Monday meal ideas: Ocean treats

It’s so easy to get into the same old weekly eating habits. I rarely choose fish when I am on auto pilot, and yet when I am really focused on eating well and trying to make good food choices, I always find myself choosing fish and seafood as a way to get delicious food onto plates with little calories and really minimum time to cook or flavour.

I wish I chose better more often. I’m useless.

Here’s some of my favourites that I am going to take inspiration from this week…and try and get some of this fishy goodness onto our table.

Chilli prawn linguine 
Mussels with home made frites
Moroccan spiced salmon
Salt & Pepper Squid

I hope you guys have a great week ahead. It’s a jam packed one for me…lots of up and down the highway with trips to Sydney for various work events, lots of deadlines and some really fun and exciting things to end out the week. I CANNOT wait to share them with you as soon as I can.

Hope you can enjoy the end of your weekend if you are lucky enough to be having one. Thanks Lillibet for the good times x


  1. I’m guilty of not cooking enough fish too. My easiest recipe is take 2 pieces of salmon, spread good quality red curry paste on top, whack in 200c oven for 15 mins. Artfully scatter coriander on top. So easy, so yum!

    • That is such a great tip – thanks for sharing Lenka!

      • My Salmon hack is like this too – mix minced garlic with minced lemongrass (the one from the tube at Coles) spread this paste on top of the salmon, add salt and pepper and soy sauce and crank in the oven. It all caramelizes. Serve on soba noodles with some more soy and sliced chilli and loads of coriander leaves. The best!

  2. Seafood chowder. The best when you’ve got left over mashed potatoes. Melt a little butter and sweat some leek, carrots, celery (whatever you’ve got – doesn’t mattter) add a little white wine (not too much as then you won’t have enough left for yourself) the mash, some stock and some smoked cod (or whatever sort of seafood you prefer) and whatever other vegies and herbs you have in the house. The sweetness of fresh corn cut off the cob really adds to the whole shebang (cheap as chips but truly delish). We used to go all out and add cream before serving but we’re actually pretty happy without. A bit of rough chopped parsley, some crusty bread and a glass of the wine you used in the cooking is all you need to serve. Serious comfort food. Ah.

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