Monday meal ideas: stove top dinners

We’ve had a cold snap overnight and woken to a miserable cold and wet day here. Yesterday I knew it was coming (mostly because I am a weather nerd who becomes a little obsessed with my weather app) so I whacked on this winter casserole and came home after many hours out to a warm and delightful smelling home. I really have to embrace the slow cooker this coming winter…with the baby coming I need stuff I can whack on and think about hours later.

Here’s some stuff to whip up on your stove top anyway…slow cooker inspiration to come when I, you know, get one.

PicMonkey Collage

Stove top casserole
Asian minced chicken
Chicken noodle soup
Chicken cacciatore

For those (like us) back to school this week, I hope the adjustment is OK for you all. Especially those Kinders who can sometimes struggle in Term 2 when they realise that they have to go BACK. We had that with Daisy…I wonder if Harps will be the same? Stay warm and dry and sane x


  1. Your Asian Minced Chicken always gets a run at our place. Love it! Just saved the noodle soup to whip up one night soon. Looks super yum!

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yes get a slow cooker Beth,they are THE BEST x

  3. Beth’s Asian Chicken is getting a run with the Tradie and I tonight. I am cooking it with a whiiiiite wiiiine in hand. Thanks soooo much!!!!

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