Baby Files #4

It’s been a VERY busy 10 days. Did I say very? VERY. We’ve travelled to Brisbane, and Adelaide and Sydney all with Mags in tow who is this impressed with it all:


I swear all the kid wants to do is sleep in her own cot, a couple of times a day, for at least a week. I feel you lady, I do too!

It’s been busy for my friend too. (Apparently) Kate went out to a movie premiere without a bra on!


Power to you sister, if I was to do that at the moment it would look like to very large water balloons swinging from side to side in a frock. Like pigs under a blanket! Oh Kate, I wouldn’t want to be you for quids (she’s also too thin, too small, too this, too that) but I still agree that we could be very good friends. I’m here waiting for you with the hollywood tape and a baked good at the ready.

I went out in a frock last week too!


There was most definitely a bra and or feeding singlet involved however. It’s another one of those Dreamer Dresses from Bohemian Traders in the prettiest of blues. I got at least 4 compliments from strangers which is kind of a big deal when you are 5 months post baby and you  have hair falling out and saggy tits. I’ll take it. This frock works for breastfeeding too.

Speaking of working for breastfeeding, I was given a new nightie as a pressie for presenting at the event last week and it’s about 178% cooler than the fresh white nightie I am now partial to.


The Goodnight Society is a Brisbane based business they design organic cotton nightwear which I think is pretty bloody cool. Perfect for feeding too with the buttons…add it to the Christmas shopping list for cool Australian businesses. Don’t tell anyone but I still reckon that white cotton is going to get a work out due to the flow factor.

So I’ve been working on ensuring that Maggie doesn’t keep getting called a boy when we are out and about (not really) but this is fun.

A flower on her head. What? Too much?


Or perhaps this Cabbage Patch Doll crocheted beanie?


Except when she is wearing this she is to be referred to as Margaret Roslyn as any good Cabbage Patch Doll would be. Such random names weren’t they? Mine was called Ian Joshua. IAN. And as for this number? Well as I said to my little sister when I sent it through to her, if the only reason for me to have a third child was for this moment? Well, I’m OK with that.


We’ve taken to the food with gusto too. The odd rusk is being gnawed at.


She discovered the joy of a hot chip, sucking the life out of it and leaving the outer (deep fried) shell. #organic


And last night she gave my leftover cutlet bones a good going over. As well as some potato bake (not pureed) and a little too peppery for her liking. Don’t you LOVE the 3rd child? It’s all like, here! Have this! That’ll do. She’s hardly concerned by it. Man I wish you could have your 3rd child as your first child…all that stress and worry and self doubts and “should be’s” it just DOESN’T MATTER. Promise. They’ll be right. They really will be.


Look at this face as her big sister read to her this week.


Happy as a clam. Are clams happy? Maybe a pig in mud. Whatever, she’s thriving and bringing us all so much joy and teaching me SO much along the way. Namely: CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

Next week I promise we’ll be home and in your cot Mags. Thank you for being such a trooper with all the travel (she took her 10th flight on Sunday). This weekend we have Archie and my sister and her husband AND Kevin Bacon staying for 2 nights. I cannot wait to spoil them and chill out and do nothing except play with cute babies. Just like when we were little…

What’s happening this weekend for you?


  1. Felix and I have some baking planned.

  2. YES YES YES to the wish your third baby was your first, I was the happiest mum ever when my third came along, so relaxed and I’m sure he’s a cruisy dude because of it! My daughter didn’t have a scrap of hair until she was about 18 months and even in the pinkest of outfits was called a boy all the time. x

  3. I have nothing interesting to add except to say I love this blog. It’s a really happy space. Makes me feel good to wander over here and read your posts and look at these gorgeous pics.

  4. Maggie … come back! We miss you (and your mum). And bring the rest of the fam next time. We’re working on our best top knots and heading off to be the oldest people at the Chet Faker concert. Talk is cheap, I tell you.

  5. Nodding my head to the third who eats anything and everything and gets played with and read to whenever and wherever. Lucky ducks! I hope Maggie + Percy get to meet one day (same goes for you and I!) x

  6. I love the joy you have for your kids 🙂 and I’m totally going to check out those dresses!! Breastfeeding and dresses don’t go together so well 🙁

  7. Mine was called DENIS ROBERT ?

    Loved my boy cabbage patch doll
    Mum says I ended up with him because they were sold out everywhere
    So glad I adopted Denis robert we had a great life together.

  8. I just love the look on her little face in that first photo. You can almost see a little thought bubble appearing “a plane, again……seriously !”
    I have a photo in the album somewhere of my almost 13 year old trying her first chip at about 6 months old. She has a look of total disgust on her face, she was not at all impressed, she did change her mind eventually but it took a while.

  9. I need that cabbage patch beanie. I wish I had it right now so Lyddie could be a cabbage patch for Halloween.
    I just ordered some “fancy” nursing bras. This baby of mine doesn’t seem like she is going to be giving up the boob any time soon and I am tired of daggy underthings. Hopefully these new bras lift my spirits…and my boobs!
    And I have a few pairs of the Goodnight Society leggings…I love them.

    • Good luck – No sign of the boob being turned away here either. She is entirely NOT interested in a bottle. Maybe straight to a cup for Lyddie?! x

  10. That cabbage patch kid beanie is a scream! Love it.
    This weekend I am mourning the fact that I can’t do the Colour Run I looked forward to ALL YEAR (thanks to some invasive fertility tests I’ve just had done), but I am also presenting my version of Anne (best choc cake EVER – thanks!) to my father in law for his birthday. So that’s exciting.

  11. love it all thanks beth! … she seems like the dream baby, for sure!
    taking it all in her stride! they say the third/last is the easiest!
    i’m a first born! mmm! and I only had one!
    ok! enjoy! love m:)X

  12. That dress is stunning! Your kids are so sweet!

  13. Ah, Beth, the cabbage patch beanie is worth the price of admission alone!! That Maggie is a doll, thank you for sharing her with all of us. After the cabbage patch stuff I feel that if you haven’t come across Kelle Hampton you need to – and this post is gold! Makes me want to go back to Georgia!!

  14. ALDO MORTIMER & DORIS CARMEN they were the not so appealing names of my cabbage patch kids… Makes me laugh so hard now. Maggie is thriving, and yes, if only we were as calm cool and collected with our first hubs, motherhood would be a breeze ?

  15. Debs Sutton says

    As my 89yr.old dad would say about Mags….”She’s been here before,that one!!!” Just adorable,as are Daisy & Harps! X

  16. I need to ChILL THE FUCK OUT. That is my new mantra. Just love it. That picture of her, chewing on the bone? Her gorgeous baby lashes!!!! I’m jealous of all Maggies frequent flyer points!!!

  17. Cutlets and chips! Best things ever for a chew & a gnaw when teething. Yummo. All our grandkids went through this stage. Mind you, affording cutlets now!! Yikes.

  18. When I opened my Cabbage Patch Kid birth certificate and read “Gertrude Beatrice”, I cried (not tears of joy).

  19. Sharing your lamb bone – that’s pure love right there 🙂

  20. Ian.


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