Golly GOSH is it ever good to be on holidays. To forget what the day of the week is, to only think of time in meals and what you need to get to make them happen. To swim for hours at a time. To have a nap in the hot afternoons. To see kids happy. To see kids with OTHER adults to hang out with. To eat well, often. Drink often, and do it well. To spend time with people who you love.

The gay godfathers are leaving this morning, and my sister and her husband staying one more night. We have eaten SO well – cooking for 11 people each night has meant thinking BIG. I’ve done 3 roast chooks with salads (including this one) one night, pulled pork tacos with coleslaw & tortillas another night, and last night the world’s biggest (and possibly best) lasagne. Lunch has been ham, more ham and prawns – breakfasts more and more of this delicious summer stone fruits.  I’ve been reading. I’ve been sleeping well. And I’m feeling very good indeed.

I hope your holidays are treating you well too x

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  1. Are you on a private property or at a resort? Looks like bloody paradise. I’m very jelly Beth!

  2. Chrisy Clay says

    Aren’t Summer holidays the best? Looks like you’re having a wonderful time.
    The ham is still going here at our house too …… 🙂

  3. Jackie Clark says

    Beautiful photo of you and Harper!

  4. Oh my gosh, you’re living the dream. What magnificent photos, Beth. My faves are the one of you and Harps, and the one of Daise with her Godfathers. Beautiful. How lucky she is to have all that undivided love and attention.

  5. Last of our guests just left & it’s so quiet! 3yo is chilling on a bean bag with a movie for the first time in a week. Bliss!
    The farm looks wonderful Beth. And what great memories the girls are creating. Love it xx

  6. Beautiful pics, especially the last one.

  7. Margaret Elvis says

    How wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves so much and I am so glad you are feeling ‘very good indeed’. That is what holidays are for even if it does mean cooking for the multitude but what great dishes were served up,

  8. I’d love to be on holidays with you guys – it looks like my idea of heaven!

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Gorgeous pics and I am so glad your having a relaxing time Beth x

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