Vegetarian pie aka: SMUG PIE

I’ve had one of those morning’s where I was in and out of the car a gazillion times. Stop here, pick up that. Go there, drop off that. All those annoying jobs that I’ve putting off for weeks all rolled into one morning. That’s the thing with leftover jobs – they are annoying for a reason – but the feeling of smug satisfaction when you are done? Priceless. I’m all smug and pleased with myself.Earlier in the week I also crossed off something that’s been on my list. But for MONTHS. I know. Naughty me. And even worse. It was a lump in my breast. I kept thinking I must get that looked at. But then I got sick. So it got put off. And then I had New York and I didn’t want to think about it before then. So it got put off. Again. SO NAUGHTY. I have a history of having lumpy breasts – hormonal and bumpy in my moods and my boobs! An ultrasound was done – a gazillion snaps taken – and I’m all clear. Thank goodness. Putting off something like this? Don’t! DO IT. That’s an order. Next on my list is a pap smear as my last one was when Harper was 6 weeks old. And she is about to be 3. Promise I’ll get onto that next week. So one thing off the list, another to add onto a new one. That and taking Daisy to the Dr, getting the car serviced and getting those new tyres on the car….it never ends.

Using stuff up in the fridge is like tying up these loose ends I think. And seeing as I am on a roll at the moment, I tackled a quiche today for lunch.

Leftover Spinach, pesto & fetta quichey/pie thing
: Some leftover pesto from the weekend (or jar or whatever)
: 2 squares frozen spinach (leftover from freezer)
: Half bunch leftover shallots (spring onions)
: Half packet leftover fetta from the weekend
: Some garlic, salt & pepps and nutmeg
: 2 sheets leftover frozen puff pastry
: 3 eggs
: 300 mls cream

: Fry up garlic & shallots add in frozen spinach & pesto (until spinach thawed) takes about 5 mins set aside and wait to cool
: In another bowl mix the eggs, cream, salt, pepper and pinch nutmeg
: Combine the two and crumble in fetta
: Take the two sheets of puff pastry and lay over flan/quiche/pie dish. Trim edges roughly
: Pour in and cook for 20 mins or until brown. Not sure why mine only did one side?!
: Eat and eat and eat. I just rolled half of that bastard without any help at all.

Hope you can tie up some loose ends this afternoon – go on! Your Friday afternoon drink will be all the better if you can be smug and cross something off your list. Go on then…off you go!


  1. Go you! Glad the lump is all good. I too have lumpy boobs. Damn children!

  2. I feel smug envy.
    I was all set to tickety-tick off my to do list, but alas, alack registering a business name with ASIC was on there. After the gazzilionth time of trying to get the website to work, I called. A chipper cheerful recorded chap told me that they were too busy to take my call and that I should check out the website.
    My smugness has been thwarted!

  3. Glad you got your lump checked. I put off mine for 3 years. To the point where I actually forgot it existed until I fell pregnant, then it started really hurting, a painful reminder. I had to get biopsy’s etc but it is benign. It is however growing so think its time to go!

    Good luck with your pap smear

  4. Another quiche? Even after all of the mini niche quiches yesterday? Goodness me πŸ™‚

  5. Yep – my lady lumps are lumpy as well. But it is not a nasty lump, a harmless lump. Still, I get her photographed every second year, just so I can say hi.

  6. Ahh yes, just had one of those ultrasounds before I left home too. Such fun.

    That quiche looks yummo. I have getting a new mobile sim card (not being able to Instagram has been killing me!) and a high chair on the list today. Chasing a crawling baby with a spoonful of weetabix is not a fun way to start the day. xxx

  7. Breast lumps are so confusing. I am with Mrs Woog, pics and checks every year. MUST DO, NO EXCUSES…have a family to raise.
    On a positive note had a wonderful afternnon tea today in a posh establishment celebrating my girlfriend being 15 years in remission from breast cancer. CHECK those breasts ladies!

  8. Hey Beth! Glad all is well.
    The pie looks delish.
    I make these sort of pies alot, I use all types of cheese, ricotta, fetta, parmasen and add brown rice that i have precooked and onion and sometimes a can of salmon.
    My kids really love these pies.
    have a great weekend, I think we will be needing fire again this weekend as it is cold tonight up in the Hunter. Thankfully my other half is making home made pizza yummo!

  9. Heidi Fitz says

    I am with you on the pap … so not good, but so easy to replace with other ‘more important’ things. Thanks for the reminder … i think i probably am important enough to get her inspected .. way.over.due!!! Funny how we prioritise ‘us’ with the other mundane stuff? SO glad you took that lump off for a looksie.. a good outcome. Hx

  10. Oh lady, why do we so often put off those things that could be detrimental to our health?? We all do it. So silly. Glad everything is A-ok though. And I am hearing you on the pesky list of things to do, I have one a mile long right now. Grrrr. Your quichey/pie looks delicious too, clever you xo

  11. Glad the lump was ok. Kicked arse on the house cleaning this morning and can relax into the weekend knowing the house will at least start the weekend clean even though it won’t end that way

  12. just dont put it off. not ever. my friend is dying from ovarian cancer because she put it off. its awful. life can be cruel. Get onto these things early people!!!

  13. I had a traumatic experience with my first pap and it has mentally scarred me. The doctor put that evil steel platypus contraption up there and left the room – for like 15 minutes. And she didnt even warm it up first. Beeyatch. I take after my dad with the ‘she”’ be right’ attitude but I should be more, you know, adult I s’pose.
    Quiche looks mag.
    T x

  14. I hate to be a big downer but please don’t put off pap smears. One of my oldest childhood friends just lost her 42 year old sister because she missed a few pap smears, put off going to the doctor & when she finally did it was too late. Three months later she died from something that if it had been detected earlier would have cut out & never had the chance to spread…..Paps are never as bad as we think they are. I have one every year because mine bloody always come back abnormal & scare the shit out of me & then end up being ok after further test. Being a lady sucks but pap smears are SUPER important!!!!!
    Glad your boobs are good now go make sure your your lady parts are too!!!!

  15. Have to agree with Reannon.Hate to be a downer but Please Never put check ups off.
    As a nurse I saw so many deaths that did NOT need to happen.If they had been detected early they would have lived.They left behind children.So very sad.
    Please put yourselves first when it comes to mammograms and pap smears.x

  16. Am so glad the lump turned out just to be one of those bumpy things you get but don’t ever put off having something like that checked and pap smears are a regular must too no matter how busy you are. I know it’s hard with little ones and all that but just do it. Gee, there I go sounding like someone’s mother!!! Sorry about that. P.S. I hope you received my email OK that I sent with regard to a wee package that arrived in my PO box for which many thanks.

  17. We cleared out the fridge last week and checked that one off the list. Every time I open the fridge door now, I’m dazzled by its pristine whiteness. The feeling of satisfaction is tremendous but no doubt not as good as getting the all clear with your lump.
    Love Mumabulous

  18. Hi,

    i also had the scare this week!! Did you go to bowral? I had both ultrasound and mammogram to find out i have hormonal cysts. Very scary but good to know all ok. I think you were after me and you little girl made my mum laugh as she said something about boobies!!!!
    Glad your OK.
    love your blog
    Sarah x

  19. I did the same! My Dr referred a mammogram and it took me almost a year to go. I know! I too have a history of lumps and bumps so I wasn’t nearly as concerned as my new Dr. Like you, my results 6 weeks ago were clear but “how dumb was I to leave it so long!” I’m glad you are all clear too! πŸ™‚

  20. This is going in my freeeeezer. And I’m a lump gal from way back. Had a little Asian lady doctor bark “very lumpy breasts!” at me during an exam once. Between “hello” and “you’re fine, goodbye!”…

  21. Oh my gosh, I am so pleased even though you put off getting your lump seen to, its Ok. I found a lump in May, but put it off because my daughter’s wedding was about to happen and besides I figured it was just a cyst. How wrong I was. Unfortunately mine turned out to be grade two breast cancer. I’ve since had surgery twice and am about to begin radiation daily for 6 weeks. Please ladies…..don’t put it off. As much as we convince ourselves it couldn’t possibly happen to us……..yep, sometimes it just does. Glad you could put your mind at rest Beth. πŸ™‚

  22. katie clews says

    Smug pie in the oven as we speak. smells divine and dead easy to make – thanks for sharing your recipe πŸ™‚


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