Frank is now 3!

Our little black ball of loveliness Frank turns 3 today!

Happy Birthday mate! Of course because we are away the girls Facetimed him this morning to say hello and you know, watch him scratch himself etc…but here he is 3 years later and well and truly part of the family.

I never really wanted a dog, I didn’t want the responsibility, the mess, not being able to head away for a night without planning to put them somewhere, the everything that goes with having a dog but now all I can think is what did we do without him?

He has a happy life and I think he must be happy that he landed in our home. He has 3 girls that dote over him, one man who ADORES him and of course me who gets frustrated the most with him, but will do anything for a cuddle on the couch (if he will give me one!) and I think the fact he chooses my pillow to sleep on means something right? I hope he loves me too!

He spends much of this days sleeping and lazing about, before the afternoon of doom where he squeals and runs around like a crazy dog before collapsing in front of the fire at night. He spends A LOT of time Maggie, or more specifically, hoping to catch something from her to eat. They have such a special bond.

From that little puppy, to the lovely boy he is now, we love having him as part of our family. And thankfully today he and Rob can spend the day together doing boy stuff.

I hope the next year is a happy one for you mate, filled with lots of scraps and dropped crumbs, play dates with your cousin Kevin, walks and runs, trips to the farm and the beach and lots of warm sleeps fireside. We love you x


  1. Our mini Schnauzer Ninja is 3 today too! Might be brothers if you got him in Newcastle! We couldn’t live without him either. One of my other kids <3

  2. Oh that’s just the cutest!! The icy pole pic especially ?. Dogs are awesome, we have adult kids but we miss the dog the most when we go away. Don’t tell them! Happy birthday Frank.

  3. Happy Birthday Frank!! Love the pics…

  4. Happy belated birthday Frank, you’ve landed in clover with the Macs, but I reckon you know that already.

    That photo of Maggie with the icypole and Frank eyeing it off… LOVE IT!

    Naaaw, what a lucky boy. And a lucky family too.

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