Full Maggie update (12-14 months)

About time we checked in on this one isn’t it? Hi Mags!


I was saying to Rob just the other day how much Maggie has grown in the last few weeks. Over the school holidays everything that seemed to have been frustrating her for the past months: teeth/walking/communicating kind of clicked and we have this happy, big girl on our hands. Big! Someone make it stop.


Since her first birthday we have had lots of changes. She worked out how to walk…properly. Yay!


And there’s no stopping her now. None. She’s off. And I’m exhausted.

IMG_5742 IMG_5362 IMG_5388 IMG_3689 IMG_5545 IMG_5493

I’m now that person who has to get up and walk around at cafes/restaurants/parks so she can explore, a few steps behind her watching her fall and make mistakes, make friends with dogs and people as she goes, always making sure when she looks back to check that I’m there. Running isn’t far off I’m sure.

The love affair with Frank remains high, on the days that the girls are at school, they pretty much hang out all day. It’s adorable. And as for outside?


That’s where it’s at. The kid NEEDS to be outside. It’s not working out so well on these freezing winter days.

Her days start around 6, she is down for a big sleep from sometime around 10.30/11 until 1.30-3pm and then down at night around 6.30pm. She still wakes in the night, mostly can be resettled quickly with the dummy back in and the occasional small bottle around 3 or 4 which she drinks then passes out. It’s not 7-7, it’s not self settling, it’s not ideal but it’s working for us.

IMG_4576 IMG_4780 IMG_4432

She’s loved spending more time with cousins her own size. She’s lucky enough to see so much or Archie now that they have moved down here and we had a great time with cousins recently in Byron.

IMG_5047 IMG_5418 IMG_4372

Life is pretty much great for a 1 year old. Eating what you want, exploring and learning SO much and getting lots of love and attention from everyone in the family.

IMG_5725 IMG_5412 IMG_4562 IMG_4350 IMG_3878 IMG_4383 IMG_0789 IMG_4290

And while we can’t slow things down, we can certainly remember just how quickly it all passes by so I am savouring each day. Each busy, tiring, fun day. Man I am glad we did this again.





  1. Hi Beth, I, like you have a little one (13mths) and 2 big girls (8&10) and I also sigh with relief that we decided to do this again…my little one has been such a blessing; it has actually made me aware of all of our blessings, and I feel so lucky to have such perspective…it is very freeing, even on the ‘bad’ days!

  2. Love babes more than anything else on this planet. Mags is among my favorites !~! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  3. Once they get the hang of walking they seem to suddenly grow up so quickly. Such a gorgeous, smiley little girl 🙂

  4. What a beautiful post reliving the last 2 months. That’s one of my favourite types of posts to compile – as I love looking back through old photos and seeing how much they have changed. Maggie sure is a cutie!

  5. What a cutie – she’s getting so grown up! And I love the lightbox words about dad getting old!!

  6. That happy snap of the two kids in the same outfit is a classic… It’s like they’re both recoiling, checking the other one out..not sure if they’re looking in a mirror or not..

  7. Lovely Miss Maggie, she’s a gem. What a joy it is to see how much love and light she’s brought to your family Beth. Thank you for letting us peek into her happy world.

    Love you Mags!!

  8. oh maggie is one adorable poppet beth!
    she is so full of life and the joy of the new in her expressions is so priceless
    and infectious! … she always lights up my day!
    thanks for sharing your little one with us!
    much love m:)X

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beth Maggie is gorgeous Xx

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