The Baby Files #1

I figure that I can no longer call Maggie a newborn right? Now she is 3 months old we are through the Newborn phase I think? Not that you would know with the amount of sleep going on around these parts.

This is where we are at week 13.5 #wokeuplikethis


DEAR SWEET BABY CHEESES MARY IS WEEPING WITH THE LACK OF SLEEP. OK, perhaps a wee bit dramatic, but things have been tough for about the past almost 3 weeks when it comes to the evening. We’re awake every 1-2 hours from about 10.30pm (she’s down from 6.45 till then though so that’s great), a super quick feed (literally 5 mins) and she’s conked out. I know it won’t last forever but we’re both a little like this in the mornings.


Selfie game still strong, just a little grumpy. LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS CRANKY MOUTH. Mags has also had her first cold (thanks to one of her sisters, or perhaps it was both). Snuffling and snorting through the night. We’ll get there, we always do.

Poor Kate has had to deal with pestering papps this week too. She’s been a little like this.


Who can blame her going all Kahleesi over her precious baby dragons, I mean children. I have a new picture in my mind to think of when feeling a little frazzled.


OH NO YOU DIDTN’T. Kate giving zero fucks. With fabulous hair. Hope things die down for you with the kids Kate, I’ve got your back.

I tell you what else IS annoying. These ones:

PicMonkey Collage

Why is it so interwebs? WHY? Last night I was delirious at 1.30am, basically falling asleep while feeding Maggie and then as soon as she was down, and snoring soundly I was BING! Wide awake from 1.45am until 4. FOUR AM. And I do believe she woke approx 15 minutes after I was back in a deep sleep. Huh. I did manage to worry about ALL OF THE PROBLEMS, yours too so don’t you worry about anything today, I’ve got all those worries worried right out. Hello dentist in an hour…eeekkkk!

Thankfully everything else is going swimingly. Maggie is thriving and happy, growing like a weed and making us all so happy each and every day. I still can’t believe we have a baby!

IMG_4070 IMG_4515 IMG_4576

Had a great birthday on the weekend with only one disappointing turn of events. My mother posted this photo on Facebook.


Why yes that is me, in Kindergarten. You know when you make empty threats to your daughters that you WILL cut their hair if they don’t let you brush their hair? Well, my Mum followed through. Nice cut huh?

Now if you will excuse me, I have some more worrying to do before my 11am dentist appointment. Time to let the real sheer panic kick in! Here Beth, look at the pretty flowers. LOOK AT THE FLOWERS.


Anyone else awake all night too?
How do you fill the hours of insomnia?
Tears or online shopping?


  1. I thought those all powerful breast-feeding hormones were supposed to help you sleep. Waaaa!
    Good luck at the dentist. I had some seriously terrible major work done last year. To get through I would close my eyes and picture myself floating in the ocean. Then distract myself by asking what I would hear, what the sea felt like on my skin etc.
    I survived having my front tooth pulled without sedation, all thanks to a little float in the sea. Hope it works for you too. xx

  2. Online shopping all the way haha… I am trying to STOP! I swear! Miss 9wks also has a cold here too that seems 1000% worse at night. I’m feeling your pain Beth! I love reading your blog πŸ™‚


  4. Oh I hear you..sounds like gorgeous maggie is having a growth spurt, she’s growing and looking more gorgeous everyday and you’re friggin exhausted! I have to say though I don’t look as good as you do in the morning so props to you for looking hot in no sleep! I have huge fear of dentist…I take a Valium before a visit..sad but friggin true!!! Deep breaths in the chair and go to your happy place. I dream in in New York! Hugs xx

  5. Haha hilarious! My bubba is 4&1/2months. He is my 3rd and I have 2 older girls also. I have been awake A LOT these past few weeks (well months – actually who am I kidding I have been awake since I was 6months pregnant) and we are pretty much on 2.5 / 3 hourly feeds – around the clock. I know if I start solids he will most definitely sleep through cos he will have a full tummy (yeh right) but who has time for solids???? Anyhoo love the selfies and I feel your tiredness x

  6. Yep. That whole no sleeping thing is why a third child is very unlikely for me. Hats off to you for pushing through! My two boys were chronically awful sleepers – they woke every 1-1.5 hours for months on end, and didn’t necessarily go back to sleep after feeding. I also experienced the insomnia you so accurately illustrated above. The boys were also high-maintenance during the day. I was barely human. My youngest turned three yesterday and I still carry the night-nervousness! I became a professional swearer during that time πŸ˜‰

    Maggie is delightful, and it’s great to read how you’ve all settled in together – I do love reading your updates!

    Best of luck at the dentist this morning! I’m also well-overdue for a visit…

  7. peta venus says

    Awake ALL NIGHT with a intellectually disabled 20 year old son. TWENTY FUCKING YEARS of NO SLEEP here. WHY YES I AM SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am there with you in the tired delirium. Bub is 4 weeks and won’t sleep in the bassinet. Full stop. So he’s in bed with me which gives us sleep two out of three nights. But the third night! He and I will be awake for 2-3 hours. Feeding. Patting. Walking. Until finally I give up and get hubby. At least then we are all sleep deprived together. The joys.

  9. Hand up here. I have a hungry 7 week old. I’m well acquainted with the dark hours and Netflix!

  10. Oh mate – have you tried getting her up and feeding her just before you go to bed to try and cut down on her waking up so much?? My girl was exactly the same and I was WIDE AWAKE for hours every night, worrying SO much that I was WIDE AWAKE!!!! It will end though mate, and she’ll go back to her beaut sleeping patterns, she really will!

    Loving the hair do x

  11. Yep! I’m turning back to a vampire state! Working on the weekends, well Sat, Sun and Mon at the Berrima General Store (wish it was the Burrawang Gen Store) being at home during the week. My man goes to bed at 10.30 when he has to go to Sydney twice a week so I stay up. Yes the second wind kicks in…. drag myself off to bed between 2-3am then bip.. bip… bip… his alarm goes off at 4am – 4.25am he comes in to kiss me goodbye… then 1) go back to sleep or 2) Bing I’m awake again…. that is my current pattern…… and I only have furry kids… they wake me up at 7 if not already awake as they want mum to feed them…

  12. When dealing with the middle of the night ‘can’t get back to sleeps’ I get my book out. Lots of big scary stuff to ponder at the moment so I lie there with my book until my eyes are crossed then try and sneakily turn the light off without waking myself up again. Sometimes it even works!

  13. I have the opposite problem, my 8 week old is a great night sleeper (sleeping through) but do you think she’ll sleep at all during the day? Nope! I have witching hour all day. I can’t get anything done, the house is a bomb and my poor toddler has to watch copious amounts of tv while bub is either asleep in my arms or I’m rocking the bassinet for hours.
    She is cute though!

    • Have you got a wrap, sling or carrier? My little 4 week old will only sleep if being held or in the stretchy wrap or ring sling. I can actually do stuff when he’s in the sling! It is so good for my mental health. Otherwise I think there would be a dent in the couch in the shape of my arse!! And my two year old wouldve trashed the house!

  14. laugh and laugh and laugh..

    Go Beth and thanks for worrying about all my worries for me πŸ™‚

  15. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I hear you on the insomnia problem mine is not caused by beautiful babies it’s caused from extreme neck pain?I’d much rather be feeding a baby thankyou very much…I do remember those days though my baby was born in July it was too cold to feed her anywhere else but bed and usually I was so tired I fell asleep so she would self serve and I would get some sleep.
    I do hope the dentist was ok Beth Xx

  16. That first picture looks like Maggie herself took the selfie.
    The internet generation is real

  17. Oh Mags, you delicious little bundle of squidge. Adore you! x

  18. Lorelle Coates says

    Oh Beth, I love your posts and the baby files are great as I’m right there with you with my little Miss only a couple of days younger than your Mags. Loving all of the pictures, especially Maggie and her sisters.
    You are right you will get there, and what a fabulous job you have been doing so far, Maggie is one content and happy bub.
    Good luck with the dentist, I try to avoid mine for as long as I can and make a yearly checkup only!
    Lorelle πŸ™‚

  19. The light on those tulips – BLISS!

  20. Oh online shopping! I once ordered an InStyler off the 1800 number because at 3am I was convinced I was going to get bouncy hair if I just ordered that weapon! Oh how wrong I was. Love your honesty!

    • i was once watching the infomercials at 3am and totally convinced myself I needed some silly thing they were selling, but luckily I didn’t order, I can really see how people can get sucked in and order stuff they don’t need.

  21. Yep, bad insomnia here. Too, too much swirling in my head at the moment. Lots of big changes, milestones and things to take care ahead. To top it off we’re moving out of our home next home, so surrounded by micing chaos!

    Maggie magpie really is the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in ages. The only bub able to make me clucky!

    I hope you get some shut eye, in some form too. xxx

  22. Haha! I love the way you write Beth! Giggles all the way from me! Maggie is precious! There’s one thing you won’t have to worry about at night…how you WON’T be cutting your girls hair lol!

  23. I remember the night feeding well and so glad Phoebes is sleeping through the night. Hope you can get some sleep soon. Or the insomnia stops. X

  24. Gosh I do hope the dentist went well – and that photo of Maggie looking at the fire, isn’t it the best thing to keep babies amused?? Wishing you sleep x

  25. Oh that photo of you is CLASSIC!!! I proper laughed.
    And the photo of Kate giving zero fucks? That’s me any time someone who is not getting up to babies through the night tries to tell me they had a ” shit sleep last night”
    I too am a worrier at night. I just lay there & stress & worry until I thoroughly piss myself off. It’s ridiculous & I have no solution. Sorry.

  26. That’s quite the peter pan collar πŸ˜‰

  27. I have anxiety related insomnia from a non sleeping baby (15 months and counting… YAY!).

    My tips are no screens in the middle of the night (stay away from the interwebs!!!!) and white noise. I love me a bit of white noise. It gives my anxious brain something to focus on instead of the stress running around my head. I find it works a treat.

    Sleep deprivation is the worst.

  28. Have you considered giving Maggie a boost with formula (or expressed milk) at the 10:30 feed to see if she can get really full and have a big sleep? She might be having a growth spurt and need more? She looks fantastically healthy.

    Take care of yourself.

  29. Oh I hear you! Our baby is a partypie in the night too- no sleeps here at night. She wakes, hubby wakes, I wake, they both go back to sleep and I’m stranded in no sleep land!

  30. Why is it that 1am to 4am is the worry zone ? Every few nights I am wide awake during these hours and I have the most incredible worries, but as soon as the clock starts ticking past 4 or 4.30 the worries begin to dissipate, and I feel like a goose for even thinking some of the thoughts were a worry?? Or is it because I am beginning to think about breakfast instead? Sometimes I have been smart enough to remind myself that it’s 2am and that’s why I am worrying, but most times I just worry!! You are not alone Beth!!

  31. This was so me last night I had exactly 5 nights of 7month old waking hourly so when he sleeps for 5 hours solid what do I do – toss, turn, cough, think about moving house with 3 young children in less than 6 weeks & yep NOT SLEEP! Annoying! Talk about worrying about it all at night, get over it & sleep I tell myself so I tried to get all yogi and concentrate on the breath then I just kept thinking of the episode of OITNB I just watched….humph.

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