Monday meal ideas: Mince & BBQ

You know what’s guaranteed to be on our tables at least once a week? Something from the BBQ or some kind of minced meat. Every time. Because I am lazy when I’m at the supermarket usually choosing the same meat eat week which means BBQ and because mince is cheap and will be eaten. A BBQ is such a great tool to use for cooking mid week. I am a fan of it all happening outside (less mess and smell) and the kids will always eat whatever comes off it. Here are a few recipes for either the BBQ or for using up mince in different ways.

PicMonkey Collage

BBQ Pork cutlets
Moroccan Lamb mince wraps
Beth’s Asian minced chicken
Beef Lasagne
Maggie Beer double marinated BBQ lamb

I hope you all have a good week. I have got a very busy few days ahead of me with work today, a trip to Adelaide tomorrow for Amelia’s funeral and then back Wednesday for the rest of the normal school/work week. It’s almost school holiday and Easter time if you can believe that?

I hope you all have a good one x

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