The Baby Files #2

You know what’s not helpful when you have a young baby? Comparing said young baby to other babies or thinking about what they “should” be doing. I’m getting to be an old hand at this mothering business, what with Mags being my third and all, so there’s a few things I might know from doing my time in the parenting trenches.

I DO know that kids eventually grow up and grow out of tantrums, and night terrors and scared of sleeping in the dark, needing to have you sleep with them perched at the end of the bed, patting their bottom or left eyebrow 34 times before they will sleep. They grow out of it. They just do. I have a almost 9 year old who now reads, turns off her own light and goes to sleep for 10-12 hours without making a peep. I have an almost 6 year old who goes to bed in her own bed and stays there (mostly) besides a few wakes up in the night to have her doona rearranged just so by me because only I can do it and Madam requires my attention in the brief 2 hour stretches of sleep that I get just so I don’t forget that she’s still here and you know, needs me too.

So when I find myself wondering about what Maggie “should” be doing at this stage of almost 4 months old. When I find myself starting to google such search terms at 3.12am or listening to well meaning friends and family members about what “their” babies did or are doing, I must remember that it REALLY DOESN’T MATTER. Does it? I mean really, does it? Maggie is either growing, or doing what Maggie does or needs to be doing at this point in time and it’s cool. We’re cool. She’s this bothered by the fact that she’s waking every 2 hours in the night and has been for about a month now. Sure, she used to sleep for longer stretches, but right now she’s THIS bothered about it all.


I’m going to stop thinking about routines and books and what Archie was or is doing (THANKS MUM) and just go with the flow. Because next week it’s all going to shite anyway when we turn our days completely on their heads when we get to Italy. So Beth, simmer down petal and go make a cup of coffee.

And at night, when she bathed and freshly powdered and ready for bed, we’ll not worry if tonight will be the night, because? NOT BOVVERED!


My exercise regime is going well.


Was totally meant to have lost a few kilos before we went away so I could be at a better starting weight before I started carb loading with pizza and pasta but hey, baked goods and sleep deprivation got in the way. These early morning sunrises would make it easier to get out there, if I was that was inclined. Which I’m not.

Got a new uniform!


The girls from The Hood (Natasha and Rachel who are sisters) sent me one of their fab tops to wear. They have a range of cool tops which you can check out here. The Hood is passionate about supporting and encouraging women through the sometimes challenging journey of motherHood. For every garment sold, a gold coin will be donated to COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.36.42 pm

And they have one (of your choice) to give away to you guys if you want one! Just leave a comment below telling me why you need one of these cute tops and make sure you follow @thehood_store on Instagram too. You can check out the rest of T&C’s here.


I must say, the mood swings have been on the spectacular side this week. I even thought I MUST be getting my period back given the rate of which I was swinging back and forth. It hasn’t been pretty and even though I can see what a mole I am being when I open my mouth and fluent bitch comes out, I have been unable to stop it. I SWEAR small children do this to the best of us. Sleep deprivation does this to the best of us. I find myself mumbling under my breath “I USED TO BE COOL. I used to be a NICE PERSON.” Until my mid forties, I’m afraid this is me.

I saw this very funny article last week in the New Yorker from a few years ago called The Married Kama Sutra. Some of my personal favourites:

“When the man passes gas in front of the woman, without so much as an apology, it is called “the shifting of the standards.”


And this one:

“When the man lightly kisses the woman’s neck, and the woman tenderly strokes the man’s chest, and the child runs into the room screaming, because he heard a scary noise, or some other bullshit, it is called “the interrupted congress.”


Ah parenthood!

And then there’s moments like these captured in the past 2 weeks by friends and you know exactly why you do it.

280815-241275 BabyMac-69 BabyMac-102

Getting longer stretches of sleep than 2 hours at a time? What’s it like?
What does it feel like to just wake up? Rather than being woken?
Had some interrupted congress lately?
Want one of those cute tops from the ladies at The Hood?

Here’s to NOT BEING BOVVERED! And to pasta! And Pizza!


  1. And chocolate chip ginger biscuits (that I may have just eaten two of!)
    I love that you’re just going with the flow. I think it’s what mummies and babies are meant to do. My mantra the second time around was “You can’t cry with a boob in your mouth”

    Hope tonight is the night Maggie surprises you and sleeps through.
    A x

  2. I would adore one of those tops to remind myself that ‘I Got This’ given my almost two year old (!!) is still sleeping like a freaking newborn baby and waking every 2-3 hours overnight and doing my head in. HE USED TO SLEEP ALL NIGHT. Oh how I didn’t properly appreciate those precious 11-12 hours overnight. What I wouldn’t give….. He better be back on track before his little sister arrives in February. Sheesh.

  3. There’s that saying doing the rounds on Facey: “Don’t worry about what I’m doing. Worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing.” Third children bring the ‘comparison is bullshit’ truthbomb with them: and it is, in parenting and everywhere else in life. Lack of sleep is the total pits, but good on you for having the insight to see the bigger picture, and that it’ll all shift and change, shift and change. When I took my then 5 month old daughter to the Italian in law’s house they weened her on to minestrone and she loved it! And slept better! And I’d adore that On Duty t-shirt – ideal bus stop attire!

  4. My favourite mantra when I have a newborn is this: If it’s going well enjoy it. It won’t last. If it’s going to shit. Don’t worry. It won’t last either.

    The Hood! The hot mama model is my mate Fee who’s son is bestie with my son. She’s a secondary school English teacher moonlighting as a model for The Hood. Love that she’s popped up here.

    Weight loss? Are you crazy? My youngest has just turned three and I’m starting to really seriously think about it. Note the word ‘think’. Enjoy Italy and eat your body weight in all the good carbs.

  5. How cool are those t-shirts..(oh, and always love a pic of smiling Maggie!)… I just had to have one so have ordered on line already! thanks for the heads up!.

  6. Beth I am right there with you in the sleep deprived trenches of motherhood. My little man doesn’t sleep in his bassinet and at night will wake every 2 hours IF ITS A GOOD NIGHT. This leads to blank staring, no patience and a house that looks like vomit. I’d love a t shirt by the way as I’m running out of clean clothes and apparently laundry doesn’t wash itself.

    • Omg I hear you! My nearly 2 week old is so peaceful during the day (everyone thinks he’s absolutely gorgeous) but come night time he’s a different story! Lucky he is adorable and I’m sure he’ll outgrow this stage. The jury is still out on whether I’d ever want to go through this again though (maybe last night was our worst night yet and I should really start the habit of sleep when baby sleeps).

      Hats off to you Beth! You’re doing amazing with 3 children and I love your attitude. Every child is different, why do people feel the need to compare baby milestones!

  7. Oh Beth. I feels ya. I really do. My first has started sleeping through more than half the nights a week about a month ago. She turned 2 in late July and there were some days when we were just like – WTF?! Why was this a good idea? But she is a star the rest of the time. Like you said – they grow out of it. I’m expecting number two in November, another bonny girl. Between a too-clever two year old (I applied fake tan last night in preparation for some beach time this weekend, miss came into the bathroom, looked at me quizzically and called her father in by saying, “Da-ad, mummy orange.” I mean, what the?), being heavily pregnant, working four long days a week and doing all the things, a reminder that “I’ve got this” would be timely and awesome and generous! And don’t forget that you’ve got this too! And Italy – yay!

  8. These tops are brilliant sometimes we all need reminding that we have got this! Love love loved this post it is so easy to get caught up on what everyone else’s bub or doing or how your bub slept well to begin with. I remember the up every two hours at around 3-4 months Beth 🙁 hang in there!

  9. By the time I go to my 3rd baby, I was not bovvered either. Wish I could have been that way with the first two, but it takes two to learn what is important doesn’t it. Love those photos of you. Documentary photography is the way to go!

  10. You are doing a fucking stellar job Bev. x

  11. Everything was going marvellously well a few months ago when my 4 y/o & 2y/o were sleeping happily all night long and my then 6 month old was only waking once for a feed. My now 9 month old who “should” be eating more solids (or at least SOME solids!) only wants the boob and wants it 3-4 times a night! Everyone keeps telling me what I need to do to get him to eat but I know from experience that yes, they grow out of it and he won’t be attached to me forever, so as much as the sleep deprivation is killing me, I know he’ll be my last booby baby so I’m trying to just go with it.
    Wow what a ramble! Maggie’s just gorgeous by the way. And don’t you just love Bonds zippy wondersuits!

  12. Don’t worry about being a bitch. Had a set to with my 13 year old yesterday (husband wasn’t helping either) and slammed the door, not once but twice. Who’s the teenager?!

    Can’t believe you are off to Italy in 2 weeks. Bring on the Instagram photos of gelati, pizza and pasta! Xx

  13. Sleep is for the weak. Well, that’s the current mantra in our house. Both my girls slept, at the same time, for four hours one night last week. Then the feeking dog came in and threw up. Seriously.
    I’m good at telling my girlfriends they’ve got it, but maybe need to remind myself every so often.

  14. I don’t want to unnerve you but I could totally get in the car right now and drive to your house and steal Maggie. OMG she is just the cutest cutest thing!!! And it’s not just me, my Henry (9) wants to bring her home as well. I spent the night in hospital last night after having a rather pesky cancerous lump removed and a few stray lymph nodes. Being there brought back all the baby memories of hospital visits and celebrations etc and just when I started to get a bit of baby nostalgia the nurse broke the news that she’d be waking me up every 3 hours to “check my obs” (not my “abs” which was originally disconcerting). This morning after my 2 to 3 hourly wake-ups I remembered what it feels like to have a baby. Tiring. BUT omg so so cute. xxxx

  15. Thankyou!

    My mother-in-law tried to tell me that my baby ‘should’ be sleeping at least 5 hours at a time overnight. Given that I am his sole source of nutrition and cuddles in the night time, I presume she was implying that it was all my fault. It took all my willpower to prevent an expletive-laden outburst.

    Also not helped when her other grandson is some 6 days younger and ‘such a perfect baby’. I’ll keep my imperfect baby and think of you as I am woken 2-hourly overnight also.

    Thankyou for keeping it real.

  16. I didn’t get a full nights sleep with my second one for 18months. With my first was 5 years! I’m still trying to refill my “sleep bank” 12 years into this gig called motherhood. Oh yes, those babies that sleep, eat, and have a routine…. I know that other people have the best intention passing on their grand stories of induced slumber. But i hear you Beth. I hear you. You’re doing fab, just go with the flow. oxoox

  17. Oh, sleep! What a lottery that is! I’ve commented before what awful sleepers my lads were as babies. At 5 and 3, they’re much better now, but I can still count on one hand (with fingers to spare) the number of times I’ve slept through the night this year. And as for waking of my own accord in the morning? I long for that magical day! Hasn’t happened for over five years, and is a particularly sore point with me presently – my 3 year old has been waking up before 5 am consistently lately, and one is not amused. Swearing has been abundant. May the force be with you, and may that magical night happened sooner rather than later!

    Also, I was so taken with The Hood gear have just gone and ordered the On Duty tee and jumper! Oh yeah.

  18. Oh I’d love one of those shirts.. the “You’ve got this” one. No more babies here but a baffling, on the brink of adolescence, 11 year old and a 9 year old trialing ADHD meds. It’s all fun at my place:)

  19. I would give this shirt to my Mum, she is an amazing woman married to my Dad who happens to work at sea for over half the year. Whilst he is away she single handedly runs a sheep farm on 1000 acres. Mum is a strong, independant woman who inspires me to be the best I am, she is perpetually on duty and I would like to remind her “You Got This”.

  20. Yep so hard to run our own race some days! I’m always tripping up watching the next lane ( mum) when I should be looking at my own lane ( my life my kids) – duh! Sometimes I just have an incurable case of the dumbs but it’s ok I do learn eventually;)

    Would love to get with The HOOD: so I could send a message to all the mums that spot me on my outings: you got this:)

  21. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Wise words Beth you have got this and all babies are different Xx

  22. Baby bliss hey! I can totally relate. My baby just turned one and Ive just stopped feeding. Finally, he is sleeping longer than 4hrs at a time. I am coming out of the unbovvered cloud though and things are looking on the up. Just doing stuff and on my own without baby crying for me and my boob after 20 minutes of not being there. I am struggling to control my fluent bitch as you call it. It certainly is not a good look and I too am trying to be better, especially with the 4 and 3 yr old, repeating ‘FN Hell’ after they muck something up. Whoops!! Your baby is just gorgeous. Lucky you heading OS. Smash those pizzas and what ever tasty Italian morsels come your way. x

  23. The kid comparison doesn’t stop. It continues through primary, high school and even uni! The difference is that you know it already, whereas sadly some don’t. Your little crew will thank you for that one day.

  24. It’s funny we’re all different people as adults, yet we expect babies to all be the same. I’m so guilty of this! Even still now, even when I know better. The old “That kid’s doing XYZ, why isn’t mine?” creeps in now and again. You’re doing a sterling job!
    Maggie is so delicious! And here’s to Italy! You lucky duck! Enjoy. xx

  25. I just read this post and saw the “You got this” t-shirt and teared up. I’m 45 mother of 3, newly diagnosed with breast cancer and going in for a second round of surgery in three weeks time for a mastectomy, followed by ALL of the things. As a Mum I’ve got no option but to ‘have’ this, but a shirt proclaiming it to the World would be bloody awesome (so much so that I’ll probably buy one anyway!). Hoping postage to NZ wouldn’t be an issue…

    Loving the gorgeous smiles your Mags has, my sister is currently visiting with her Ella who is also 4mths old and super smiley – lights up the room 🙂

    • Carolyn you HAVE got this! Good luck with everything ahead – I will be thinking of you. Also, congrats! You have been chosen as one of the winners of the tops from the ladies at The Hood. Can you shoot me an email ([email protected]) with your full name & contacts details so I can send it on to you? Thanks so much and congrats again x

  26. Oh I lay in fear of the interrupted congress! The Little Mister has suddenly decided he can randomly climb out of bed and enter our bedroom (or worse stand in the doorway silently like a creeper). We got away with him staying in his room for almost 4 years…it seems those days are over for now! Eep!

    The worst thing I ever did was worry too much about what other people’s babies were doing. And worry too much about my friends worrying about it (because it’s contagious)! If I get my next time around, I will definitely try a lot harder to just go with the flow!

  27. I keep saying to myself that I will reply to you and I never do and that’s because I have BABY BRAIN, it’s an actual condition not something made up by women. Anyway my little one is nearly 4 months to so I am enjoying your blogs immensely as I sit there reading them in the middle of the night trying to stay awake whilst breast feeding. And you know what even though this is my second bubba I STILL sometimes doubt myself and her, why why why? With my first I worried too much but I have to say this time around I’m not worrying so much but sometimes the doubt creeps in – should I feed her again when it’s only been 2 hours! Should I put her to bed earlier? Should I let her sleep on my chest? And most of the time I just say ‘stuff it, I’m doing what feels right’. And when I just do what feels right everything is fine. She just had a 20 minute sleep on my chest and it felt soooo nice and I thought ‘this is really good for both of us’, it’s nice just to slow down sometimes and take in the new bubba wonderland. And the other point I need to make is sometimes you have the BEST day EVER like I did yesterday where she fed every 3 and a half hours during the day and went to bed easily at 7pm and slept until midnight and then 5am BUT that can’t last more than a day, noooooooo. So today she’s feeding every 2 and half hours and is extremely clingy but hey that’s ok. I love it when people tell me not to let her get ‘used to’ things like sleeping in the rocker or only going to sleep when I jiggle her because that’s bad right? WRONG, she’s 3 months old, she’s a BABY PEOPLES! And I doubt I will be jiggling her to sleep this time next year and she won’t even fit in the rocker so she won’t be sleeping in that! Wow I can’t believe I wrote this much without having to jiggle her – Sophie – she has a name. Although I just remembered I haven’t sent in her birth certificate application, whoops, baby brain strikes again, can you get fined for not sending it in? Does she even exist without it? Keep up the great work Beth, I love your style. P.S. Normally I include paragraphs but I didn’t have enough time to press the enter key.

  28. I’m getting 3 hours between feeds at night right now but another toddler needing attention in between and this morning I got up at 5.20am for the day because, whindy baby. I am like a volcano erupting at my older children. I often have thought having a third baby has turned me into the worst, bitchy mum 🙁 so not happy with my performance right now. Italy. That could fix a thing or two but.

  29. I need that On Duty shirt…. For the 2am-4am PARTAY that little miss 9 months decides to have on a regular basis… My new lifelong quest is to have a night of uninterrupted sleep… But hey ho she’s so cute so it’s lucky for her.

    Hang in there Beth… But if you get a full nights sleep before I do I’ll be round so you can gloat!! Lol.

  30. i love the ON DUTY long sleeve number.

    I have been doing this mothering gig for 11 years now. 11 years of being ON DUTY and I really struggle to actually switch off! I swear the mothering thing gets more complex the older they get. Less physical, more mental (aka mind games) …. There is a lot to be said for trusting those mother duck instincts. Roll with them.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. Are we living in the same house, Beth? I too, am getting up to a five year old once/twice…last night it was three times because the doona isn’t right and her blanket “doesn’t have the right ingredients”. I too, am eating baked goods like they are going out of fashion. Last week I ate a vanilla slice, monkey face and custard tart in one day. I too, have mood swings and am a complete bitch for no reason. My skin has broken out in the most terrible acne (I wonder if it’s the baked goods consumed?) Unfortunately I am not on my way to Italy next week, but a lovely top with a cool saying would make up for that.

  32. “Comparison is the thief of joy” I’m joining the not bovvered club. My little one is 3 months old and seriously I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. As you said, next week it will be something completely different so why worry about it?
    Enjoy your beautiful girl, and know we are all in the trenches with you 😉

  33. Thank you for being so honest about motherhood. I’m new at being a mum and can so relate to feeling tired and a bit of a mess. Everyone telling you this and that about babies….
    I feel like I’m on duty all the time with my 7 week old. Her sleeping pattern has changed almost daily. At the moment I feel like I am on a roller coaster. Typing this comment with one hand, the other trying to cuddle and hold my little one. I keep trying to tell myself you got this…
    Love the photos of Maggie. So cute. Am a big fan of the wonder suits.
    I know Beth you are an inspiration. I’m always looking forward to reading your blog. Thank you.
    Have a fantastic time in Italy.. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

  34. She is SUCH a cutie!
    Lyddie used to be a good sleeper…she tricked me! I thought I was onto a winner but no dice!
    The first year is so massive…and even if they are good sleepers between growing and teeth and starting solid foods and everything else, there are sure to be more than a few nights that they need extra nourishment and comfort.
    Better to just enjoy them!

    And I would love one of those tops because none of my shirts fit over my breastfeeding rack (or breastfeeding/must eat all the cake tummy)!

  35. you know what – you’re right – it’s all a stage and it does pass! Mine are now 20 & 21 and I think of all that time worrying if they were in the right team or if they’d done enough homework ect. Now I’m kept awake worrying about parties and driving ! But they are people I like and they seem to be ok with spending time with me so it’s all good! I’d like the top for my litte sister who has 4 under 8 ? busy times for her ! Xox

  36. You have totally nailed this parenting thing Beth…how are Will and Kate travelling I wonder! x

  37. I just completed your survey and forgot to put in it that one of the reasons I like your blog is because I like reading about your mood swings and what comes out of your mouth !
    I feel so guilty about my mood swings that it makes me feel better to hear of yours!!
    So thanks heaps!! LOL.
    Lucky you going to Italy *sigh*
    But to be honest, the thought of getting on a plane with my 5yo obliterates any jealousy.
    He would probably block the toilets by shoving his shoes down them and find a way to open a door mid air *shudder*.
    Truly you are blessed, your girls are angels!!

  38. Okay so, I’m a mum of three and completely on the same page as you! I too have given up on wishing life forward and questions that hinder any amount of enjoyment we get from our kids. Number 3 is a shocker in plenty of ways but since we decided to roll with it and block out other people’s expectations life has flowed and become fun again. You speak truths many are affraid to confront and i like it a lot!

  39. As adults we don’t sit around comparing with our friends “I was walking at 11months” “well I was talking in sentences at 12 months”. It really isn’t that important when we look at the big picture. If a little one is seriously lagging behind & a parent is concerned then chat to someone about it but otherwise just let them go for it, they will get there in their own time. No, I don’t think I am some sort of parenting guru 🙂 just a fostermum that has had enough little ones over the last 20 years to have seen how different they all are. What I can say for sure, with my vast experience, is that Maggie is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  40. Sleeping through the night is not a milestone in my books! As nice as it would be my kids are total FOMO (fear of missing out) number 1 didn’t sleep through until I night weaned him at 20months and even then I still have to be next to him so that when he wakes to put a hand on him etc blah bah whatever’s.. Did tresillian twice. Made myself feel like an epic failure for first year of his life. Number 2 is still boobsleeping at 19months and I’m so ready to wean but will involve so much protest…

    Anyway milestones are overrated!
    Now that funky sweatshirt you are wearing!! Can I ask for one for my sister? She is the most amazing mum I know (other than our mum) she is mum of 4. The youngest is 14weeks. She has managed to sell their house and move to their dream location in the last month. Her second youngest has significant “milestone” delays. No diagnosis but he has PT, OT and speech therapy and lots of ear infections, ENT visits etc. She is also amazing at what she does for women in her work. She is now living in a cold south coast rental with a leaking roof and could really use a sweatshirt to encourage her and keep her warm until summer comes at last right!!! Anyways! Enjoy Italy! I’m about to fly solo with a 19 month old and 3.9yr old across the world…. eeeeek but in my experience turning kids on their head means they sometimes get so exhausted they sleep longer than usual so fingers crossed for you! Have a fab time!!!!!

    • Sarah! Congrats! You have been chosen as one of the winners of the tops from the ladies at The Hood. Can you shoot me an email ([email protected]) with your full name & contacts details so I can send it on to you? Thanks so much and congrats again x

  41. Oh Beth. I WISH I could say I was getting more sleep but between the two toddlers there ain’t much sleep around here either. Each night one, or both, end up in our bed because it all just gets too much for this mama. Two & half years & counting….will tonight be the night? Not a fucking chance!!!
    And as for the comparing? You’d think after four kids I’d be mellow about this sort of shit but I actually think I’m worse this time around! I want to punch misled in the neck for being such an idiot about it all but it’s hard. It’s really, really hard.
    Is there a cute top that says ” just give me cake!” I need one like that 🙂

  42. Hello Beth, I am a midwife and a mother of 3, and simply love your laid back attitude to feeding and babies and all things family. Please please please tell me you are having
    a sleep during the day, most days ? A lie down after lunch, if you can, is a beautiful habit to
    learn, it really does help x

  43. This post made me laugh because just yesterday I was worrying about the fact that my 2nd, who is 3 weeks younger than Maggie, wasn’t chatting much yet whereas your clip of Maggie at her age showed her chat chatting away. So here’s me comparing my little lady to Maggie and then you’re comparing Maggie to other babies. Sigh. Why do we do it to ourselves?! I’m not getting much sleep either, some nights she feeds so much I’m sure I’m going to wake up a dried out husk! Onwards and upwards I say.

  44. Dear Beth, You are an awesome mum. Trouble with today’s mums is there is too much info out there. You have been doing sooooooo much since Maggie’s birth and keeping up with all you do, with little sleep that’s long enough to refresh is a challenge. Topping that off with the planning that goes into a very different OS trip this time round thanks to little Miss M, no wonder you haz the tireds and the cranks. Someone needs to invent a way for mamas who are up feeding to often to have a power nap that refreshes instantly. Taking care of everyone before yourself is always tricky. Love D xx PS Grandma is ‘naughty’ telling you about Archie…Different kids.. x

  45. Ha those tops! I have just left the doctors surgery after waiting all morning for my daughters appointment, I was told an hour and half earlier that ‘you are the next one’s in’ aha *eye roll, an hour and 15min later I muster whatever polite cell’s I have left in this motherhood torn body to kindly ask the front desk staff if our doctor was even in the surgery!!! My ‘energetic’ two year old was easily enough distracted for the first say three minutes before she laid under each chair and relentlessly kicked each one out of place until she was satisfied that they had been rearranged to her liking, that lasted a whole 10min until her attention diverted to my headscarf that she deemed would make an awesome elsa care, so for the next 5min she tried in vain to rip from my head….the stares oh the stares of all the perfect co patients, I thought ‘I got this’ for about 10sec before I decided Fuck it I definitely ‘don’t got this’
    I need a shirt to fool myself that ‘I’ve got this’ or at least to try and fool my ‘energetic’ two year old

  46. You are doing the best you can, we are all doing the best we can! Yeah, sometimes it feels like it is no where near good enough and makes us question our abilities as mums but you know what? It doesn’t matter that we aren’t perfect (perfection does not exist, I don’t care what anyone says, what a crock of shit!), our kids love us no matter what. Sometimes being a mum is extremely hard work, and sometimes it is just shit! And other times it is the most amazing thing you could ever experience in the whole world. I have three boys, THREE!!! ALL BOYS!!!! I get so many negative comments about having all boys, oh what a handful, what a shame, blah, blah, blah! I love them and wouldn’t swap them for anything. I am pretty sure I will never win mother of the year but we are working it out as we go and we will get there! And you know what, SO WILL YOU!!! PROMISE!!! Oh, and one of those tops would be super! Take care of you, and breath x

  47. I’m living in a different stage of ‘the hood’ to yours Beth. No less exhausting or stressful than having a new born. Just a different strength of grey hair disguiser. My baby is 18 in less than a month and doing her HSC. The worry of an empty nest, the choice of uni 12 hours drive in a different state away, the need to pay off all the bills. Le sigh. Every stage of ‘the hood’ has been brilliant though terrifying, glorious yet daunting. This ‘hood’ is all things and everything to me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep celebrating yours. I will.

  48. Beth any and all of those shirts are completely awesome! I’m a mum to a just 9 year old and a just 3 year old. Said 3 year old will not settle for anyone else in the family – it has to be me. Mama has to dry my hair, Mama has to brush my teeth, Mama has to put to PJs on, Mama Mama Maaaaamaaaaaaa!!! At 3 am just because she woke up. Jeez I love her but phew there is a Dada here too you know! I reckon I could proudly wear either ‘on duty’ or ‘you got this’ because I am, and I have, all the time xx

  49. Oh the horror, Beth! I’ve had a 2-3 hr sleeper until almost 11months plus a 4yr old bed creeper & 11yr old night terror-er. Now, bub sleeps 7-3:30am, feeds and goes back to sleep til 7. You’d think it was bliss, right? Wrong! Now that i am so sleep deprived, when i wake at 3:30 my body screams YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH SLEEP, TIME TO THINK ABOUT ALL.OF.THE.THINGS! And i am wiiiiiiide awake. So now I’m even more tired. I need a ‘you’ve got this’ shirt to go along with my supersized coffee and toothpicks to stay awake.

  50. I’m there with you and thank god you are there. I’m not breastfeeding at 5 months so wine is my friend, no weight loss here either. But like our 2 babies before we will get there and we can sleep when they’ve left home. I love not giving a sh$t with my third in regard to what he should and shouldn’t be doing, but knowing each day is closer to it getting better. And I’d love a t shirt because I’m never not on duty.

  51. Go Beth. I love your pure perspective on $hit. Yes, it will pass. They will not be sleeping and breastfeeding every “whenever the hell I want” at the all night milk bar (as we used to call it with my 4 babies)!! I would love the “on duty” t shirt. I need it to remind me that I am occasionally.
    Last week I accidentally left my 12 year old locked inside the car at her own basketball game. Only realised she wasn’t there when the coach asked her whereabouts! I did have 6 kids with me that day. 5 out of 6 ain’t bad.
    Hang in there Beth, you’re amazing mama!!

  52. Love your blog. Needed one of those ‘you got this’ tops at 4am this morning when it became clear that I didnt….But I totally needed to believe that I did!

    Hope the 2 hours stretches to a 2.5 at least! We have just broken the 2 hour sound barrier at 9 weeks. Here’s to minute increments!! 🙂

  53. Hmmm, my first little man was organic baby. Nothing non-organic touched the child’s lips until he was nearly three. Baby number 4 at 17months knows the word lol-lol and he doesn’t mean laugh out loud ?. Oh how the mighty have fallen! You are so right, don’t worry about the small stuff and make another cup of coffee. Enjoy the great parts and remember that the ordinary parts (like no sleep ?) shall pass. Far out, Beth, two kidlets and and three month old Bub and heading overseas next week? You’re killing it! Have a fantastic time and lots of pics please, so we can holiday vicariously through you ?. Now, no more stalling for me, lunch boxes await! xxx

  54. And in just over a few paragraphs you made me feel normal again. I am such a sucker for google, the wonder weeks app and baby sleep books. You’ve inspired me to put them away and just go with it.

    Love your blog, your honesty & your photography.
    Please don’t ever stop blogging!

  55. Beth, I would love one of these tops, the long sleeve “on duty” is gorgeous – and if they don’t come in a size big enough for my ample bosom and guts, I would love to pass one on to my sister, who is having her first baby in November. She’s got this!!

  56. Katie clews says

    I’m always ON DUTY to an 8 and 6 year old do could really do with one of these – truly !!!!!

  57. I need a ‘you got this’ tshirt. I think mostly that I do, but then occasionally I think nooooooo, no I don’t got this AT ALL!! So this T would help me big style please xxx

  58. That On Duty t-shirt is frickin’ awesome. Three kids 10, 7, and 4 with their plethora of activities and social events, 1-year old puppy, husband who works long hours in the city while I run my own business from home that is amazingly (tiringly) busy… man On Duty is what I feel 24×7.

  59. I love these tops, although my two oldest daughters are adults now (18 & 20) they just got back from a month in Europe and it reminds me that this parenting gig is never going to end!! I thought getting them to adulthood would do it but I worry as much now as I did when they were babies. At least they can wipe their own bums now!!!

  60. Eva Lavelle says

    Changing it up a bit for the top comp! Even though I would love one, who I’d love to win one for its my amazing 10 year old daughter who is having seriously crappy friend issues at school (10 year old girls are shiiiiiiit heads and horrid ….. please good tell me it gets better as they get older ?)!
    Anyway ….. her motto of a morning is “I’ve got this” (or me telling her “you’ve got this babe”) so this top would totally blow her mind!

  61. Nicole Roberts says

    Gosh Maggie makes my ovary (only have one left) ache!! I am 1 week away from running the first school fete at my son’s (and previously daughter’s) primary school in over 30 years! I am head of the committee and went in blindly having no idea how much work was involved. And whilst I have a great committee we are struggling with volunteers for the day and the prep work! So I really need a shirt to help inspire and get through the next 7 days! And to wear in the day!!!

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    And i’m glad studying your article. However should remark on few
    basic issues, The website style is perfect, the articles is actually nice :
    D. Just right activity, cheers

  63. Not to seem unsympathetic but I had twins so double the problems!!! Not only that but I have 2 sets of twins – all boys – needless to say no intention of trying for a daughter LOL!!! My survival advice take each day one STEP at a time 🙂

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