Skin deep

Is there ANYTHING better than a cool change after a hot day? Overnight one swept through here so that when we went to bed and it was 25 degrees we woke to 10 this morning…delightful! I’ve had a productive morning stacking wood for the fire that will be on tonight, mopping floors and pottering about while Maggie sleeps. We have friends over for dinner tonight…a casual dinner party for 8 that I am now wondering what was I THINKING doing this on the last night of a very long school term?! I’ll be pottering away in the kitchen this afternoon trying to get as much prep in as I can before the kids gets home from school.

But I was thinking about two annoying skin issues that we’ve had in the past few weeks and I just knew you guys would know the answers. Ask a question and all that.


Maggie is suffering from AWFUL nappy rash at the moment. So bad that she is screaming whenever she needs to go (which has been often) and obviously in a lot of pain. She’s a little like Harps that in when she is teething the nappies are a DISASTER. We’re talking bleeding bottoms! I’m currently throwing every cream at it (essential oil) you name it, but I wondered for those that have been here before what you found best? I recall Zinc & Castor Oil with Harps when she was dealing with it? Might have to try that.

The other one is me. Not my bottom thankfully! I’ve been getting terrible dermatitis under my wedding rings. I’ve never had it before but the last few months it’s been dreadful. Itchy. Red. Sore. Peeling. I’ve had to not wear my rings to try and clear it up and I know it’s been from all the over washing of my hands while we have all been so sick. Those of you that have had it, what’s your best way to deal with it?

I have recently had some improvement thanks to these two creams, and I’ve even been able to wear the rings again – both recommended by friends. I suspect I just need to make sure I take of my rings when washing my hands (which I seem to do approximately 1 million times a day). Am I right?


Any help for me with these 2 issues?
Thank you in advance!
Time to get a sticky date pudd on the go it’s that kind of a night ahead I think.


  1. Nappy rash is the worst! It’s pretty hardcore, but Desitin nappy rash cream is the only thing that really worked well when my little guy had killer nappy rash from teething. Beware of leaving a toddler alone with it – I thought my little guy was napping one day, but discovered that he’d got hold of a stray tube and very quietly covered his entire bed and floor with it. Poor little bugger just couldn’t stop!

    And I get the same dermatitis under my rings too – MooGoo make a great eczema and psoriasis cream (all natural) that works well for me!

    Happy school holidays ;-P

    • Another vote for the MooGoo. Works so well on eczema.psoriasis. It’s all I’ll use these days – I use their skincare range, shampoo, conditioner. Excellent! Will use their baby range on my bub when she’s older (only 5 weeks so water is all we need right now). Also have a friend who uses their baby range on her kids and loves it.

      • yep Moo Goo all the way I had it 9 years ago and its just recurring , on my right fastidious cleaning hand !!!!

  2. Jodie Carter says

    You can use the Dermaid cream you are using in 1% on Maggies bottom for nappy rash however I swore by hydrozole cream over the counter you will need to speak to the pharmacist.

    Consider if you have changed any products ie hand wash or dishwashing soap I had a bad run of dermatitis a few weeks ago turned out to be Palmolive hand wash.

    Good luck with the dinner party!

  3. Let’s just say I am the ‘Rash’ Queen! I have one word for you. ‘Elocon’. You will have to go to the doctor to get a script for it and it is a quarterzone but man it changed both my son and my life! It doesn’t cause any scaring and works really fast! You only need a very small amount and apply to the affect area once a day…… It is a miracle cream if you suffer bad eczema!

  4. Calendula ointment (from some chemists and health food shops) has been my go-to for nappy rash in the past, even bad cases. It’s a wound healing cream that provides an excellent soothing waterproof barrier. I’ve whacked some on wedding ring dermatitis at times too (as well as the dermaid) with good results.

  5. Maggie’s bottom may have a bit of thrush as well. Get some Caneston or something the chemist recommends onto it and let the air get to it.

  6. certified says

    I get that same dermatitis under my rings, nothing to do with dishes because god knows I don’t do enough of them, seems to hit me when the weather changes temperature. Best thing i found for it was Jungle Brolly cream

  7. This cream is magic. They are in melbourne but you can buy online. My little one had terrible nappy rash and the combo of this cream and lots of pants off time cleared it up. Although pants off time before the cream as it is sticky!

  8. Not sure about once the nappy rash is at the really severe stage, but definitely for the first sign of pinkness, coconut oil seems to nip things in the bud. We keep a separate jar just for nappy time πŸ˜‰ Nice to use just as a general once-over after every nappy change. Good luck!

  9. My youngest had it badly on and off for about 6 months, I found some creams gave good temporary relief but then I I found cleansing with coconut oil (virgin raw cold pressed) and a soft cloth and then a treatment at night with a probiotic powder (I emptied a capsule) in some coconut oil again and put that on for about two/ three nights and it worked for him, I also gave him a baby probiotic that I got from the naturopath at our local health food and it never reappeared, obviously his gut ballance was out. Everyone is different but it worked beautifully for us.

  10. My paediatrician put me onto Desitin (from the pharmacy) for baby number one and I still use it for baby number five. Never again did any of the kids ever have shocking nappy rash again. Get a script from your GP for Advantin or Elocon for your finger. It really works!

  11. Ah poor little possum Maggie. Lots of nappy off time. Annoying but helps clear up a bit.
    We also never used baby wipes. So many chemicals that irritate tiny fresh bottoms. Obviously had to use them when out and about but at home used a big bottle of pump sorbolene and tissues. Pump some sorb on a tissue and is the best bum cleaner ever.
    Saves a bomb on baby wipes to.

    • When my children were babies there weren’t any nappy wipes and I always used sorbolene and tissues. It was the best as it put a bit of cream on their bums as well as cleaning. When I realised how good it was, I started using it myself. We all still use it, there is a pump bottle on the cistern in my toilet and all my kids’ and friends’ toilets too! Doesn’t clog the sewer like the so called ‘flushable’ wipes either.

  12. Hi Beth. I found the Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream to be the best! I tried it after using the baby massage oil they make. I would recommend that cream over any other and I hope they haven’t changed the recipe (it was a couple of years ago now).

  13. Feeling your pain! NappyMate paste was the best hands down for awful nappy rash in our house. Not sure if it’s still easily available though as its been a few years since I have used it. I have to do all washing with gloves on to protect my hands. I react to the dishwashing liquid. Good luck πŸ™‚

  14. There’s a reason Desitin has been around since 1919. It works! Another thing that will help is switching to cloth diapers for awhile till it clears up. I don’t know why–maybe they just breathe better.

  15. I absolutely love these products by Vivi Organics. We have the Natural Beeswax Balm and the Natural Beeswax moisturiser and they’re called “magic cream” in our house. They have soothed all sorts of eczema, insect bites (including a bee sting), general itchiness and flaking. The purple one has lavender in it and I put it on my daughter’s pulse points to help her sleep. My friends who have tried these products also swear by them πŸ™‚

  16. It had been a loooooonng time since I have had to deal with nappies but I always used liberal amounts of good old zinc and castor oil cream everytime I changed a nappy and I can honestly say my two boys never had nappy rash. Don’t know how it works clearing up a rash but it is a great preventative cream. Maybe if you can leave Maggie’s nappy off as much as possible to let it air without her little bottom getting too cold. Poor little sweetheart. She has had a bit of a rough time lately. But she still keeps on smiling. Sorry can’t help with the eczema. Good luck.

  17. Anti-fungal cream for under the rings. trust me, good ol Canestan

  18. Hi, yes have experience with both of those issues!

    Sudocreme for sore bots. Or if you don’t have that, ask the chemist for a thick barrier creme. And lather it on thick..

    I frequently have the same issue with dermatitis. The trick is to not stop the Dermaid too soon. You need to continue it for a while (maybe a week or so) after the symptoms have disappeared as there could be a lurking fungal infection that will reappear if you stop. I too take the rings off frequently. I find it is much better in winter as sweat is a big culprit.

    Good luck!

  19. Julie Harris says

    I remember Baby Love (was it Robin Gardiner?) speaking about this. My son had gastro so bad once his bottom bled and awful bottoms when he was teething. Although Baby Love never acknowledges that teeth give pain. I remember she had a formula in her book. You had to get a compounding chemist to mix up. I think it was part zinc cream, part steriod, part something else. It was magic. Maybe someone else still has the book and can put it in the comments. It was better than desitin. Desitin is wonderful but not strong enough when the rash gets this bad.

  20. My son, now 32 had the worst nappy rash the dr had ever seen! After trying many, many things my mother suggested I try old school UngVita Ointment – notice I said ointment NOT cream. The ointment provided a barrier & the fish oil contained in it had amazing healing properties. Absolute game changer overnight. As the queen of a lifetime of myself, husband & children with “rashy” skin I would recommend avoiding Elocon or anything else cortisteroud based – there is no going back once you resort to those !

  21. Aromababy Barrier Balm! Works for exzema, nappy rash, any dry skin and my friend even uses it as eye cream. I have raved about this since my 8 year old was a baby and gotten so many people onto it. My sister get dermatitis under her wedding rings so she leaves her rings off while she’s home and applies the Aromababy after washing her hands. You can buy it online but if you go on their website, there might be a chemist near by that has it? Xx

    • Oh gosh totally agree! Just saw this post after searching forums for nappy rash relief idea. We tried Aromababy Barrier Balm and it is AMAZING. It has anti bacterial and anti fungal ingredients (but all are natural ) plus some oils which actually help to heal. We swear by this for all our kids scrapes and rashes now.

  22. When my kid had the bleedy-screamy-bottom nappy rash the only cure was bare bottom. Followed him around with a mop. Cleared up in a day or so. Messy but much better than the bleedy-screamy.

  23. been there – feel your pain… our GP fixed it with a recommendation of three steps at every change:
    1. Clean with less chemicals – we used tissues in water with a bit of tea tree oil
    2. Apply an antifungal / antibacterial to the sore bits eg Dactozin (I don’t know how to spell it and can only remember it by saying Zac Posen).
    3. Then cover this anti-fungal antibacterial goodness with a BARRIER cream.

    You see the acidy wee was washing off all the good creams before they could do their job so the barrier cream topping fixed the prob.

    hang in there..x

    • I agree.. The barrier cream is essential as when the tummy is a bit upset (and the nappies disastrous!), the poo is probably acidic too. That’s what takes the skin off the bottom.
      The barrier cream is to protect the skin from exposure to this acid.
      None of the other creams will stay on if there isn’t a sufficient barrier.

  24. Can’t recommend Tui Balm highly enough. My little ones have never had nappy rash because the first sig of ANY redness and I’m slathering the balm on. It works a treat and is completely natural!

    You amaze me with your dinner hosting skills x

    Here you go –

    • I use Tui at your recommendation Jodi and it is fantastic. We also use at the first sign of redness and haven’t had nappy rash yet (touch wood). We bought the large tub and we’re only about half way through it 5 months in!

  25. My 3rd had a rash that wouldn’t quit when he was 13 months. Lasted for ages. Finally had to show his doc. She had us mix a prescription yeast cream, an antibiotic cream, and some Vaseline. We’re in the US though so I’m not sure if the med names are the same. After RELIGIOUSLY applying that concoction, we’d spoon out some plain cornstarch. We finally were able to kill it. Basically it was diaper rash that went to a yeast infection that went to bacterial.
    Hope it gets better! Diaper rash is the worst!

  26. Air time! Risky business but cleaning all creams etc off and just letting her little bottom get as much air and sun as possible is really the best. Then desitin at night.

    May also be worth trying an anti fungal nappy rash cream to rule out any thrush etc

  27. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Dermaid is what I use when I get dermatitis under my rings Beth and take them off as often as I can ans maybe Sudocream for poor wee Maggies bottom!

  28. Josephine says

    Poor Maggie! Both my lads had awful nappy rash from the get-go. It got so bad the doc prescribed cortisone cream for their tender tooshes. Could be worth a trip to the doctor?! Otherwise, sudocream and or paw paw ointment sorted out the less serious bouts. Good luck!

  29. Hydrazole for the bottom and a good 1/4 cup of cornflour and do this at every frequent nappy change.

    I have chronic dermatitis and my go to is

    And when it’s really bad advantan fatty ointment (cortisone) you will need a script.

    Recommended by my dermatologist.

  30. Kriss McLean says

    Oh Beth I hear ya on the nappy rash! My little guy is the same! When he gets to the bleeding bottom stage we go back to go old fashioned corn flour. I sprinkle it on so thick and it helps dry it out. Once it starts to heal I then use cure rash cream as a barrier. Hope this helps.

  31. Daktozin was a miracle cream for my two bubs….available at the chemist. Good luck !

  32. Beth, nappy rash sucks! I am very thankful that my lady hasn’t had too much trouble but when she does get the odd flare up, we’ve always found bepanthen nappy rash cream to be very effective. Good luck with the skin issues – they are so frustrating!

    • I used bepanthen ointment (the cream didn’t seem to be as strong a barrier) when my two got to the bleeding bot stage as well. Heals and calms the raw skin and stops additional moisture (especially of the stingy wee type) and germs from any poo getting to it. Tried everything I could get over the counter until we started with that.

  33. At 37 weeks pregnant with my third child, all I can say is Amen Amen AMEN to the cool change! And long may it last! I think it’s been the hottest summer in 150 years or something awful. Oh my word the humidity has almost killed me. And we live in Sydney’s west so it’s always hotter out here. Now I bet it will be up breastfeeding through the coldest winter on record or something right?! Ha!
    Sorry to hear about Maggie, poor thing. Laying off the wipes always helps me, even when they say “fragrance free” when te nappy rash is bad I just use warm water and a wet cloth and then put lashings of sudocream on their bottom like it’s going out of fashion. Good luck. Happy holidays! Hope it’s a healthy one for you this time.

  34. Samantha says

    I stopped using wipes, and started using tissues and a cream to clean at nappy time, and also used Sudocream, which is a barrier cream. I think someone else suggested using a steroid and or thrush cream too?? Good luck – your heart breaks for them.

  35. CALMOSEPTINE CREAM. Sorry for the caps but we have used it for all three and it is the only thing that will really settle bad nappy rash for us. My father in law is a GP and recommended it when we battled terrible nappy rash for months with our first born. As soon as the other two get a little sore looking I whack some on and we have never had any big issues with nappy rash again. You can use a zinc and castor oil cream on top of the Calmoseptine to form a barrier, but it never worked for us on our own. I love the stuff so much that I always whack a tube in when I wrap up pressies for friends when they have a bub.

    Also fragrance free wipes and dab don’t wipe when they skin is really in a mess. Wet washers seemed to make things worse for us. Hope things improve. xo

    • I second the calmoseptine – amazing stuff and works well on itchy spots too – calamine lotion in a tube. Some plain anhydrous lanolin works as a great barrier cream, or lansinoh nipple cream if you’ve got any left over.

  36. Shazziebazzie says

    One of my bubbas had a horrible bleeding painful nappy rash, turns out it was a fungal infection and some anti fungal cream fixed it up. My doctor recommended it but can’t remember the name.

  37. Desitin worked for us over other creams when my son had really bad nappy rash. I believe it has a higher percentage of zinc than others.

  38. My hands are exactly like yours, and I know it’s all the extra water/washing up/soaking that comes with my bub (8 months old). I use a cream called tricortone when it gets bad, it’s on a script from the dr.
    I really find prevention is better than cure and for me it’s using a pair of cotton gloves under any rubber gloves. If I have one day where I don’t use them, I will wake up that night itching and my hands are on fire.
    Good luck!

  39. Both my kids get sore bums from food allergies and intolerances. My daughter got horrible bleeding nappy rash! The main thing that worked was figuring out the triggers (egg, sesame, seafood, hazelnut and pecan).
    Best of luck!

  40. I’ve just been through really bad, screaming, bleeding nappy rash with my girl. I tried every cream and I think you may find that when it gets this bad it’s become fungal. Go to the chemist and get an antifungal one. The one that finally worked for us was RESOLVE. I tried all the others mentioned here and it was the only one when it got this bad that worked. Took a week and you need to keep using it for a week afterwards to fully kill it off. The other BIG thing is to use a powder with it. Please, please, please don’t use Baby Powder. Gaia make a good one with lavender which is healing and soothing. Dry with powder and cover with Resolve. It didn’t work without the powder. Once I used the powder I saw healing within 1 nappy change.

    My everyday nappy cream is Weleda with chamomile but again, I always use it with the Gaia powder. it’s a combo that works for us the majority of the time. I also only use WotNot baby wipes for my girl’s super sensitive skin. Try reading the ingredients on any of the others…..

    Re hands, look at what’s in the soap you are using. Find something natural (there’s plenty around) that don’t contain SLS and most supermarkets these day have at least one brand that is less chemical. SLS is bad stuff for sensitive skin and is used as the main “sudser” for mainstream soap products. Clarins hand cream is fab stuff, lasts through a couple of hand washings and is not greasy. It was the only cream that worked to cure ‘beer rot” in my fingernails when I was a bar maid many eons ago (when we were barmaids, not bar persons :-)). I agree with others, coconut oil is fabulous for anything skin related and definitely worth trying. I suspect the nappy rash is too far gone for it to work quickly for bub’s bum but it’s definitely worth a try for the hands. Hope it all resolves quickly for you all x

  41. Metanium cream is amazing, went from bleeding to pink in 24 hours. It is lurid yellow and will stain so be careful! Hope she feels better soon…

  42. Jemima Smyth says

    Sudocream – lathered on do you cannot see zinc (but only if there is no infection)and lots of nappy off time, lots and lots, especially outside in the sun (this without the cream)

  43. Emmasbrain says

    Man, I have the perfect cream that will do for both of you, I’ll send you some. Xx

  44. Another vote for Moogoo.
    Awesome. Natural. Australian.
    Good luck!!!

  45. Gibbergunyah says

    My eldest always had a terrible bottom teething. Ask at Guardian Bowral for “Dr Hanson’s nappy rash cream”. They make it to the recipe of the pediatrician at the hospital. It is the bomb for bleeding bottoms, sorts them out quick smart. Actually ring before you go to make sure they have some in stock.

  46. Gibbergunyah says

    I second MooGoo for prevention and maintenance once the bottom is healed.

  47. DESTIN cream worked instantly for my baby’s bleeding teething bottom.

  48. Siobhain says

    Desitin, Desitin, Desitin for nappy rash ! Its brilliant ☺

  49. sorry for poor maggie! it’s awful! I used zinc and caster oil soo many years ago!
    hamilton urederm skin active less than $10 it’s very good for dermatitis beth … not if open though!
    sticky date pud is my favourite! … enjoy! love m:)X

  50. I’ve had 3 kids who’ve had pretty nasty nappy rash on and off over the years and the only thing that’s ever worked has been Canesten Plus (our GP gave us a script for it but you can get it over the counter at the pharmacy) it has an anti-fungal as well as cortisone for the inflammation. Also after it’s cleared, Sudocream at every change. Hope poor Maggie’s bottom improves soon.

  51. Hi, Maybe skip the baby wipes and bath products/soap for a while. Just a soft face washer and water for happy change. LOTS of nappy-free time in fresh air. Sudocreme also great. Worked for all 3 of my kids. All the best and enjoy your dinner party!

  52. I also recommend Moo Goo anything! Absolutely love their range and it is all I use.
    The nappy cream has been fantastic on my babes teething rash (including blistered bleeding bum when teething AND eating 12 cherry tomatoes straight out of Grandpa Beardy’s vegetable garden!)

    My Mum has used the eczema cream for dermatitis and eczema since undergoing chemotherapy and radiation when she couldn’t put anything on her body.

    The cradle cap cream also cleared up both bubs cradle cap (although the active ingredients are olive oil and coconut oil so could potentially just head to the pantry).

    If the nappy rash is really bad I will sometimes double up with Moo Goo nappy balm and then cornflour.

    Cornflour is also another fantastic one for nappy rash with no nasty chemicals etc. My mother-in-law is an RN and it’s what she’s used with obese people and chaffing.

  53. Take your rings back to a decent jeweler and have them checked. Mine are white gold and when they started to wear down a bit (I didn’t take them off enough apparently) after about 7 years. some of the other exotic metals are exposed (zinc, copper etc) and your skin won’t like this.

  54. Katy Page says

    I have always found sudocream to be the best for bad nappy rash because it lasts so long. If you smother it on their bum before bed it will still be there as a barrier in the morning. My kids never had it truly badly though.

    I get the ring probs too so I stopped wearing mine. I only put them on if I go out and they are straight back off when I get home. Sometimes I don’t even bother putting them on. I am a compulsive hand washer too and my hands get particularly bad if I do lots of washing up – it’s a good excuse not to. Use gloves if you need to wash up and when you wash your hands just slide your rings up abit and rub your fingers dry. I also rub Vaseline into my hands before bed when they are bad and it helps.

  55. Have you thought they are maybe linked? I’d never had dermatitis before and got it on hands when my little one had a bad nappy rash, I used an over the counter fungal cream on both and they cleared up, make sure you keep using it for a week or so after its cleared as it lurks behind. Then get back onto barrier cream although I found powder and no nappy the best to keep it away long term

  56. Desitin is the absolute bomb for soothing and healing nappy rash. It was recommended to me by a friend’s dad who’s a dermatologist. It almost cleared it up with 24 hours- no more bleeding and peeling little bots.
    As for your issue I have no solution. I haven’t worn a wedding ring for over 10 years because of constant dermatitis as soon as I put mine back on for longer than 24 hours.

  57. I never had to deal with really bad nappy rash like with Maggie (poor thing!), but I do notice when my son’s butt is wet or when we use wipes with stuff in them, he gets a bit red. I use Water Wipes (can get them at Coles), and I always pat dry with a soft cloth. Maybe helpful after her rash clears?

  58. Our doctor said he had an old doctor friend suggest a paste of Aquaphor and Maalox for bad diaper rash. Not sure if those brands are available where you are, but I know they worked a charm for our doctor’s kids and our own. Aquaphor would work for under your ring, too. (I have that but can’t get my rings off. ?) Poor both of you!

  59. I frequently get dermatitis underneath my wedding rings also. It usually means I have some crap caught in under the stone (I’m sure there was some leftover meatball mix in there once!) Sometimes a good clean can solve the problem, and then you have nice shiny jewelry as well.

  60. A tip for application. Which ever barrier cream you go with, make sure you slather it on super thick. A thin smear isn’t very effective. Imagine you’re icing a cake with butter icing. Nice and thick. I developed dermatitis around my rings postnatally with all three bubs, and tired various creams and steriod creams, but it always flared back up. This time I started taking Ethical Nutients Eczema Relief probiotic. It took a couple of weeks to see any improvement, but it completely cleared up and hasn’t returned

  61. I can’t top the nappy rash advice already provided but hope I can help with your hands. You may be developing a contact dermatitis. Prevention includes wearing gloves for any wet work (Dishwashing, cleaning, even gardening), thoroughly drying wet hands and regular moisturiser (heaps around, the neutrogena hand cream is dotted around my place, moogoo is also supposed to be good). Treating flares can be with topical steroids as others have described (script required for most). I have contacted dermatitis from working in health care and it’s the pits. Best of luck

  62. Gaia skin soothing lotion is excellent and worked for my son. It is organic and contains zinc and castor oil.

  63. Sudocrem then put nappy-mate paste on top of the sudocrem. The nappy-mate acts as a barrier cream so when they pee it won’t sting as much.

  64. I got the 7-year itch quite literally — with the skin under my wedding rings stripping off, oozing and bleeding. The itching drove me demented. I started using soap free body wash for everyone in the family (was noticing that it was particularly bad after bathing kids), gloves for doing washing up.

    I didn’t wear my rings for ages but now am completely healed up. I did find that it was much, much worse when the weather was humid and muggy and when I was stressed πŸ™

    Hope you are both feeling better

  65. I have tried most of the creams mentioned as all my three kids had sensitive skin and were prone to nappy rash. My youngest had really bad nappy rash last year that I could not get rid of. What worked for us in the end was Calmoseptine but for best results only wash her bottom with warm water after each poo or wee, pat dry and let her go nappy free for 20 minutes before putting the cream on and a fresh nappy. Once the rash is gone only use tissues and sorbolene to clean her bottom and try to avoid wet wipes all together. I hope that helps her as there is nothing worse than watching your little one in so much pain.

  66. I would be putting a tonne of salt in the bath. We have a conjuntavitus crisis here and I’m just throwing salt in that bath like its nobodies business. Oh man, the rings. Only in summer and washing hands/ dishes constantly and not taking my rings off. Not wearing them was my healing power until I got them resized (bigger ah-hem!!). All gone!! Unbelievable. Sudocream is the healer of all in this house. Hope the bum rash settles soon! Xx

  67. Daktozin for the nappy rash, instant relief for bub, doesn’t rub off and has an anti fungal, swear by it. Suffered for years with dermatitis, novosone is my go to, but you do need a prescription, and a doctor once told me to put on the cream and then put cling wrap over it at night, keeps the cream in contact with skin, doesn’t dry out and works faster, brilliant!

  68. I find if I take my rings off at night that is enough to prevent the itchy redness under the rings.

  69. I haven’t read all of the comments so this may have already been suggested – anhydrous lanolin which is wool fat.. weird! It was the only thing I ever used for my three. My mum gave it to me when I was pregnant with my first (she used it with us!) and I never had to try anything else because it always worked. I had the dermatitis ring thing too during the nappy years and I just remember having to moisturise my hands a lot because of all the hand washing with all the nappy changes, small people mess etc.. I found it got much better when I took my rings off before changing a nappy as well as when washing my hands.

  70. Jenny McMahon says

    Zinc and castor oil cream is great, for preventative action and soothing, and a bit of a barrier against wee, but if bad, try Desitin cream – it is great, from memory has more zinc basically, is thicker and really sticks on in a layer, so soothes, and provides great barrier in between changes, doesn’t wash off with each wee, the wee runs off. Excellent, and not full of medication. Paw paw ointment also good, can alternate. Poor wee lovey, it must really sting them when it happens, esp when the acid wee hits! Ouch…. (we know what thrush is like…). Good luck!

  71. I use Moogoo after being sent to a dermatologist because elocon, and many other potions didn’t work. I was even told by one dr to soak my hands in condys crystals. I try to wear gloves πŸ™ as much when its really bad, but we recently went on a cruise and that antibacterial gel got a workout hence it has cracked and made the skin sting. Try Moogoo luv, I had success with it. I only wear my wedding band too when its bad, mine jumped to the other hand so I was in a real mess. My eldest now 11 had bad nappy rash, it was nappy off and sudocream, messy but it worked . Good luck

  72. Nicole Boak says

    Beth, Have you tried using a powdered antiseptic. I used that on both my kids. Sprinkle liberally on before bed and next morning nappy rash pretty much gone. Helps that you are not touching the skin by rubbing in a cream. Seems to dry the skin up really quickly. Otherwise I love reading your blog!

  73. Nappy Goo – made by the Royal children’s hospital down here in Melbourne – I am lathering it on my Gus at the moment with insane nappy rash as well. Brilliant and available online.

  74. mrs_woodette says

    Gaia (think thats how you spell it) cornflour powder for bum. My one year old is the same when she gets teeth.

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