Friend’s Christmas dinner 2016

Last year we started a new village tradition with a group of mates: a pre Christmas dinner and birthday celebration for one of us and a chance before the madness of Christmas to all come together and share a meal, a glass or 45 of bubbles and make out own “Christmas party” that no other bastard is going to put on for us.

It’s pretty easy to all pull together (and moreso with the big two at Grandma’s) with everyone bringing a plate (mixed between nibbles, main and dessert) there is always a mountain of food that we never seem to be able to get through. This year there was a secret Santa (ruthless version where you could steal from each other) and the usual loud talking and laughing. Gosh it’s nice to be able to just sit for hours without anywhere to go.

I had such fun setting the table (of course I did!) using some simple cuttings of pine from the garden, a new garland of lights from Bed Bath and Table that I got 50% off (same as where I got the Christmas crackers from too) and a lovely new table runner that Neighbour gave me for Christmas. With the addition of a gazillion tea lights candles the result was so pretty!

Bubbles on ice (a new thing for me to have them in tubs close to the table which was a game changer), Christmas carols on it was so lovely when everyone arrived.

I even had a gin bar set up for those that way inclined (if you are my friend, you usually are!)

And how about the mini candles that my mate Zoe made for everyone?!

There was a potluck of options for dinner. I cooked the old salmon one pot wonder with some beautiful fish from the market that Rob got for me when he was down at the coast, some croquettes, a lovely salad, prawn cakes, pannacottas for dessert and I made the old trusty sticky date pudd.

Such a fun evening. Probably not the best start to Christmas and going away on so little sleep, but that’s what it’s all about. Did you guys know that my little sister is preggers again? She is! Due in April. No one panic I will have a new baby to squish and steal kisses from.

I made a little speech (of course I did) before we ate dinner about how shit 2016 has been for so many people. How friendships always see us though. How 2017 will be bringing us new babies to the village, and no doubts challenges, but at least we can do it knowing we have each other to lean on. I then spoke about Jules and how we never know what is around the corner, but to live each year with love and gratitude. And we all toasted her. I know she would have liked that.

A perfect night, and a lovely Christmas tradition continued.


  1. That is some next level tablescaping Beth, wow!
    And what a damn good idea to get your girlfriends together and treat yourselves to beautiful food and wine before the craziness of the next few days ??
    Sarah x

  2. All sounds beautiful and Bless Jules ?

  3. Congratulations to your sister – babies are beautiful!

  4. God damn. You brought tears to my eyes. It was the friendship bit and having people to lean on. That AND you’re photography and culinary prowess. Blows me away. Just had to let you know. Do sometimes wonder if my comments disappear into the ether! Anyhoo, Merry Christmas Beth. Thanks for the dose of perspective xxx.

  5. Stunning as always. Will definitely do this with my girlfriends in the new year.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Congratulations to your sister nothing nicer than a baby to squish.Beautiul table b th ,gorgeous food and I love how you toasted Jules unfortunately we never know what’s around the corner Xx

  7. all looks lovely beth!
    nothing like a group of women who have your back!
    and you are soo capable hun!
    much love m:)X

  8. Another baby! 2017 will be ace ❤


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