Monday Meal Ideas: Meatless Monday

Good morning friends from a very quiet and slow Beth. Wowsers has it been a big week, month….etc etc. I survived the end of last week (just) with the Spring Fling lunch on Saturday. What a day it was…more details to come on that later. There was LOTS of cooking prep from me (feeding 30 people will do that I suppose) as well as everything else. I must say my brain is a little fried. We’ve had sickness here as well and no time to just rest so this week at any chance I have, I will be relaxing! Well as much as I can. We have school holidays starting too at the end of the week so the pace will most definitely be slowing down. Bring it on!

The weather will also be warming up so time to get some more veggies on the table. Here are some of my fave veggo recipes:

Vegetarian Pie
Vegetarian Lasagne
Corn Fritters
Mushroom Pea & Spinach Soup

If you have started school holidays I hope that those first days are not so bad – we always struggle with fights and demands and tiredness at the start of the holidays. If you are working, may the juggle be ok and if you are lucky enough to just chill out….enjoy! I’m hoping that will be us next week!

Have a good week friends. Details of the wonderful event on saturday will shortly follow so watch this space…x

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