Last night, that friend, those girls & THOSE SHOES

When I packed for Brisbane I literally bought carry on luggage – a few t shirts and shorts and a pair of jeans because I knew I was coming to NIKKI’S. She has quite the wardrobe…shoes especially and for a girl like me who doesn’t take fashion and shoes all that seriously it’s like Christmas day! SHOES!


When Mags was having a nap yesterday I had a good play trying on that one, and those ones and OH THOSE ONES. Ones that haven’t even been released yet! Fancy like.

I had a busy day working yesterday – a couple of deadlines and Nikki cracking the whip meant that I got more done in one day than I have since Maggie was born. I need to fly up here more often to hot desk on Nikki’s dining table. It’s a funny business this blogging one you spend most of the time coming up with ideas and contents by yourself so to be able to sit across the table from someone who gets it, who pushes you, well it’s the very best.

Nikki has been so kind to me these past few days…playing hostess, babysitter, cook, mentor and stylist…I’m very lucky to be able to call her a friend and have her gorgeous family be part of mine. Thank goodness for the internet I say!

So we trotted off to the event last night hosted by Those Two Girls – a  fabulous panel discussion that was lots of fun in a room filled with smart, funny, interesting women who laughed at all my jokes which is a bonus!


I whacked up an #everydaystyle shot on Instagram which I most certainly do NOT do all that often and you know what people were asking about most of all? These bad boys:


Just the hottest shoes I think I have EVER worn. I mean LOOK AT THEM.


They are Nikki’s and they are from Zoe Kratzman and you can find them here. They are expensive! No wonder they felt so fab. Honestly, comfy AND sexy. I wonder if Nikki will notice them gone when I leave in 10 mins?

I’ve had such a lovely trip up here. Warmth! And Jacaranda’s! And cute boys who look after cute babies. And shoes! And all you lovely people who came along last night and who came up and said hi and waved and told me thank you. Me! I need to thank you guys. For coming on here and reading and having a laugh and supporting me and most of all GETTING ME. I had lots of people say they felt like they know me, which is weird, cause they don’t. But you do. What you see here is what you get in the real world and having a chance to meet some of you in the flesh was the very best. I hope I can do it more next year.

Just don’t expect me to have hot shoes like this all the time OK?

Did you come along and have fun?
Need an occasion to get some hot shoes like this?


  1. Those shoes!!!!! When I saw your Insta post they were the first thing I noticed…and kept going back to!!!

  2. Those shoes are AMAZING! I think that working around other bloggers is certainly motivating. I love just having a cuppa with my friend Angie {who writes at GnomeAngel} as when I get back to my desk I always have so much inspiration.

  3. It took a lot of restraint not to stick around and coo over Maggie last night. What a little star she was. Nikki did well and she looked stunning! Now all you need is a few messages to Gerri and you’ll be besties before you know it. After all, there were some pretty influential ladies in the house – anything is possible!

  4. You know – they are expensive – but I think I need to have them…..

    Hope the panel was fun 🙂

    You looked the goods.

  5. It’s like bondage met Roman sandals. And I like it.

  6. You are fabulous Beth xx

  7. Of course, I toooottally know you. Snort. It’s quite strange, but awesome, isn’t it? I had someone on Insta comment that they were on the same flight to Hobart on the weekend! And then having pizza in Salamanca I got up to leave and the girl sitting *just there* piped up and said she was the one on the plane! And had been reading my blog for years and years! So fab. I love it, husband thinks I’m quite the weirdo, but goodness wouldn’t you rather people say hi then awkwardly look at you from a distance? I’ve also had people recognise ELEANOR not me in the supermarket trolley – ha! More selfies, less baby perhaps? I’d love to sit down with some of my blogging buddies for a hot housing DAY – oh the things I’m sure I’d get done! Enjoy Maggie while she’s immobile, I used to blog blog blog, create content etc. while she was happy on the floor…now she wants to ‘type’ too and I am very much restricted to her nap time to get anything done! Lucky Mags and Nor are cutie patooties.

  8. oh yes! all good beth!
    especially love those shoes!
    when nikki had them on, I thought they were fabric!
    enjoy your trip home! love m:)X

  9. It was a lot of fun Beth! I didn’t actually think I’d get to say hello, so I was really glad to catch you downstairs when Maggie was having a feed. I was a little star struck I think! It was quite the big deal for this suburban housewife. Ha!

  10. Surely those heels could be some kind of belated push present from your bloggy BFF…?! 😉

  11. Last night was so funny, I think my cheeks are still hurting! And yes, your jokes were very funny, but your honesty was even better! Well done on a great job last night! Hope the shoes made it into your hand luggage!

  12. The shoes are the bomb dot com! Glad you girls had a fun time too! x

  13. Shoes are stunning and killer at the same time. How nice of Nikki! The blogging world is so awesome 🙂

  14. um look at that JACKET! from where can i procure such a magical item

  15. Those. Shoes. Sheesh. I keep getting suckered into heels, believing that maybe these are the pair I can walk in. But having been mostly barefoot since 2008, I can not fucking walk in heels. I’m trying to ignore these magnificent ZK. #gah And I so know you. I do love this online world we live in, I couldn’t tell you what is going on in the real world, by my world is fuck off awesome!

  16. So should have stolen them. Think of the vignettes!

  17. F came home from swimming today and so wanted Maggie to be here to play with. Loved having you here and you’re welcome to steal/borrow my wardrobe any time x

  18. It was just like your blog but real life! So awesome to hear you speak Beth and the chemistry on the lounge was perfect. It felt like you all knew each other so well and the laughs, oh the laughs! I’ll never eat nutigrain without having a giggle again!!!

  19. Rebecca Simunic says

    I have purchased 2 pair of zoe kratzmann in the last month!!! Yikes

  20. Ploise ploise come to Melbs one day for some fab event. I have shoes shoes shoes! A spare room, a cute husband who can cook and babysit. Mmm what else can we tempt you with? Very good coffee. Now we just need to invent an event so you have a recent to fly south!

  21. I mean reason to fly south.

  22. Love those shoes. 🙂

    And I’m not even much of a shoe person.

  23. I LOVED seeing you in the flesh last night, though didn’t get chance to say hello. Which is unfortunate as, as a fellow Spice Girl fan and sequin lover, we could have quite the Spice Girl singalong ;-D
    The event was fab and you were fantastic! 😀

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