Baby Files #5

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it’s occurred to me this very week that Maggie isn’t going to be a baby forever. Sigh.


I know. It’s deeply troubling. I mean, she was literally just born and now? Well she’s growing. Nay, THRIVING and there’s nothing much I can seem to do to slow it down.


Oh man, it seems that there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it at all. On it goes. I am desperately holding onto every bit of her babyness for as long as a can. Because is there ANYTHING better than a baby? She has brought us all so much happiness. Babies. It’s no wonder they keep being born…why wouldn’t you have a 100 of them?

Oh that’s right, they grow up.


Tell me about it Kate. So annoying.

Speaking of Kate, she’s been out and about this week looking stoic at various Remembrance Day celebrations. The woman next to her is QUEEN MAXIMA OF THE NETHERLANDS who sports a chignon bun like no other.


Kate was caught wondering about what she was going to cook for dinner later that night and why dear GOD do we have to come up withΒ and then COOK dinner for our families every single night? Maxima is all smug because she outsources that to her staff because someone with superior chignons like her shouldn’t have to do common things like that and The Countess of Wessex is all like why does NO ONE GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ME?!


Because Sophie, you’re not me.

My word she can rock some nude hose, our Kate. Not to mention a sensible pump. I still think about her walking down the steps hours after pushing out Charlotte in those nude pumps. HOW DID SHE DO IT?!


Speaking of reminiscing my little sis asked me to find her some photos of Archie to send to her because apparently next month he will be ONE. How does it happen?! Where does the time go?!

PicMonkey Collage

I got all teary looking at these shots, what a year it has been! How lucky we both have been to have healthy, happy babies. And what a special thing it has been to have them so close together. Honestly, just one of the loveliest things I’ve been lucky enough to do on this earth. He is such a gorgeous boy.

He actually came down a few weeks ago for a visit and we had great fun making him wear that Cabbage Patch Doll beanie. Ha!


He even got into a little hair flicking by the end of it.


Mags is fast catching up in size (kind of) although Arch is now well and truly on the move! You think my roots were bad then? You should see them now!


Luce and I have worked out the next head piece that we need to find for them. Someone sent me this picture of some adorable babes that had the very best Halloween costumes I have ever seen!


Also hilarious was this video that someone tagged me in this week. Having a shitty day? Here, watch this:

Laughing Babies! Solving 100% of your problems for at least 30 seconds!

I tell you what IS my problem this week…


Getting my period back for the first time since I have had Maggie. Bluergh. Why so soon?! From memory (because it’s etched into my skull for eternity) I got it when Daisy was exactly 6 months old, which was exactly the same time she cut her first tooth and exactly the day of my 30th birthday where I hosted a big lunch for the family who all came over and I was in the actual worst mood I’ve ever been in, in my life, and that’s saying something. And with Harper I have NO idea, but it just seems to have come around quickly. It’s just as annoying as I remembered it to be.

Unlike this.


Do you know where the pause button for babies is?
I even asked the GP today when she got her six month needles. SIX MONTHS.
Are laughing babies the actual best thing?
Anyone else suffering from PMT too? Or post MT? Or just a general M malaise?


  1. Oh my gosh, photos of her gorgeous little face always make me smile πŸ™‚ My baby is about a month away from turning 13 ! Where on earth did my squishy little baby go & how did it happen so quickly ?!?……..& why did she leave in her place a hormonal, grumpy almost teen ?
    Just don’t even get me started on periods. As I am getting older (47) my body has a fun new game……let’s not have a period for 6 months then let’s have one that involves handing out flotation devices to anyone nearby !! I am seriously unimpressed.
    Enjoy every minute with your gorgeous baby while she is still too little to talk back πŸ˜‰

  2. The time certainly flies by. Our little bundle of joy is 15months! Walking and pointing at everything she wants. 8 teeth and biting. Eating everything and liking most. Your Maggie is just gorgeous. Enjoy.

  3. Oh the memories! How great is it that we can take so many photos to capture all these moments.
    My first just turned 12! What the???? And my baby will be turning 4 next month, Crazy!

  4. There is nothing better than hearing the laugh of a baby. It never gets old. Loving all the photos of Archie, one year old. Fancy that. Mags unfortunately will get bigger, rude isn’t it ! If only we could keep our babes small and delicious. Have a fantastic weekend Beth x

  5. My first born is 9 and I want him to slow down on the growing up. My baby is 3 yet I’m sure she was only born a couple of months ago!!!!! Slow down time! I did luck in with the period thing though. With Seb it was 6 months practically to the day and with Tilly May I was given a 9 month reprieve! I’d get preggers again just to skip those bloody things (see what I did there?!!) but 2 is my lot. Lucky those laughing babies make every perfect! Thanks for sharing. And Mags?!! Slow down gorgeous!!!!

  6. I have to say my periods are the most fucked I can ever remember them being. They are all over the place & the PMS is like nothing I’ve ever seen! Literally for 5 days before they arrive I consume double my weight in sugar. Just give me all the sugar & nbody dies ok?!
    And my doc told me that once you go off the pill for good your body reverts back to the same cycle you had before you were ever in the pill. Which means my body thinks it’s 15 once a month. Faaaaaark!!

  7. PLEASE press pause now! Can’t wait to squeeze Mags (and you) in a couple of weeks. x

  8. time goes a little too quickly for my liking beth!
    archie 1 already? … amazing! … and mags! <3 her!
    it's great that they can grow up together! I hope he doesn't eat her though!
    enjoy every moment! sorry about periods! … awful things!
    joy is now that I don't get them! YAY!
    lol m:)X

  9. AREN’T BABY CHEEKS JUST DELICIOUS!!!! I have spent my morning doing lots of cheek squishes with my main mini man. I am feeling a little sad that I won’t have my own little baby after this guy but also so excited about the adventures our family will have once naps aren’t an issue anymore and everyone can eat real food. Ahhhhh my little guy just started giggling this week πŸ™‚ my heart exploded πŸ™‚ hurray for babies!!

  10. I think I like babies more than adults because I haven’t laughed as much as I did, watching the laughing baby video, in ages! Archie was going to be the name of my last born who is 4 months today – but my elder two insisted on Edward (Eddie/Teddy). Your Archie has a striking similarity to my Teddy – Happy Birthday Archie. & I would’ve loved my children to have cousins close in age. Yours are so fortunate – maybe my grandchildren will.

  11. One of my babies turned 20 this week and I am still marveling about how we got here. But sitting beside his lovely girlfriend (freaky I know!) watching him excitedly open and assemble his birthday present (a Kinchrome tool cabinet because, well, isn’t that what every 20yo man needs??) I could still see shades of my baby/toddler/small boy. They are always your babies.

  12. My third is now 5weeks old and the time is flying!! I can’t even bring myself to put away any of the tiny little newborn outfits, with the sleeves that are way past her wrists now. She’s our last, it’s a precious and bittersweet time..

  13. Oh god yes want to pause all the deliciousness that is my 9 nearly 10 month old Arlo is! The sleep dep is a killer but he is just gorgeousness much like your Mag’s, pause it please. Enjoy every minute x

    • I’ve forgotten what sleep is, but being OK with that has made such a difference to my mental wellbeing x

      • Yes there is a certain acceptance that you are & will be tired good on you, you know it won’t be forever. However there are some days tho the ones when I have 3 at home & I’m just exhausted I just want to cry…

  14. Let me know when you find that pause button!
    My baby is almost ONE!
    And since she is already walking and talking and has a mouth full of teeth…I feel like she really isn’t a baby anymore. Do I have I toddler? Already?

  15. I got my period back at 9 months after Mr Moo and fell pregnant with the Little Dude the very next month. The Little Dude is a serious boob man, so I only just got my period back at 14 months. I think that my body was protecting my sanity πŸ˜‰

  16. One question….
    Are you done?
    D xx

  17. I love pics of the babies in your family
    I wanted to snap off my baby’s little toe and put it on a key chain, weird but I just loved it’s chubbiness

  18. If there’s anything worse than having your period alone it’s having your period with your 14 year old daughter. Once a month we tear each other’s throats out then we’re lovey dovey until it all happens again next month.

    Fun times being in sync……

  19. My “baby” is four! How the hell did that happen?! He keeps asking me of we can get a baby as he just adores them, he gets terribly put out when I tell him he is my baby.

  20. Hahahahhahaha,I laughed so hard at the Halloween costumes. Those babes are having the best time being nanas!! And Archie in the beanie- hairlarious! Hehe.
    I swear I blink and our babe is bigger and wiser. She is 16mths now-gasp! How she communicates with only her eyes is amazing. And the funniest thing, she knows how to spread love everywhere she goes. Every time we go to the store (or anywhere) she finds a new nana or friend to pick her up and looks deeply into their eyes, touches their face. And like magic all their problems disappear. If only it stayed like that forever.
    When you find that pause button, do share.
    Don’t even start me on the period business, I mean I know it has purpose, but really. REALLY. Every. Month. I mean, cmon.

  21. Best. Video. Ever. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love that Halloween costume. I have twins and wish I had seen that idea 5 yes ago!

  23. Jenny McMahon says

    You think unfair getting IT back at 5-6 months – I got it back at 2 months after my 2nd (ie 2wks after the finishing of the post-birth 6wks dailies..). Twas one rude shock after having the best part of a year off after my 1st… But yes, smiley babies the best. If only we could “turn off” monthlies after finishing reproducing – where is THAT switch, I ask. πŸ™‚ Jen

  24. Maggie is adorable!!!

    Time to have another one!!!



  25. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of Maggie spam. The more the merrier. You must get the headpieces for Archie and Maggie – they’d totally dig those wigs! I’m not sure about the pause button but if I find one, I’m definitely going to let you know x

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