Maggie is 7 months old!

Even though I know it was 9 minutes ago that I said that Maggie was 6 months old “apparently” it was a whole month ago. She’s 7 months old. SEVEN! Today. Thrilled at the prospect!


It’s been a quiet month. One of being at home and keeping to a good routine while I have been super busy with work. Our days look like this: we are all up around 6.30am for breakfast, school prep, running around like a crazy woman so everything is done and dusted, beds made, benches wiped and by the time the girls get out the door at 8.55am Mags is ready to go down for her morning sleep (2 hours, sometimes longer if I’m lucky) while I sit down and write and work. It’s then out the door for chores and errands, home for lunch and back to bed around 1.30-2pm for another few hours while I get the last of my work done before the girls are home and afternoon/evening craziness begins. It’s dinner for us all around 5-5.30, bed for 7 for Mags and the girls who read till about 7.30. She’s still waking a couple of times in the night, but the feeds take 5 minutes and she’s back down quickly. I can’t complain, she’s a pure delight to be around. SMILES! So many smiles.

IMG_7345 IMG_7325 IMG_7008

She’s discovered a couple of things this month of note. Silly hats for one. OK, that’s me.

COME ON IT’S WHAT BABIES ARE FOR. It’s payment for the eye rolls that will follow. Look! She loves me! Even with the hats on.

Hat IMG_8083

She’s discovered food. And more particularly, the high chair that we got from the back of Grandma’s garage in Balmain that we thought was done and dusted with the last baby 6 years ago. No no! It’s back. And we couldn’t be happier!

IMG_7170 IMG_7371

And Frank LOVES IT. This is his new position 3 times a day.


My goodness Mags is good on the tooth. She eats everything, and will try ANYTHING. It’s a cut up version of what we have and for us now, it’s working.

IMG_7720 IMG_8050 IMG_7785

Frank is starting to be more interested in Maggie (the food helps) and she in him. I know in the next month that things will really pick up and he better watch that fur.


Mags is just the most chilled out and relaxed little lady, comes everywhere with me and will happily wait for her sisters, or me, or her Dad, so long as we are close by, she’s happy.

IMG_7207 IMG_7262

She’s also discovered her toes. Delicious! I should know as I nibble on them often.


As are those thighs.


We’ve got a lovely time ahead with the girls off School, Christmas, some time at the farm and a good couple of weeks at home just hanging out. It will be loud and busy and not much time for quiet moments, which I know this lady loves. I’ll miss hanging out just with her.

IMG_7751 IMG_6932

I’ve kept saying to Rob how I don’t want anything for Christmas. I really don’t want not one thing. I’ve got everything I need and want with these girls around me, Rob close by, Frank at my feet. I feel so excited about our first Christmas as a family of 5. While she doesn’t get the magic and the excitement of it yet, she can marvel at the sparkly lights, the attention from family, the wrapping paper and the food. That gift we got back on the 16th May, 7 months ago today, when Maggie Macdonald came into the world, is the only gift I need this year, or any more to come.


Happy 7 months sweet baby girl. Thank you for being here. You make the whole world a better place, just by being here.


Oh shucks Mum.


  1. Oh Magaluff…
    She reminds me a lot of Eleanor, just chilled out and cruising everywhere and anywhere with us. People asked us how life was different with a baby…and it really hasn’t been at all? Maybe we were just super boring before! And the food, anything and everything straight in – MORE! Eleanor was 6 months old last Christmas, and SOMEHOW will be 18 months this Christmas – howwwwwww?!!! I’m quite devastated about it all. Maggie’s age such a great age for Chrissy, even though she doesn’t get it, I remember Eleanor just loved being around all her big cousins, she knew they were excited, and the wrapping paper!

    Happy 7 months baby girl + mama.

  2. what a delight she is beth!
    indeed a beautiful gift!
    she is such a smiley one! … adorable!
    love the mags!
    enjoy hun, you are a good mum! love m:)X

  3. She really is marvellous. Those smiles are just beautiful!

  4. Ditto, loved reading about Mags. We got our Christmas gift 11 weeks ago and he is divine. Merry Christmas.

  5. Love this. Cause in the end it’s our people that it’s really all about isn’t it? x

  6. She is so sweet and thank you yet again for sharing her.

  7. Smykolandia says

    Lovely post!

  8. “Oh Shucks Mum” alright! She is a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful family around her. You can tell from her beautiful face that she is has a beautiful soul as well. There is something about babies and animals that brings you back down to earth and helps you realise what really matters in the world. Happy Christmas Macdonalds.

  9. What a way to start Wednesday. Gorgeous. Glorious. Beautiful.

  10. I want Maggie under the Christmas tree this year!

  11. doreen rowland says

    Maggie what a beautiful way to start the day seeing your beautiful happy little face and sharing for a moment your happy little life . Thankyou for such a delightful post .

  12. God love ‘er. Impossible it’s seven months. Impossible.

  13. Beth, she is just adorable. Winner for cutest baby of the year for sure! Also, I have no idea what that green hat thing is but I just snorted tea all over my computer.

    In fact, I’m off to nominate Maggie for baby of the year over at Mrs Woog’s annual awards today.

  14. A beautiful baby and a fantastic post. Photographs are brilliant. I can see and feel the happiness. A wonderful way to start the day! Merry Christmas to you Beth and all your family and special people.

  15. Beautiful post Beth, I have tears!! Tears for the gorgeous baby Maggie is and for our baby number 3 who is waiting for me to find the courage to bring her/him into the world. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. x

  16. 7 months was my absolute favorite with both my munchkins. They could sit up alone (ish) loved being able to see more from the pram, luvving having a nosh on anything plus rusks (what a god send they are!!!) and were sooooo much more predictable in terms of night waking, naps and bedtime. As a “routines” kinda gal this all made my heart sing!!
    Thank you for so eloquently sharing your love for Mags with us xxx

  17. The hairdressers’ photo! GOLD. Just love it. I’ve got one of Flynn as a two year old actually getting his hear washed and head massaged! He too just came along with me to everything and didn’t complain. Happy 7 months to you x

  18. What a lovely happy post. Such a beautiful baby. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Aww what a sweet heart! My baby was born the 15th of May (2014 though). May babies are easy going delights!

  20. Such a delightful post; Happy Seven Little One !~! She is at my absolute favorite age for all the reasons you so eloquently wrote. Thanks for the photos. What, pray tell, is that green hat “thing”? I’m still puzzling over that one. Looks like Baby Lettuce but that’d be too weird, wouldn’t it !~!

    Hugs and best wishes to all the family for the upcoming holiday season and new year.

  21. oh those curly toes. love.

  22. This made me a little weepy as I just realized this will be our family’s first Christmas as a complete little unit of four! Your Maggie is just delightful! Love reading your posts while I feed my nearly 5 month old bubba boy. It goes so fast. I hope I never forget how deliciously wonderful my children’s cheeks are.

  23. I hear you Beth! My baby #3 arrived just ahead of Maggie (May 9) and our third girl too 🙂 She is full of smiles, so chilled and has given us so much love & joy! Must be something about #3? I’m a whole lot more relaxed this time around too though…! Merry Christmas to you & your family xx

  24. she is the happiest baby on the internet!

  25. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love Mags any more than I already do… this. x

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