Maggie is 4 months old!

4! You read right. FOUR.


I can’t quite believe it either. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that those first few weeks or months even where we were getting long stretches of sleep in the night are a thing of the past. The “weeks” of sleep regression or whatever it is that I thought would pass, haven’t, and so I’m OK with the fact that every night there is a waking every 2 or so hours. It’s OK because she is just the happiest wee thing and thriving, so what does it matter? I’ll sleep in my fifties.

IMG_5007 IMG_5374

She’s well and truly becoming a proper baby and nothing so precious or fragile. There’s giggling and chatting, she’s no longer content with laying down all the time, sitting upright is much more interesting. The hands are still very interesting and the coordination is getting better as she tries to either jam her fist down them, or take her dummy out, or try and move something on her play mat.

IMG_5113 IMG_4938 IMG_4666 IMG_4639

Daisy is much more hands on and helpful as she isn’t as afraid as she once was. It’s so lovely to watch them together and to have someone else who can quickly calm her down when she’s worked up. Even if she does occasionally get spewed on.


This kid sure is adaptable. She’s been lots of places this past month – from a trip into the city for the night, up to Sydney lots of times, my high school reunion and of course on a plane for well over 24 hours to be here in Italy now. Not bad for bloody 4 months is it?

IMG_5191 IMG_5229 IMG_4739 IMG_4803 IMG_5411 IMG_5357

And she’s growing like a weed. Thighs getting chubbier, legs and arms longer. It’s amazing that it’s all come from my body. Amazing I reckon!


Who knows where the next month will take us? Maybe more sleep, maybe not. Maybe some formula to see if that stretches her out longer? Maybe not. Maybe the start of solids. Maybe not. I’m really still going with the flow with it all as much as I can because look! She’s already 4 months old and I just know that she will be one before we all know it. That baby, that little baby, gone already. It’s all going so quickly.

Sweet Maggie. Where’s the pause button?



  1. She’s too, too cute. xx

  2. That little giggly wiggly baby of yours is too damn gorgeous,like her beautiful sisters! 4 mths…..surely not? Xx

  3. She’s just so precious.

  4. happy 1/3 of a year dear Maggie! Maggie is “baby sunshine” to so many people .. Enjoy the times and the many many experiences as you already are dear Beth, Rob & big sisters! Before you know it … She’ll be walking & talking too. Denyse xx

  5. The look on her face after she vomitted on Daisy! Classic! Just love, love, love, love your photos.

  6. she is a little trouper beth!
    just adorable!
    such a good nature! and it seems last borns just fit in!
    she is cruise’n!
    … and yes that pusher thingy looks fab!
    off we go! gorgeous pics! lol m:)X

  7. Where’s the pause button indeed. My ‘baby’ (who just happens to be called Beth!) is now 18 and enjoying her last week at school. Friday will officially be it and I just hope I can stop the tears from tumbling down. Soak it all up Beth as unfortunately there is no pause button! Toni

  8. Oh Maggie Moo you are the cutest bloody baby in the world. Seriously, some babies are cute. Some aren’t. You are. And the pic of you two in stripes? Perfection. Having older kids who can help is the biggest difference for me. I sometimes forget how much they an help. But when Grace is having a meltdown no one can calm her faster than her brothers. Nothing makes me happier than watching them together. I love that you are going with the flow. Best thing about the third. Baby book out the window. Having said that, hope she sleeps a bit more soon.xxxx

  9. Hands down, that kid has the best facial expressions. EVER! Adore her. Sweet Maggie. x

  10. She just oozes adorbs!

  11. So much adorbs! Maggie certainly scores high on the cute-o-meter. Australia’s Next Top Baby Model?!

  12. She is clearly such a happy girl. A result of being so wanted and doted on I’m sure. That red cardigan photo…. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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