Monday meal ideas: Spring time = Salad time

Have you (in the southern hemisphere that is) had a touch of some magnificent spring weather? Heaven help me…it’s THAT good for the soul. Some warmth, the buzzing of bees, the greening of fdead winter grass and the blooming of buds everywhere you look…it’s impossible not to get a spring in your step!

So now that the weather is on the turn, it’s time to think about salad again. BBQ’s! Lighter eating all round (except I am struggling with leftover pie on my bench this morning). Here are some ideas for some delicious salads that are meal on their own, or you can add them with some meat. This is my kind of eating!

PicMonkey Collage-2

Spring super salad
Deconstructed pumpkin salad
Roasted vegetable & quinoa salad
Ancient grain & herb salad

And some more! Because MORE IS MORE!

Lebanese Summer Salad (Fattoush)
Risoni salad
Thai chicken noodle salad
Fat Mole Salad
Thai Style BBQ chicken salad

What’s on the cards for you guys this week? I’m home and it’s THAT good to be here. Rob is away for 3 days for work so I plan on getting lots of work and home stuff done…some time in the garden enjoying this sunshine while it lasts. Maintenance Monday is off to a flying start here today 4 loads of washing later….you have got to make hay while it’s 20 degrees round here!

Hope you all have a great week x


  1. Because I am such a selfless, caring person I volunteer to help you out with the leftover pie ? Am loving the start of spring weather.

  2. Awesome! I love it’s salad time again ?
    Maintanence Monday hasn’t happened here it was a park morning, it will have to be Maintanence Tuesday instead but I feel so behind now that it is a day late and all that sunshine could of been drying my sheets.

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