Father’s Day 2016

Oh we have had some good Father’s Days around here can anyone recall the “Happy Fucking Father’s Day of 2009?” Oh dear lord I swear to God I still have an eye twitch from it. There’s usually some kind of drama on these days of parenthood. They always involve someone spilling a coffee or children bickering in bed over whose present or card gets to be opened first and usually a smirk between Rob or I at the lame pressies we buy for each other when we have always run out of time. It’s just how they roll at our place. Every time. 


So what went down yesterday? Well it was a good one! Daise had made Rob a big bag of rocky road at school as his present. And he made the mistake of leaving it on the bedside table while we had bacon burgers in the kitchen. He made the fatal comment of “I hope Frank hasn’t found that rocky road” before coming back out of the bedroom with said empty pack of rocky road and a woozy dog. We all know chocolate and dogs do not mix, so a call to the vet saw him hightailing it in there so Frank could get his stomach pumped….2 injections and $160 we were back on track with the day.


I had planned on having a big Father’s Day lunch here with all of our mates, kids running everywhere and lots of food that we all threw in together. In reality when I got back on Friday night after a week of being away, and knowing that Rob was away this week, I pulled the pin on the big crowd and kept it low key and simple with just my sister and bro in law and Mum & Step Dad. Good call Beth, good call.

We chased the sunshine around the garden on a glorious Spring day. We lit the fire pit, had a few prosecco’s and a delicious lunch that I pretty much outsourced to everyone else. The kids ran around, babies played in the sunshine and dogs spent the afternoon chasing each other around.

IMG_8946 IMG_8936 IMG_8940 IMG_8944 IMG_8937 IMG_8949 IMG_8938

I’m still thinking about this baked camembert peppered with garlic slices and rosemary….dear LORD.


And don’t get me started on the lemon meringue pie that Mum whipped up. It’s all I have eaten today (and you think I’m joking).


How did we get so lucky with these 3 Rob?

IMG_8960 IMG_8981 IMG_8962

And how did they get so lucky with him as their Dad?


We chased the sunshine all afternoon till it was officially too cold to be out there. We ventured inside to the fire, to listen to some music, watch some football and bath babies before everyone went to bed for an early night.

All in all, rocky roads aside, a great day.

What did you get up to?
Are these days cursed for you guys too?


  1. It was my turn to spill the drink this year. Chocolate milkshake spilled off the table. Waitress came and cleaned it up, popped the “Cleaning in Progress” sign out, the proceeded to slip and fall when she came with the table next to ours order! ?

    A tummy bug went between my kids too, so hubby was doing laundry – ALL the bedding – thank goodness for good drying weather!

  2. Only $160? That vet is a bargain. Our lab ate some Haighs from under the Christmas tree a few years ago (wrapped gift – we had no idea it was food).
    $1500 and about seven hours later she returned with a bill of good health.
    Sounds like a lovely day – family celebrations are the best!

  3. Are those Haloumi things on sticks?!! Oh MY.

  4. We kinda put Father’s Day on hold – we spent it down in Canberra, whilst the husband worked all weekend trying to tidy up the warehouse so he didn’t have to go back down before Baby #3 arrives. And the gift that I ordered online {which was super awesome} – didn’t show up in time, so I think that we will just run our own Father’s Day next Sunday.

  5. We watched the movie The Secret Life of Pets , which the kids enjoyed .I think it was all in all another Happy Childrens Day 🙂 I love all the food on your table ,it is always delish .

  6. We don’t have our own Father’s present so it was just our little family. I cooked a nice cook up breakfast at home and kids give their Daddy homemade presents which included 7 pairs of black socks!! (Aldi had them on special…don’t worry the heals wear different colours for sorting and/or mixing!) We then went to explore a new cafe in our town. After great coffee and milkshakes for the kids we explored a new park, went for a walk by the sea and then headed on home for lunch. We then had a call from friends up the road to come for afternoon tea which then turned into a BBQ dinner with great food and wine and a then the Frangelico come out for shots (for the adults that is)…a very merry day indeed (but sore heads Monday!)

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