Maggie is 6 months old!

It’s been HALF A YEAR. 6 whole months today since Maggie arrived. She’s this happy about it.


No really, this happy.

I know it’s cliche and all of those things but really. 6 months? Is the world in some kind of fast forward? We trotted off to the GP for her 6 months vaccinations last week and her numbers are:

Number of kilos: 7.2
Number of centimetres long: 67
Percentage of adorableness: 100

IMG_6829 IMG_6152

It’s been a big month with lots of interstate travel and spending time with people, stopping so many in their tracks as they get a big smile from her, or a snuggle. She just oozes goodness and you can’t help but stop and soak her in.

IMG_6451 IMG_6335 IMG_3139 IMG_6325 IMG_3131

The first things the girls do in the morning when they get up is check in on their baby sister who is “just so cute Mum I want to squish her”. And boy does she love them back….so long as she is close by to them and they are paying her a little attention, she’s happy.

IMG_3383 IMG_6477 IMG_6563 IMG_6858

Dad is pretty funny too when he is doing Ye olde Running Man to Beastie Boys. These are important life lessons Maggie.

If there’s something in her hand, it won’t be there for long, it HAS to be in the gob. Everything has to be in the gob.

IMG_6890 IMG_6839 IMG_6706

And why wouldn’t it be with food. She is LOVING food. From showing a little interest last month, it’s hit full on love affair with sourdough, avocado, a mango seed, some nectarine, banana, porridge, roasted sweet potatoes or potato, chicken…she is pretty keen on everything. And rather than blitzing anything (see: not bovvered) she is eating pretty much what we are but cut into small pieces. I really must get a high chair soon. And the boob? Well it’s still number one. This is the longest I have ever breastfed before (the other two girls were done at 5 months when I had to head back into the office). It’s good to be here. I feel so lucky.


She natters away, babbling, and for the past few weeks has been whinging quite a bit, but there are still those delicious squeals of delight throughout the day. I could listen to this all day, lucky for me I get to.

The sleep is still meh…up 2-3 times a night feeding for a few minutes and then we’re both back to sleep. It doesn’t take long, and it honestly doesn’t bother me. Everyone tells you the food will make a difference, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, I’m really glad that I have been paying it all no attention because then I can’t get cranky when things don’t go to “plan” because I have no plan!

IMG_6606 IMG_3634

She’s getting VERY interested in the world around her. Soon realising that it’s actually quite big (jeepers) and she is quite small compared to it. Lucky she has many an open arm and hand ready to hold her as she heads into it. Maggie, we still cannot believe that you are here. A baby! A delightful, precious little lady who makes every single person in our family (and lots who aren’t) very happy with your smile.

Thank goodness you’re here.


Here’s to the next 6 months sweet girl x


  1. Lorelle Coates says

    Thanks goodness for delicious, squishable babies like Maggie. My Sofia will be 6 months on Wednesday ❤️❤️?? xxx

  2. The dimples in those elbows Maggie!

    I miss dimples in elbows!

  3. Oh Maggie, I’m sure you’re going to be soley responsible for lots of two-children families becoming three-child families!! Cluck cluck! Can’t believe she’s already six months old!

  4. I just luff her is all.

  5. Happy half birthday little lady! What a fine collection of cardigans you have. May life be abundant with joy for you x

  6. Ahh, my boys with Mags … they will be jealous when I get to spend the night with her next week! x

  7. I can’t believe she is 6 months old! What a gorgeous girl.

    I can recommend the IKEA highchairs, cheap and sturdy and easily washed. And in my old wives beliefs, if you go again it will be a boy. Maggie has the blue vein across her nose. That means a boy. As far as my family and friends are concerned it’s never been wrong. Just saying.

  8. She is just adorable. Beautiful baby, gorgeous pictures. Oh and thank you for the tip about the Project Ten bags, I bought two straight away and they have been the answer to my swimming lesson dilemma as I feel like I’m a bag lady carrying all the bags. Not anymore though! 🙂

  9. She is adorable. I bet it will freak you out how fast the first birthday will come around!!!

  10. Happy half-Birthday, Mags! x

  11. She is seriously the cutest! Glad that you’ve had such a positive breast feeding experience this time around. I breast fed my first son until he was one, and my second is still going strong at 14 months {although I might try weaning him back a little in the coming months}.

  12. Your girls are right, she’s just so cute! Every time I see her picture, I think “mmmmm maybe….” for about 2.5 seconds. Gorgeous! x

  13. This little lady is a MAGIC MAGGIE. I’m so glad she’s here too. ❤️

  14. Such a sweet little soul. Happy six months you bundle of gorgeousness xx

  15. Remember how worried you were before she came – not wanting to be a highly strung over worry wart… well look at you go, totally nailing this third baby gig. Happy 6 months, she certainly is 100% on the adorable scale.

  16. She’s gorgeous. Truly one of the prettiest babies. You must spend a lot of time playing with her. I’d never get anything done!

  17. time flies beth! and you have done so much with a new baby!
    you are amazing! and ofcourse she is so adorable!
    I especially love the photo of her at nikki’s with those boys!
    so expressive! she’s just about talking to them!
    love m:)X

  18. Oh the squishiness! Actually I think you got the adorable percentage a bit wrong, Maggie is easily 110% because she is adorable PLUS! What a blessing! No wonder everyone is smitten with her! x

  19. Aren’t babies magical, glorious, noisy little beings….2 days & mine will be 10 months! I mean really where does it go, I think no 3 loves the attention of the other two, just wait til she crawls he LOVES that he can move after them now! She is gorgeous, breastfeeding is the bomb & if it gets them back to sleep quickly I say yay (that’s what I do bugger this settling biso)!

  20. Beth, your gorgeous Maggie posts always make my eyes leak (in a happy way!)

  21. How fabulous! Time is truly flying by…. i mean Christmas is when? She’s so beautiful Beth. oxoxo

  22. What a cutie, such a great age x

  23. I’m sure that Maggie’s grandma and all that love her have told you she is beautiful, but as a stranger who admits that babies can be ugly…..she is a beautiful baby. Wow, what a smile! Happy 6 mo.

  24. Well it’s a no brainer really. Love makes us happy!!
    And she is obviously so loved.
    She is beautiful!
    And yes, the world has sped up, I can’t find the go slow button either…

  25. Oh my. My second is 21 months old and I always thought she would be my last but this sweet gorgeous baby stage, well it is just delicious, and your maggie posts truly make me think long and hard about going back for number 3.

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