Maggie is 11 months old!

Ah 11 months, here you are. With all your movement, and laughing, and standing and life, here you are. This about it sums it up: here Mags sit down so I can take a photo.


Yeah, nuh.

It’s been a tough month for the little one, with sickness AGAIN and a case of the teefs causing LOTS of pain and trouble. But she keeps on smiling, ever smiling this one.


It seems that life keeps handing us lemons on the health front which means that I have had to keep making LOTS of Gin & Tonics.

IMG_1158 IMG_1250

It’s been FULL ON. Sleepless nights, temperatures, teething, coughing, sneezing, over and over and over again for what seemed like weeks but we have FINALLY turned a corner with it all and Maggie has emerged brighter than ever.

IMG_1259 IMG_1614

Mags had her first Easter (which was pretty non eventful given how sick she was) but she worked it out under strict guidance of her older sisters. They totally nicked any chocolate from her too.

IMG_1467 IMG_6034

The crawling baby has provided a little more entertainment for Frank as they go about their day together.

IMG_1999 IMG_1957 IMG_1212

The school holidays are here which means a lot more action for Maggie in the day, rather than just me. Our days usually look like this: me on the floor, her crawling all over me. Rinse, repeat.

IMG_1764 IMG_1858 IMG_1538 IMG_2095 IMG_2046

She still spends most of her time dressed in her pj’s, day in, day out. With the odd jumper over the top for distraction from the fact she’s still in her pj’s. As my friend Kim pointed out to me though, it’s the baby version of active wear that ladies tend to over wear. Comfy. Practical. Easy to get stuff done in. I think she might be right.

IMG_1686 IMG_6329 IMG_1937

That said, there was at least 3 days throughout the month where she was dressed in clothes.

IMG_1794 IMG_1632 IMG_1446 IMG_1762

And we finally got some teeth! Two cut through at the bottom and two just about at the top which has made everything a little easier on the eating front (not that it ever stopped you before).


And those sisters, goodness they adore you.

IMG_1854 IMG_6456

We all do. I can’t help but think back to this time last year. The change in the seasons has brought all the feelings I had right back to me as we waited for Maggie to arrive. I looked a little like this (insert shocked face emoticon here:)

IMG_0892 IMG_1238

In the lead up to your first birthday I can’t help but stop and think about everything you have given us these past 11 months. The joy. The laughter. The cuddles. The worry. The laughter. The wonder. The responsibility. All of it. Every single member of the family becoming something else because of you. Whether it’s been growing up, being more responsible, more relaxed, whatever it is, we are all happier because of you.


Life is busy and crazy and you are into EVERYTHING but you make every single day a little bit better for all of us just because you’re here. Thank goodness you’re here. And let’s try and slow down this growing business just this month OK, my sweet baby will soon be gone and there will be this toddler, a whole 1 year old in her place. Sigh.


And whether I’m ready, or not, off she goes. Off they all go as the seasons change and pass.

IMG_6503 IMG_6504 IMG_6505


  1. My 3rd baby turns 4 tomorrow! So I feel such emotions at the moment, trying desperately to log more things into my memory bank so I just don’t forget the little things – and big! My mind is moosh ha!
    Little Maggie looks like she knows it all I think! Such fun and wonder, enjoy x

  2. Oh how I want to meet Maggie!!! She is seriously the cutest baby πŸ™‚ Those expressions! Long time reader, infrequent commenter Susie saying hi!

  3. All the love for this x

  4. I have a friend that refused to dress her baby in anything other than a babygro until he turned one. She said that he didn’t need other clothes because he was still a baby & she loved a baby in a babygro.
    I can’t believe how quickly time has gone. It seems like only yesterday that I was constantly grabbing my phone to check online for baby arriving news. So glad she seems to have managed to finally fight off all the sickness, she had a rough trot. I look forward to seeing many more of those great Maggie smiles

  5. clearly maggie is such a joy beth! … everyone adoring her, has to be healthy!
    i’m not even a baby person but she has captivated my heart!
    adorable to the nth degree!
    whatever she is comfortable in she is going to get food and dirt so at the end of the day wash rinse and repeat! …
    I do love those blue outfits on her and that shirt!!! just gorgeous!
    i’m glad she is feeling better now! … time to holiday with the big girls!
    enjoy your weekend! love m:)X

  6. Lisa Aherne says

    Beautiful blog, beautiful photos! Just love sharing this little lady through Internet eyes. Thanks.

  7. Rowena/VintageNobility says

    Oh Soul Sister…You got me crying these happy tears again! Hugs from me n Ruby – #soblessed always n forever with our babies! Get that Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book out – time to choose the all important 1st birfday cake!
    xxx Row.

  8. Rach [stinkb0mb] says

    These photo’s show such sheer happiness and love, an abundance of love both from Maggie and to here. The words match perfectly.

    You indeed have all been blessed, beyond words.

    Enjoy the last month before she turns one x

  9. This made me teary. It’s just so lovely to hear all the love. My babies turn 3 & 2 in the next week or so. It’s amazing how fast it all goes. Let’s just suck it all while we can hey. But I’m ready to kids the sleepless nights goodbye πŸ˜‰

  10. Footsie pyjamas for the win! All day everyday til 1 year old πŸ™‚

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beautiful post Beth,Maggie is such a joy ans I love how her and Frank have bonded so special ???

  12. As I bawl on the couch next to my own sleeping baby…who is about to turn 2 but she’ll always be my baby. Forever. The world is better for having our babies – may the world also be safe for them too. All. The. Feels.

  13. Set a large book atop her little head and see if we can keep her small for a few more years !~! She’s gorgeous and her sisters just rock my world with their ever-present good moods and genuine love for family. Happy eleven months and good health.

  14. Awwww they just grow up so fast!

  15. This post is just beautiful. How quickly they fill our hearts and lives with love. How quickly they grow and evolve xx

  16. I have just adored watching your beautiful Mags from afar. Always smiling. She is clearly so well loved. Ive said it before she is my favourite bub on the Internet. My baby is turning 10 soon. Feels like a blink.

  17. The last baby always seems to grow up the fastest. I love seeing pictures of Maggie as she is such a bright little person who brings a smile to your face. I think she looks extra cute in all her little stripey pj’s and it makes them seem smaller for longer too.

  18. Cuteness overload! So adorable.

  19. She is so cute Beth. And as for spending her days in her pj’s – who wouldn’t want to do that? She is living the dream. Must be the third child. Clancy actually lived in his pj’s until he was at least 3, perhaps until he could dress himself. There is a photo of him on his 3rd birthday, out on the verandah in the afternoon still in his pj’s, he did have a bath that night and change into some new pj’s for his birthday dinner. ha ha ha. Who cares.

  20. mrs_woodette says

    Isn’t she lovely

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