my favourite looking plant, but I bought it because it has some of the best air cleaning powers of all potted plants. I put it in our bathroom because the peace lily is known for cleaning the air of mould spores. It loves the conditions- steamy and warm- and it looks lush and happy there.

  3. looks great beth! … well done you! they aren’t easy!
    my daughter is like us too and hers is still great after 18 months!
    … plant lovers here! I bought her a beautiful orchid whilst we were there
    and she sends photos of what is blooming! … lovely!
    your fern has grown since you put it there! … love the light!
    much love m:)X

  4. Definitely repot it into a bigger pot. Mine went absolute gangbusters when it had space to stretch its legs!

  5. I once killed a peace lily.

    Then I murdered an orchid.

    That is all.

  6. I have re-potted my Fiddle Leaf and it’s been absolutely fine.

    I read that when the bottom leaves weep, it needs re-potting. But (because they like to put the fear of Fiddle God into us), I’ve also read* that you should only pot one size up at a time, as the old Fiddle gets a little scared being in a new home that’s too big. I did this exact thing and so far mine is still thriving and almost ready for it’s 3rd pot (it’s nearly 2 years old now!).

    *I spend way too much time reading about how to try not to kill my Fiddle…

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