Maggie is 10 months old!

Maggie, apparently according to the calendar today you are 10 months old today but I mean REALLY? Really?! How can that be? She’s obviously not concerned by the rapid time vortex thing we are spinning in, in fact, she’s delighted to be this big now.


And what a big month it’s been for her. She’s FINALLY starting to feel better. Yay!


THANK THE LORD! It’s been almost 2 months since she got whooping cough and the last month in particular her cough has been very bad. She got a cold and then got better and then got worse and then I just gave up trying to work it all out and if we get through another day with her reasonably happy, then we’re all doing OK.

I had Harper ask me a week or so ago what she looked like when she was Maggie’s age. So then we had to find out what Daisy looked like…check it out! In order: Daisy, Harps, Mags.

PicMonkey Collage

Mags is lacking on the hair AND teeth front (and poor Harps so sick at that time in and out of hospital with eczema and asthma and strange viruses and constantly sick at daycare this actually breaks my heart to see her like that). Same, same but different isn’t it? While Mags may not have any teeth she can now do this:


And boy does she like it!


And as of yesterday, this. Gulp.


We’re pretty much screwed. It’s so funny, so long as there is something in her hands, she can stand and if she realises it, she falls, but those moments in between? Glorious!

And you can all stop laughing now because I have had to do some serious baby-proofing of the house. Had to loose the hot industrial (and potentially fatal) coffee table. And bench seat. And ottoman from the Eames chair because she pretty much spent all her time falling into things and crying. Vignettes be gone for a while (but they will be back OH YES THEY WILL BE BACK). In the meantime, she’s thrilled with the space to throw all her stuff around.


Shall we take a moment to remember the lost table? Let’s. Be happy out in Rob’s studio table, I’ll see you again in a few years time.


One thing that has also happened this past month has been the fierce bond between hound and little lady. They spend a whole lot of time together. Looking for Frank? He’s wherever Mags is. Where’s Mags? Oh there you will find Frank too. Bless them.

IMG_1016 IMG_0674 IMG_0588 IMG_0361 IMG_0221

Maggie also got to spend some time with her cousins this month…

IMG_0186 IMG_0173

And of course those sisters. Poor Harper has had a bad month worrying about Maggie and her cough (always worrying about something) but we are slowly getting her back on track and not freaking out every time she coughs, or splutters, or crawls, or falls.

I still think it’s amazing that in such a short period of time that a baby goes from this completely helpless wee thing, to this completely mobile human with a personality, that eats almost as much as her sisters.

IMG_0651 IMG_0725 IMG_0960 IMG_5583

Did I mention she likes to eat? Girlfriend LOVES the stuff. Especially roast chicken with graby. Who doesn’t Mags?

IMG_5739 IMG_0560 IMG_0399

I can see bits of my baby girl disappearing every day but I see this bigger version, a funny, determined girl who will no doubt continue to delight all those around her with that knowing smile, that gorgeous little scrunched up nose, those squeals of pure joy.

IMG_0977 IMG_0412 IMG_0600 IMG_0372 IMG_0618

I don’t know how to make time slow down, I know there’s no stopping this business now, that baby will soon make way for a toddler, then a little girl. I’m taking as much time to be right here with her, every day, really beย her Mum and enjoy every moment of it. I feel so blessed and lucky that I am able to have this privilege and opportunity again, to really be the Mum I wish I could have been for those other two who got worried, stressed and self doubting versions of a Mum, rather than who I am comfortably be now: relaxed, happy, and enjoying each day for what they bring us.

Sweet Maggie has healed so much in me, and maybe something in all of us. From 10 months in Maggie, we say one more time: thank goodness you are here with us x



  1. Happy Happy Ten Months, Maggie-Love !~!

    The days go by swiftly and the memories made with such delight will later provide great fodder for family laughter. She really is a cutie !~!

  2. Wasn’t she just born yesterday? That can’t be right, cos my 19month old was only born yesterday – okay, maybe last week.

  3. I swear she gets more delicious with each passing month! If you find the pause button on that time vortex let me know – my “baby” is about to turn 3 and I’m not ready for that!!

    Ps: how amazing is it to watch your bigs mother and love and cherish a much younger sibling? There is something so special about seeing those qualities come to the surface. Almost like a preview of when they grow up and have their own babies!

    • It’s been one of my favourite things – Daisy has stepped up so much and is wonderful. I honestly could not have done this without her.

  4. I had a little one start to walk at 11 months when she realised if you had your hands free you could take something with you as you escaped but crawling you couldn’t ๐Ÿ™‚
    Maggie is getting sweeter by the minute

  5. thanks for sharing beth!
    maggie is such a delight! … adorable!
    looks like a deconstructed dessert on her high chair!;))
    love m:)X

  6. Maggie is just divine, every time I see her little smiling face it makes my day. What a delight she is to not just your family but so many of us. Cluck Cluck Cluck

  7. Loved reading Maggies journey. Our little guy is just so delightful it’s funny to think he’ll be doing all this soon.

  8. Oh that little cherub, what a lucky little girl X

  9. Lisa Aherne says

    Lovely little Mags, how lucky are all of you to have each other. Loved the photos, so much look forward to your posts.

  10. Oh Mags – and FRANK! So beautiful Beth x

  11. Oh honestly Maggie could just not be any more adorable! My mum, sister and I all follow you Beth and it’s always “did you see that photo of Maggie? Or “how gorgeous is little Maggie!” As though your an old friend, thanks for sharing your little cherub with us:)

  12. She is so sweet, as are all your girls. I’m guessing she looks more like you as a baby than her sisters as that’s all I see when I look at her. None of my 3 look anything like me, if my husband were the pregnant one I would be concerned.

  13. Oh she’s just wonderful! Beautiful pics, Beth xx

  14. Veggie Mama says

    She is so cute I actually can’t handle it! Was just talking with another mum at the school gate about babies now that our babies are three. Sigh.

    • It’s a dangerous business my friend. Thank goodness Rob has been seen to otherwise I would have just kept going again because: BABIES. Shame they grow into toddlers.

  15. Such a gorgeous family and gorgeous baby girl! You are so blessed to have her and she is blessed to have you all!

  16. Gosh reading this and looking at all those cute baby photos of her makes me clucky! x

  17. Could this post make me tear up anymore??!

    Love it!

    (and look! there’s the bin too! LOL)

  18. She stands!! Love all the photos and getting to witness her Maggie Magic.
    All three of your girls are getting the mum you want to be, right now! Don’t let regrets rob you of the fact that your evolution as a mum and a person flows to all of them.
    God love you and your tribe Beth. You’re awesome!!

  19. Crying!!! Auhh it’s be beautiful watching and living thru the baby stage with you from afar
    My girl is 10 months next week. So glad you got to have your perfect mama journey. Relaxed, stress free. You’ll always be the perfect mama in all your girls eyes. …. At least till high school? ??

  20. So gorgeous – definitely see you in her. Same grin ;). We got a kitten just a couple of months before my first girl was born. He grew up with the kids and is always where they are still – even though he’s now 11. Same when they have friends over. The sound of kids voices bring him running. He even loves their toys and sometimes I find him in their rooms during the day, inspecting their toy shelves and pulling the odd one down for a little play. I’ve taken video evidence to show the girls so they can see what he does when they’re not around.

  21. What a precious gift Maggie has given you all, she was definitely meant to be a part of your family ๐Ÿ™‚

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