Maggie is 8 months old!

And just like *that* she’s 8 months old. Cue angels singing!


Miss Maggie Macdonald is 8 months old today, it’s true what they are saying. And never before has there been such a change and growth in her that I can remember since when she was born. She’s this big ball of FRUSTRATION. Not that you’d know it from that shot above! Things have turned a little upside down in the past 2 weeks and what we’ve got is this, most of the time.


She would quite like to be walking, standing, crawling…MOVING and yet? She can’t quite get there. It’s most frustrating and tear inducing. More so for me when her sisters mimic the frustrated sounds she makes to try to distract her, that’s 3 cries of frustration, all louder than the other!

IMG_9097 IMG_9024 IMG_8678

She’s happy when we are all on the floor together, playing, and someone will hold her up so she can be a big girl too. It’s not time consuming at all. I have NO idea what’s going to happen when the girls are back at school in 2 weeks time. I figure I’ll strap her onto some kind of saddle on Frank’s back? What will work right?


There’s still no sign of teeth which is funny because Harper got her first tooth at 4 months, Daisy at 6 and yet little Miss M? Nada! Doesn’t stop her from working on a cutlet bone like her Father. And yes, I forget a bib every meal. I just forget. And figure that it’s just two items that would need to be soaked anyway right?

IMG_9247 IMG_9060

Thank goodness for the high chair is all I’m saying because she spends a WHOLE lot of time in it. When those cranks set in, she gets whacked in and moved around to wherever we are, mostly when I’m trying to cook dinner and she sits down for a 17 course degustation that can sometimes take up to 2 hours of her time. She’s happy (and messy) and we can get stuff done. Baby jail but with benefits like risoni! And a vista! And Frank at her scrunched up toes.


Mags enjoyed her first Christmas and her first trip to the farm this month…so many firsts for someone so small. It feels so good to know that we’re all here now. All together at last. The best. I was most excited on New Years Day to hear you say a very clear “Mummmmmammmmummmmmma” how good is that?!

IMG_8681 IMG_8752 IMG_8731 IMG_8528 IMG_8578 IMG_8685

We’ve started to introduce a few bottle feeds now and then – the old girls had started to slow down on milk production (especially after I got my period back) and breastfeeding becoming near impossible with distractions (she pulled off every 2.4 seconds). While it’s only 2 in the day usually lunch time and before bed) we’re still feeding through the night (still waking at least twice) and a new trick of waking up in the night (usually around 3am) and remembering ALL OF THE THINGS that I can do. And then wanting to do said things. Blow raspberries, chat etc…so much going on in that little brain…it’s amazing to watch! Preferably after 6am.

IMG_9113 IMG_8967 IMG_9003

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings you…the realisation that your sisters actually aren’t around all the time, hopefully a tooth and some movement, it’s very busy being 8 months old Mags.

IMG_9229 IMG_9200 IMG_8766 IMG_8387

And boy are you a pleasure to have around. What did we ever do without you?


Happy 8 months sweet baby girl x


  1. Terri-Anne Taylor says

    Beth, she is so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing her with all of us!

  2. Oh these pics made me smile. Watching our offspring grow is such a wonder. I love watching how they begin to establish themselves in the world. And my oh my what a cutie little Maggie is. Well done mummy?

  3. Maggie is a bloody beaut! Be careful what you wish for though – my 9 month old started crawling a month ago almost, 1 week later she was pulling herself up to stand on things, now she’s walking, with furniture, and it’s a bloody nightmare!! Thank God for play prisons. I never thought I was kind of mum. Well guess what I am!

  4. she is soo adorable beth! … you have done a lot in that time too hun!
    thankyou for sharing so I can play a g/ma role oohing and arring!
    she will come to things when she is good and ready!
    “comparisons make no sense” … I read somewhere and loved it!
    at least while she isn’t moving, you know where she is!;)
    btw that’s a super photo nikki took!
    much love m:)X

  5. Beautiful! She is just gorgeous…..making me clucky πŸ™‚

  6. She’s just GORGEOUS πŸ™‚

  7. Yay for Mags!

  8. She’s such a little gem !! ..just wondering if you had any trouble introducing the bottle? Did she take it straight away? My little guy 5.5 mths is refusing to take a bottle (expressed milk), little monkey just wants to push it around his mouth and thinks its a game till he cracks it with hunger ! Oh the joys. Such a great age though with all the discovery πŸ™‚

  9. Happy 8 months Miss Maggie!

  10. She is too cute! Super lovely that your girls are so bonded.

    Is the highchair from Ikea? I’ve been eyeing it off but thought it might not be the best due to it’s bargain price but liked the fact you could just hit it with a hose after dinner.

  11. So cute Maggie, Happy 8 months. My little one (Sophie) turned 8 months this week too. I love hearing about your world with Maggie, makes me realise we are all dealing with the same issues. The frustrated noise Sophie makes is like having someone stabbing me in the ear with a chopstick and it’s always when I am trying to get something done. Funnily enough she doesn’t make that noise when other people mind her but as soon as she sees me! My toddler still does the same thing, drives me bonkers. Of course I love them both dearly (always have to say that, he he).
    And you know what, replying to you is on ‘my list’, ‘that list’, the ‘the one thing’. So here I am doing something off my list. Also on my list that I completed this week was getting a key cut, cleaning out Sophie’s old baby clothes and getting all the work stuff off the dining table, fascinating stuff I know.
    And I did have to mention that when I was growing up in Sydney we had a farm in Cayonleigh which I believe is not that far from where you live? I remember that area so well, I loved Bowral and Moss Vale (wasn’t trendy back then). Also the shop at Burrawang where we stood on the stool and picked out the 5c lollies we wanted (is it still there?). Also an awesome pie shop at Mittagong, such fond memories I have to say. And a place called ‘Charlies’ that did awesome old fashion hamburgers and chips but I can’t remember where that was. I’m sure it’s changed a lot.

    Anyway I love reading your blog, especially when breastfeeding Sophie, although she’s so fast at it now I don’t get to read the whole thing before she’s finished. Keep up the great work, it’s so nice to read everyone’s comments too. Sometimes when I have had a bad day or the girls have been difficult it’s so nice to read what everyone else goes through too. And some of your followers are so funny! Wouldn’t it be fun if we all put up a photo of us reading you blog somewhere! I’m not sure how that would work though. x

    • Thanks Heidi! Glad I could cross a one thing off your list! The general store is still here and lollies have recently been added back in too!

  12. What a little character.
    I remember when my son was little. I used to sit him upright in his pram and push him around the house to see whatever I was doing (before he started crawling). As long as he had a good vantage point, he was happy!

  13. She’s suffering from youngest child me-too-itis. I’m the oldest, so people were happy to come talk to me. I learnt to speak a lot longer before I learnt to walk. But the power of frustration is strong, when seeing others around you doing things you want to do (in my case apparently it was older cousins on holiday…)
    Don’t worry, Maggie. You’ll get there.

  14. I have a 4 month old bubba girl- last of 3…. i keep trying so hard to soak in all her precious baby goodness, stress less- play more. Doesn’t matter how hard i try to press pause, she keeps on growing up so quickly. We always say- what would we do without Hollie. The light of all our lives!

  15. Happy 8 months Maggie! The high chair was our best friend when our children were small, especially when trying to cook the dinner. It was a time we fondly referred to as the ‘rat hour’. I would cover the tray in frozen peas and peace would reign…..long enough to cook the meal anyway. My son, who is 20 this year, still puts his hands out when I get the bag of frozen peas out.

  16. What a delightfully gorgeous girl! My baby who is a yr older is obsessed with her big sisters too and is going to be devastated when they start school in two weeks!!! She was an early mover and is desperate to grow up way too fast!!

  17. Miss Maggie is just too bloody cute!!! If I wasn’t at full capacity with kids she’d be making me want more πŸ™‚

  18. Happy 8 months Maggie! She’s so gorgeous … It would be impossible to look at those photos and not smile ?

  19. The photos of your little girl bring so much joy. Happy 8 months Miss Maggie x

  20. So many b’ful pics of Maggie. And what about that gorgeous weaving behind the bedhead. Where is that one from???

  21. Oh my gosh – the blue denim dress photo…… πŸ™‚ I would like to snaffle her, and add her to my tribe of girls please!

  22. Cara only got her first tooth at 11 months, which was annoying cause I was telling myself she was teething from 3 months and couldn’t figure out where they were?

    I was hoping once they arrived she might start sleeping. She didn’t

  23. Mags you have so many 8month sisters following you. Did u join a mothers group this time round Beth? Or anytime round?
    My little mills was born the 20th of May. X
    Will not take a bottle or mushy food ?little people with minds of their own!!

  24. Sylvie Love Plum says

    Seriously, every word here could be about Cressida!! She’s so angry she can’t get up and walk. Maybe she needs a Fitbit.

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