The Baby Files #3

Want an insight into 22 seconds of what life sounds like round here these days?

I mean really Maggie, could you be any sweeter? One of Daisy’s friends had a sleepover on the weekend and kept asking me “are they screams of sadness or happiness?”. Pure joy at ALL OF THE THINGS I think you’ll find. It’s like, SHIT LOOK AT THIS MONKEY. And remember when I had some porridge! And my sisters! MY DAD AND MY SISTERS. And you. Mum YOU. With squeals in between. It’s just delightful and I wish it to never stop. Ever.

Lucky she’s cute because:


And boy has that been the case lately. My little friend has still been waking to feed in the night 2-3 times (from her 7pm bedtime). I know I’m “supposed” to dream feed her at 11 and I know probably a gazillion bits in between but really I can’t be bothered and so I am just going with the flow. And who cares really? She will only be a baby for such a short time. AND I’m up re-adjusting doona covers for my friend Harper in the night so what’s one more wake up right? JUST SAY RIGHT.

You know when people ask me if she’s sleeping through the night yet I usually give them a little look like Haz.


And don’t get me started on the question if she’s a good baby.

Kate Middleton2-20141113-50

Of course she is! She’s a baby. And she’s healthy and happy. I wonder how Charlotte is going? I saw that while I was OS that Kate got a new do. Bangs! And she’s this happy about it!


She was dabbling in those nude pumps again on one of her official outings. I think she looks fab and I bet Charlotte will love grabbing on them too.

Whilst Mags hasn’t been sleeping she has been loving herself sick in this hotter weather in a cool bamboo version of the Love to Dream wraps.


Dead set I cannot remember a bloody thing about this baby business so I’m not sure when she stops being wrapped up in these things but I was thrilled when they sent her one as it is starting to get much warmer. You can check them out online here. And someone remind me…when does she go into those sleeveless sleeping bags?

Speaking of sleeping (or lack thereof) I loved this post about the resentful Night episodes: rage against the husband. If you’ve ever bounced extra hard in the bed to wake a sleeping husband who sleeps next to you while you feed the baby then you’ll LOVE this. Read it here.

We’ve also started on food!


In just a few days she has gone from “meh” to “OH MY STARS GIVE ME ALL OF THE THINGS” and totally cracking the shits when the spoon is taken away. What a funny thing it is learning about the joys of food and taste….long may the love affair continue my friend Mags! Β In the meantime I better start blending some veggies and fruit (organic of course snort) until I get over that and start using packets (organic of course).

Speaking of food I received an email from a reader called Tori who has just released a new e-cook book for Pregnancy called From Poppyseed to Pumpkin.


Such a great concept she has created a range of healthy recipes to eat throughout your pregnancy and of course for when baby comes along. And she’s offered a reader discount for you guys too. You can grab it for just $7.50 here. I reckon it would also be a cute pressie for any friends that are knocked up.

Speaking of readers sending me cool things I also had Helen send me her Aussie invention that I wanted to share with you guys….BUGGY CART!


You know how you tend to hang everything off your pram handle until your pram tips? Or is that just me? Well she has created a buggy that attaches to the pram (folds for storage too) so you can whack all your shopping in there. She’s got a special for BabyMac readers too instead of $99.95 she’s selling them to us for $74.95. You can check them out and buy them online here.

Can we all pause one red hot minute to have a look at Daisy and Harps back in the day. Why yes Harper is in a toy pram looking like a front rower.


Can you see Maggie in there? Me too! Funny how I always think that Maggie is all Daisy. In any case bless their cotton socks and thank goodness (for the 7,894,337th time for my blog that these photos are documented).

Look, here’s some cute pictures of Maggie. Just because.

IMG_6295 IMG_6185 IMG_6168

And one last thing on sleep (do you sense a theme here?) did you guys see the blog post from the states last week that went a tad viral about a family and their co-sleeping situ where they made an Ikea hack from their bunk beds into one ginormous bed?


This is like Harper’s dream come true! How cool is it? Well, if that’s your thing. You know what thing most Mum’s would agree on? The thing where everyone gets a good nights sleep and is happy when they wake up…however you get that…go for it!

As for me, I’ll be chasing that elusive sleep this week, feeding that baby, and soaking up every last second of it because it is all going past WAY too soon.


Like Kate’s new bangs? Anyone else wonder how Charlotte is going?
Got any starting baby on solids tricks for me?
When do they graduate to sleeping bags?
Will I ever remember ANYTHING about my first two children when they were babies?
Got a good baby? ME TOO.

We all do x


  1. adorable! loving the mags beth! … I can play grandma for a few minutes!
    voted for you on kidspot because you deserve and deliver the goods hun!
    amazeballs traveling overseas with two children and a baby! … so capable! … WOW!
    love your work hun! … love m:)X

  2. When she starts rolling is when u start weaning her out of the swaddle bags. You can get snap side ones so you can wean her one arm at a time. We just went cold turkey. Like mags, Loch was up multiple times a night at his discretion, so the cold turkey method didn’t change our ‘stellar’ sleeping routine. Fyi at 13mths i get 2 out of 3 nights as full sleep throughs! Hooray!

  3. I loved the post about the resentful night episodes! It gave me a good laugh (mainly because I’ve done everything she’s done ?)!

  4. Oh don’t get me started on the ‘good baby’ discussion. HA! Apparently I have one of those creatures, I get a lot of ‘oh you’re so lucky Eleanor is a good baby’ from other mums. It makes steam come out of my nostrils and desires to both slap and bear hug these other mama bears all at the same time. Extraordinary! Eleanor slept in her love to dreams up until about 7 months? I got the transition ones with one arm out which were AWESOME. Does Maggie have a dummy? The LTD’s started to be a problem for dummy retrieval, once she kiiiiinda could find it (oh glorious DAY!) but the one arm out suit was a winner. The transition to a sleeping bag with no arms was a bit tricky as she was so used to her arms up and snug. Highly recommend baby led weaning, just whack some steamed chunks of sweet potato and pumpkin in front of missy, Eleanor’s favourite at that age, and beans and asparagus that she can hold in her little chubby fist and suck on. Here’s a post a wrote on our start: and when we really got cracking on the finger foods: Remember: food before one is just for fun! HAVE FUN! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for that – I’m terrified of choking which is ridiculous right? Will check these out thank you x

      • I was going to mention that… honestly Eleanor never had a gag relfex! So I guess I was lucky in that regard, but I know a lot of mums are flipped out about it. She WON’T choke. She won’t. If anything Eleanor is so much more adept at handling her food in her mouth, things go down or things go up and out and in again! She got two teeth at 10 months and not another two until 14 months, no teeth has not held her back in the food stakes at all – those hard gums do all the work she needs! Someone asked what she had for dinner when she was about 10 months old with two stumpy teeth: “a steak and raw broccoli” lol

        • Oh and prune juice, I mashed that through many a sweet potato or pumpkin as the change to solids I *thought* was mucking up her sleep/tummy (but could’ve been entirely wrong!) I wasn’t exclusive BLW, I just never blended anything to a puree, a quick rough mash with a fork and down the hatch!

        • Love it – thank you! Will tackle this properly when I’m back home next week x

  5. Maggie is delightful! It goes so fast, my youngest and third is 14mths now, can’t believe it! All mine were in sleeping bags from 8-12 weeks as they all hated being wrapped, I think my youngest may have even been 6 weeks.

  6. She is a delight!! I’ve got a good baby too, who doesn’t sleep real crash hot but I don’t care. He brings all the joy during the daylight hours. And those sleep questions drive me insane-o. Gahhh!

  7. Haha can so relate to that extra hard bounce into bed…Remember it well!!
    Maggie is just gorgeous πŸ™‚

  8. YES we do, tell me who doesn’t have a good baby (even though at 15mths we rarely sleep longer than 4hrs max in one block- I am blaming the four emerging molars atm!).
    I do wonder about Charlotte (only when you mention her though), and I would possibly follow Kate’s blog if it were anything like this one!
    Re: solids, I was a bit lazy this time (#3) so I’d just make something in the slow cooker and throw in a sweet potato – unpeeled to get all soft for bub and spoon it straight out of the skin to her mouth. She loves it, and I don’t need to mash or blend anything!

  9. thegingerfox says

    Love how your just going with the flow and doing what works and feels right for you Beth!! Seriously, I know people mean well but why is it so ingrained in our culture to ask if they are a ‘good’ baby presumably meaning they sleep through the night?! When they are not biologically designed too! Keep doing what your doing you are awesome:)

  10. Mags is just gorgeous! Nothing beats seeing your baby squealing with delight. Makes up for the sleepless periods during the night! Talking about sleepless periods during the night, I can relate to rage against the husband! I’ll quite often let out an extra groan when I get up out of bed but it never wakes my husband!

  11. Amanda (Archie Lane) says

    I love Kate’s new bangs! and if people so wish to allow their children to sleep with them so be it. It was never my thing, nor would I ever entertain an idea such as permanent co-sleeping. Those who do can enjoy it good luck to you. My children have me enough between 6.00am and 8.00pm, that is where is stops, and into your own bed you go – it was always amazing how when they were smaller I would get such a spring in my step at 7.30pm knowing bed was only 30 minutes to go and all going well I would not have to look at them again until the next morning (horrible mother I know in this new age generation of parenting I do not understand!)

    Maggie is divinely scrumptious by the way!

  12. My third was a legend also, and I know what you mean about remembering things from the others, they come in waves for me. Those squeals, just adorable. I think my graduated to sleeping bags when they kicked off blankets!

  13. Sandra Jennings says

    When I had my 3rd bubba, I truely did give a shit about much, except enjoying every single bit cos I knew it was our last baby. And I cannot remember much either ha! Squeal on Maggie!

  14. Oh Mags, you cute little thing. And yes, I’d love a Charlotte update too. And a Gorgeous George one as well while Kate’s at it, thanks very much.

  15. Your kids are just adorable!

  16. If that video doesn’t make your ovaries pop, not sure what would! Beyond gorgeous. I have had three babes, 10 and 8 years before the third came along. Divorce and remarried in between. I call my third my luxury baby. I didn’t give one shite about sleeping ability, organic, breast vs bottle, gymbaroo etc. All the things that consumed me with the other two. I reckon I’m such a good parent this time! Virtually no anxiety or neuroticism. Therefore, as an extremely experienced parent (well, kinda), my advice is to just take it easy and keep enjoying that little bundle of goodness.

    My beautiful first born, who is about to start HSC, and caused me all kinds of anxiety (‘me, not her!) was informing me that when SHE has kids they will ONLY eat organic and SHE will only consider attachment parenting. Oki doki – can’t wait to rehash this convo then.

  17. I feel like I’m forgetting everything about babies now that my son is almost 4. I hope I get another chance to be reminded πŸ™‚

    That photo of Harry is hilarious.
    Maggie is just as gorgeous as ever.

  18. I love the pic of the family co sleep bedroom outfit! We have gone as far as a king size mattress next to a double mattress on the floor, snuggled tight between the walls of the bedroom, with the cot just in front of the beds snuggled against the next wall. And nothing else in the room except the box that the night light is on. The sippy cups hang out in a little gap at the top of the mattresses. Maybe it’s a lot of people’s night mare, but it does mean our kids sleep 12 hours on average, if the doona needs fixing its just a matter of an adult moving an arm, and if they are sick, well we’re all right there ready to help. Feet rarely hit the ground. We bought big shelves and lined another smaller bedroom with them, right next to the bathroom and laundry, and this serves as our family dressing room. All the clean laundry that is not yet folded goes in there too, so no messy cupboards for toddlers to pull apart. Night time parenting sorted!

  19. I have loved all of the Italy posts and anything with Maggie, Maggie is so gorgeous. I have to take her ‘in’ and breathe…as I am going to explode with my teen daughters and their shenanigans at the moment. So thank you

  20. Super cute photos of Maggie {as always}. We always moved the boys into the armless sleeping bags as soon as they could roll over – so they don’t get stuck face down if they do roll over.

  21. Kim Abbate says

    I adore that photo of you and Maggie. Adore.

  22. Talking about starting solids gives me nightmares. My 12 year old was 6 months old when she joined our family. The family that had been caring for her weaned her onto tins of custard. She wouldn’t touch anything else. I was finally given a tip by the nurse at the chemist that weighed & measured the babies. It sounds revolting but worked brilliantly, I mixed veggies into her custard & over a period of many weeks gradually did more veggie/ less custard until there was hardly any custard then I stopped the custard & just steamed a bit of apple with the veggies & finally reduced that until she would eat veggies without sweetening. It has had a long term influence & she still has a ridiculously sweet tooth.

  23. Keep giving people the side eye when they ask if she’s sleeping through the night! Our baby was a dream baby but from 9 months – so many wake ups – and just would not to back to sleep without being driven. Swings and roundabouts. When you do transition mags to a sleeping bag check out ErgoPouch – 400 thread count! Plus they go up to 3.5tog which might be useful in your cold winters down there once mags is too witggly to keep under a blanket.

  24. I am 7 wks in to #3 and seriously cannot wait for the squeals and giggles to come, Mags is amazing!
    I have to admit I’ve goals to forget all the crap; routines, mothers groups, good babies, sleeping through, rolling over, sitting up, and sleep deprivation from the first 2 and start from scratch this time. There is certainly still sleep deprivation but all the rest is just me and coffee winging it and no shits are being given. There is a boob on the loose constantly (I can even manage to wipe the 3 yo bum with the wee man latched – skills) and sleep is a thing of the past, but golly I love him and cannot get enough moments to remember.
    I cannot recommend any food ideas or remember when to graduate from the zip up swaddles, as I just briefly forgot my own name. I think that you, the family and Mags are doing something right to get those little smiles and squeals!

  25. Maggie may not be great at sleeping through but she sure is great at being gorgeous. I love that last photo of you and her together.

  26. My second boy became a finger sucker at 6 weeks, so I never got to use any wrap style thing after that! Must have the fingers!!!
    I did a combo of mush and BLW. Amazing how adept they are at managing foods. In fact the first solid my second tried was raisin toast because he grabbed it off me and shoved it in his mouth.
    Mags is just such happiness! Best thing ever x

  27. Oh my stars, that BED! I know you are hearing me when I tell you that my first thought was, “oh, there’s a couple that lost the battle”…

  28. Gibbergunyah says

    I’m lazy so we did Baby Led Weaning and never mashed or pureed a thing. I used my crinkle cutter for heaps of things to help with grip. I reduced the salt in our food and gave the babies everything we ate. They gagged occasionally but learnt VERY quickly. It can be messy but an IKEA Antilop highchair (which you can hose, or put in the laundry tub!), a smock and a pocket bib all help.

  29. Lyddie was swaddled up in her Love to Dream suits until she was nine months. They did seem to help her sleep and I was not about to mess with anything that helped her sleep! I did get her some of the 50/50 suits and loosened the sleeves so it wasn’t as tight a swaddle…but that was mostly because her chunky arms didn’t fit in the standard size any more!
    Maggie is a delight. An absolute delight.
    Oh and we are doing BLW with a large side of boob and a small side of pouches of (organic) puree.

  30. You just write so beautifully about Mags and parenting a baby – it (almost) always bring a little tear to my eye. I love how you focus on the positive while still acknowledging the less-than-perfect moments of the journey. It is a great way to view parenting but also most things in life! Always feel better after reading something you have written.

  31. Oh that is so funny, I’m sure my hubby pretends to sleep sometimes but is really awake, when our baby is not due for a feed it’s his turn to settle (I’m talking a 9 mth old who wakes between 2 & 6 times a night!). I huff, puff, sigh, throw the covers back quite violently…esp when I’ve already been in there. As far as arms out go god I can hardly remember & it was only a few months ago, basically when they start rolling so they have free arms to reposition themselves & don’t get trapped on their tummy…that’s what I went with! Also second blw it is great lots of soft finger foods, help yourself scenario although I do a mix of both but never really did purees just mashed up w a fork. It also means less work as I also have 2 other children so he basically has family meals! Easy πŸ™‚ good luck. I do hate the ‘good baby’ I mean no he’s a shocking sleeper but he is hardly robbing banks, he is in fact a gorgeous, delight who his sisters love greatly & so do we…sleep or no sleep. Last night it was hourly & then in bed w me at 4.45am cause I was not starting the day then by crickey!

  32. mrs_woodette says

    Love to dream 50/50 the BEST baby swaddle conversion! One arm at a time. Within a week Maggie will be both arms out!

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