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I’ve been using AirBnB for booking accommodation overseas for the past 3 years. I used it with Mrs Woog in NY and ever since we found it the perfect way to stay in some pretty amazing places at seriously affordable rates. Hotels are expensive – especially when families are involved. And they are small. Being in an apartment makes it feel like home: you can cook, go shopping, have snacks for hungry kids and wash. Same tantrums over showers and hair brushing, just in a different kind of home.

I’ve heard of a few horror stories of accommodation being cancelled, or things not turning out when they arrived and yesterday afternoon when we had spent a few hours travelling from Rome, arriving in Florence in the middle of a stinking hot afternoon and our host wasn’t there to meet us I started to panic a bit. No answers on phones and crying babies, my heart was sinking. And then, like an angel vision across Piazza Signoria, Donatella arrived in a panic saying she got her times wrong! But she was here! I didn’t care one bit, we were in.

And it kind of made up for anything when we came inside. I mean have you EVER?

IMG_1564 IMG_1566 IMG_1572

We were pinching ourselves. I have never seen a view quite like! Right out our window! And for travel with kids when they want to spend a lot of time back home (and you can get frustrated knowing everything that’s out there while you’re watching Italian TV) Rob and I can sit and people look and not feel like we’re missing out on anything.


Our balcony is up there above that sign (see the little one?)


We went for an afternoon wander and drink before heading to the supermarket for some bits and pieces for dinner (bread, cheese, proscuitto, pesto) and then sitting out on that verandah while there little ladies caught up on sleep inside.

IMG_1576 IMG_1579 IMG_1581 IMG_1583 IMG_1585 IMG_1586 IMG_1589 IMG_1591 IMG_1604 IMG_1606 IMG_1610 IMG_1613 IMG_1618 IMG_1625

Happy weekend friends! It’s Friday afternoon back home for you all, end of school term, well done! I hope you have a glass of something cold close by and that you have a great break (if you can get one). Today we will be having a wander (Rob and I taking time tag teaming shopping) and dinner out tonight. Tomorrow we catch the train or maybe the bus to Lucca to arrive at the Villa with all of Rob’s family for his Dad’s 70th.

It’s going to be an amazing week…lots of family, food and relaxing. La Dolce Vita!

This is the link to the apartment on AirBnB. Yes, you read it right. It’s $240 a night.


  1. Bellissimo! What an amazing location! And isn’t an Aperol Spritz just the best thing on a hot day. I’m thinking that I’m going to make that my summer drink here in Oz after enjoying them everyday in Positano on a 2 week jaunt earlier this year. Enjoy Lucca – it’s AMAZING!! But then the whole of Italy is isn’t it! Ciao

  2. OMG! can’t believe it! … hit the jackpot there hun! … FANTASTIC!
    just told mr m and he WHAT! and put two fingers up!;) … jealous!
    then he said no, that’s great!
    we loved Florence! the market is amazing and leather goods …
    u know bags and shoes! … squeal!
    enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! we stayed for a week in a little hotel that had a roof terrace! … their roof scapes are amazing!
    excited for you, if you didn’t guess! love m:)X

  3. What a fabulous view. And those photos! You have a beautiful family Beth. I hope you continue to have a fabulous time.

  4. Fantastic! Living the dream and what a beautiful experience for the girls!

  5. Looks amazing !

  6. Riot police? Did they know you were coming? Just kidding. Wow. Just wow.

  7. Fantastico! What a brilliant location! Meanwhile we are holed up at the Big Windmill Motel in Coffs Harbour with the kids and the dog while the rain pisses down outside!

  8. Ahhhhmazing! Florence is a beauty!

  9. Many beautiful location shots but favourite picture so far is the gorgeous one of your two older girls laughing – soooooo beautiful.

  10. Love your travel posts Beth! That apartment is gold. I totally agree re having somewhere nice to hang out. My kids could only ever stomach a few hours of sightseeing and then liked to head ‘home’ to chill out for a few hours in the afternoon. So frustrating to be stuck in a soulless hotel for those hours but you don’t need to miss anything from that balcony. Is it really noisy though?

  11. I spy with my little eye, Aperol Spritz! Isn’t it the best?! We had a wonderful experience last year in an Air B n B place in Chicago but your place in Firenze is the tops! Loving the photos and updates. Happy holidays! x

  12. Wow, Beth what a lovely part of Italy! Your girls steal the show though, with their sparkle! I’ve stayed in some really interesting and fun places through private holiday rental all around Europe and the UK. Although, I would alway recommend staying in a hotel for the first night (especially after a long flight), as they have a front desk (guaranteed room!!), bell boys, block out blinds,…. After that go independent -much more ‘real’. We had the exact same thing happen as you, tired kids, long plane flight, bags on the pavement – then no show from the host. It was horrendous. The other suggestion is alway check the reviews on the host, you can even check reviews left for any other properties they have. Most of our best stays were through smaller holiday letting websites or their own personal website (googling an area & key words like ‘lettings’ or ‘holiday apartment’ and giving them a phone call or email. We’ve met some beautiful, caring people who share local knowledge and love presenting a beaut spot for people to appreciate. Have fun adventuring!! Liz XO

  13. Love Italy. Florence is absolutely stunning. So glad you are enjoying it and think of the memories the kids will have.

    Must admit I chickened out of Air Bnb in Copenhagen recently after hearing some horror cancellation stories and the fact that you now only get a refund rather than Air BnB finding you different accommodation. We had very strict dates for a wedding and it is not a huge city so we went with a hotel in the end to be absolutely certain.

    It was brilliant in New York a few years ago though. And much cheaper than hotels! Your apartment looks perfect. And you would feel part of it while the kids slept which is always so nice.


  14. I love Air B and B! Never let me down so far!

  15. Amazing apartment. I love airbnb, we used it in 2013 for our family of five. We stayed in Luca, Venice and Rome. All were great but Gio&Gio in Venice was the absolute best overlooking a canal and listening to the gondoliers singing as they went by.

  16. Your photos make me feel as though I am there. Thank you for sharing them with us x

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