The “Big 5oh my goodness how much fun” weekend!

I’m still recovering from the belly laughing, smiling, happy weekend (and perhaps the excess alcohol consumption) of the weekend gone past celebrating my gorgeous friend Nikki from Styling You‘s 50th birthday in Brisbane.

The invitation came through when we were in New York I think, so at the time I was fully embracing the no kids lifestyle and not really thinking through the details of making it all happen. Lucky for me I have the best family in the world who swept in and looked after the kids while Rob and I hopped on a plane for the weekend. Thank you SO much Mum (and Luce). Dead set legends.

We left after school drop off on Friday morning and headed from the minus 5 temps at home to something a little warmer. LIKE 22 degrees! So funny seeing all those people wrapped up in coats and jumpers because it’s winter!

I got to start my book.

And catch up with some friends that used to live in Burrawang and moved to Brisbane and are now moving onto London. Cocktails during witching hour back home give me a smile this big every time!

I got to sleep in a big hotel bed with 5 million pillows.

And go for a long walk along the river from our hotel to New Farm for some superior shopping on James Street. Didn’t buy a thing but gee was there some good people/shop/poodle watching!

All before heading off to the most gorgeous and generously hosted lunch by Nikki to celebrate her milestone birthday. Has 50 ever looked this good? She is Benjamin Button I swear it. Gives me hope!

We had the most wonderful afternoon meeting lots of fabulous women from all areas of Nikki’s life (school, uni, work colleagues, sunshine coast friends, new school mums and bloggers and all so GLAMOROUS) with a sensational lunch with endless glasses of champagne…doesn’t get much better than that! Much the way I feel about having Nikki as a friend in my life, I felt very privileged to be there.

Had the restaurant not been so big and loud and impossible to make a speech I’m sure I would have stood up and spoken a few words about my friend (because that’s what I usually do after a few drinks just try and stop me!). I think I would have said a little something like…

How lucky we all were to be connected to Nikki in some way and what a joy is to call her a friend. Nikki is one of those rare people, like gems, that shines the way she does because she is SUCH a good person. She is kind and loving, so generous with her time in friendship and in work. She is as successful as she is, because she works damn hard. In her new career as a blogger, she has led the way to show just how commercialism through blogging can be done successfully. She is savvy, inventive, she pioneers the way and will always give her time, skills and invaluable insights to ANYONE who asks. She has made a real impact on the fashion industry and how they should be marketing to REAL women. She is an amazing role model to so many women across the country in and the world to feel confident in their own skin and style and it’s a remarkable thing she does every day that should not be overlooked or taken for granted.

I wish her every success she has and more, I will continue to annoy her, like any little sister would do, with questions about my own work, and family and of course steal her clothes and shoes whenever possible. I wish that we could spend more time together than we do, but the fact that we are friends now despite being 10 years apart in age and many miles in location because of the internet makes it ALL worthwhile.

She’s a top bird and I love her to bits. Happy Birthday Judy!

We got home yesterday afternoon to some happy girls who had a lovely time with Gma and Gpa where they were able to pick up in their little groove they established when we were away. Rob and I had a great chance to have some fun and have a laugh and be silly for 2 days, ready to tackle the rest of the term ahead of us.

Life is short, buy the shoes, visit the friend, make yourself happy in whatever way you can because it truly does fill the heart and the soul.

How was your weekend?
Did you do anything fun too?!


  1. What a splendid weekend in the Sunshine State – and oh my gosh, how glam did Nikki’s party look?! Fab, just like her!

  2. We had a bloody ball over the weekend! Friday night was 3 events in one, an early harbour cruise with a great big chunk of our family for Vivid watching, then left the kids with my parents and we dashed off to an event in the function centre in Centennial Park, followed by late night shenanigans at the local Balkan bar and disco!! Walked home and everything!! Took the kids out to the AFL on Saturday afternoon and watched GWS take the top spot on the leaderboard, then Sunday saw us bright and early at their own matches, then they were off to band rehearsal and topped the weekend off with a family birthday party for our now 12 year old niece! Quite the weekend!!

  3. What a lovely lovely post!! Nothing like good friends xxx PS it IS freezing here!

    • Wish I could have seen you too – next visit! Am doing a one dayer in two weeks then up again at the end of the month for Problogger x

  4. That is one awesome weekend! Time with good friends is unbeatable.

  5. Fabulous wrap up of such a wonderful afternoon. Your photos and words have captured the day perfectly. Loved catching up with you – thanks for the laughs x

  6. Domenica says

    She looks freaking ah-mazing! You all did! Do you know where I can buy that ‘Life is short buy the shoes’ sign she is holding? Love it!

    • I bought it from Made by Others in Moss Vale locally – not sure who the supplier is. I’m sure they would help out if you messaged or called x

  7. The JUDYS! Oh Beth, thanks so much for this beautiful post and for coming away for the weekend to celebrate. I’m so grateful that the internet brought us together. x

  8. Love all the photos. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday Nikki!
    I did the reverse. Brisbane to Sydney for a long weekend. Lots of catching up with wonderful girlfriends and had the extra pleasure of watching my eldest daughter, 5, spend time with her best friends. A superhero (think Bat Girl, Super Girl and Wonder Woman) sleepover with 4 five-year-olds and a build a bear workshop. It was busy weekend but wonderful in every way.

  9. What a divine gathering to celebrate Nikki. Glad you have a super family who made sure you got to go and have a great time. I hope I look as fab as Nikki does when I’m 50

  10. Now THAT is how I’d like to turn fifty. How fabulous is she! The cake! The peonies! The bling white cape! Would love to meet Nikki in real life one day (I saw her from a distance at Problogger in 2015 but was just fangirling out a bit too much!) I know, I knowwwww….

  11. How gorgeous!! Looks like a stunning do!

    James St is fab shopping! You were in my favourite furniture shop where my new tv stand and dining table is coming from!

  12. Flippin loved hugging you and Mrs Woog! Truly special celebration and chance for endless champers, love, laughter, fine food and connection! Love you loads you gorgeous being! Love your Instant Calm Sunny Coast groupie xx

  13. It all sunds ab/fab beth! … great shots too!
    I think Nikki is lovely! And I’m so glad she had a wonderful time!
    We love brisbane and we will be up there at the end of july for are yearly stay with my daughter!
    I commented last night but seems to have gone into the ether!
    … BECAUSE keep making mistakes with my new tablet!
    Much love m x

  14. Oh Beth, I just love this post. I love the photos and especially the speech you would have given, brought a tear to my eye. She is such a special person, you absolutely nailed it. So kind and GENEROUS, oh so generous. I am so glad to have met her and now call her a friend too. You all rock! Can’t wait to visit Brisbane again and say hello.

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