Maggie is 5 months old!

Say what now?


It’s true! Maggie is 5 months old now. Sheesh. I tell you what, give me a 5 month baby ANY day because they are precious! I have remembered just how much I enjoy this time with my babies – all the angst and worry and “should be’s” seem to disappear and I just have fun with them. Because DEAR GOD THE CUTE.


The past month has seen the biggest changes in Maggie I reckon. She’s this BIG kid now. Who sits on my hip (I LOVE THAT) and who now fits in the seat of the pram and who blows raspberries and constantly squeals and talks and is just a plain delight.

IMG_6050 IMG_6022 IMG_5749

We’ve started to dabble in a little food. Last night I was eating some avocado and I could see that she was just about as interested as you could get, so I gave her some on the spoon. She cracked it when it was taken away so it’s safe to say that we’ll be rolling food now.

IMG_6123 IMG_1703

And so long as my boob isn’t far away? She’s happy. You’re not thinking of going anywhere now are you?


Talking of rolling, she is on the move. Well, kind of. You whack her on the floor and she will do some break dancing 360’s. We’ve had a few rolls from her front to her back (not so much the other way around) and the kicking in the bath is something to behold – a wee little river dance that makes a lot of mess.

IMG_5894 IMG_6184 IMG_6186 IMG_6022

She’s also started this funny thing in the last few days where her tongue sits out of the side of her mouth. It’s quite hilarious.

IMG_6153 IMG_6170

We’re not getting any longer stretches of sleep at night. Still every 2-3 hours. And I’m OK with that. With all the travel and upside down of time changes, I’m going to give it a few weeks and see where we’re at then. Honestly, a 5 minute breastfeed before crashing back down without any fuss is hardly anything to get worked up about is it?


Over the past month she woo-ed all she came in contact with: friends, family and strangers in Italy. Everyone always stops to chat to Maggie, it’s so lovely to have strangers stop and have a chat. Babies really do bring such joy.

IMG_5728 IMG_5968

There was a moment this week where I picked up Maggie to take her off to bed for a nap. She was this little ball of deliciousness, she gave me a squeal of delight and I breathed her head deeply in. It was a moment of pure contentment. This baby girl has given me so much happiness and joy. I am SO glad that I managed to get all that “talk” out of my head of what hard work babies are. They may well be (I still reckon they are easy compared to an almost 6 & 9 year old), but by GOD the joy that they bring outweighs that my 1 billion per cent. Thank goodness for babies I say!



  1. Lovely! I’m sure she will be one of those who always have their tongue out when concentrating …… Miss M is pure delight! xx

  2. My baby girl will turn 13 in a couple of months. When she was 5 months old I hadn’t even met her yet. She arrived at our house at 6 months old, in foster care, details still being sorted out, and has been here ever since. Being in the middle of dealing with a hormonal pre-teen I am sure baby was easier. The sleepless nights are rough but at least a baby doesn’t shout about how mean you are & how unfair life is while slamming a door if you mention homework 🙂
    No wonder Maggie managed to gather a fan club while travelling. Every time I see a picture of her happy little face it makes me smile.

  3. Maggie is just so cute…I’m not surprised that she grabs everyone’s attention with that cute little grin! I so enjoy reading her updates and seeing each super cute photo. Babies really do bring such joy don’t they! I have 1 week or so to wait for my little bundle of joy to arrive and reading this has just made me so excited! 😉

  4. She is pure and simple…. Adorable!

  5. Amanda (Archie Lane) says

    Such a delight. I’m loving seeing the effect of those carbs she seems to have enjoyed whilst in Italy by the way, well done Mama! Cannot believe it is 5 months, time certainly does fly.

  6. She is so bloody cute. I need to get my mitts on her before she gets any bigger.

    • I know, I am desperately looking for a pause button. Why can’t they stay babies forever?!

      • My hubby and I always say we wish the baby year could last for two. Our littlest of four is 20months (and still a ball of deliciousness!) but I could have used a pause button, too. Enjoy that precious Miss Maggie, she is absolutely divine xxx

  7. Babies are the best! The new smell & cute smiles.

    Mine have been a really tough journey with PND with both.

    But they are totally worth it!:)

  8. What a gorgeous photo of you all. Maggie has such beautiful eyes!

  9. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, you make me SO clucky! That pic of her blowing a raspberry is my fave. She’s such a delightful little doll Beth.

  10. She is a delight! I’m at the same stage as you with my almost 4 months old. All the joy!

  11. She is just beautiful. I love seeing your Maggie updates. She is almost exactly a month older than my little boy, so I can see what he will be doing next (you would think that given I have a 2yo already, I would remember these things, but everything gets forgotten so fast!). I’d better go and dig up Sophie the giraffe!

  12. She’s going to have a wicked sense of humour. I can see it in that little grin.

  13. She is just so gorgeous x

  14. Oh my goodness that side tongue is so adorable!

  15. maggie is pure joy and a delight beth!
    she is totally accepted and you are a good mother!
    with a gorgeous nature too!
    enjoy those moments for sure! love m:)X

  16. Far out she is the cutest little button! My youngest is 17 months (also an adorable age). I wish it would slow down. Makes me want another one.

  17. Maggie, so so cute! I found your blog a few months before I had my little girl. She is exactly 4 months so about a month behind! I’m a FTM and whenever I read your blog I find so much peace and ease/relief that the sleep and all other things baby I am going through seem to be somewhat normal lol! Thank you, Beth! It makes me smile when i think I’m doing everything wrong!

    • You are doing NOTHING wrong. There’s no such thing as wrong! Promise. Congrats and enjoy this special time, it goes by too quickly and you don’t want to waste one second of it wondering about what’s wrong and right. You’ve got this! x

  18. Oh Beth! That photo of Maggie looking at you?
    You must print it and keep it FOREVER!!!!

  19. She is divine! Divine. One more? C’mon! 😉

  20. Happy 5 months, Maggie! You are such a little ray of sunshine and I love seeing your smiling face (and that tongue – too cute)! x

  21. Oh Maggie, how can you be 5 months old already ? Such a gorgeous little girl. You are truly blessed Beth xx

  22. Beautiful post, and gorgeous pics. I feel the same about my 9 month old. He was an unexpected addition to our family, but after all the worry during pregnancy of how on earth I would cope with two yr old twins + bub, he has been an absolute joy from day one. So lucky to have him. Agree the older kids are much, much harder!

  23. You have no idea how much joy this girl brings to my life too. Having a bad day and I get a notification that you have uploaded a picture, I’ll be having a crap day and I’ll see a pic of Maggie smiling and boom – things get better (for 30 seconds)…

  24. Your moment of breathing her in nearly brought a tear to my eye. They are so precious, our little ones. And it’s hard not to smile when you have a gorgeous baby smiling back at you. Enjoy xxx

  25. She is utterly MAGGIE-nificent ?? Great decision mama. GREAT decision.

  26. Can I breath in Maggie’s adorableness too!! I’m having my third baby moments vicariously thru all your wonderful posts and pics of Maggie ??

  27. Smykolandia says

    She is cherry on the top in your family:-) Good weekend!

  28. A baby that sits on your hip? Oh all the love!
    Psss I do have to say, having a baby who’s almost four, I’m breathing a big sigh of relief! Life is pretty bloody good right about now, especially with older kids who’ll look after the little one.

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