Monday meal ideas: mid week no brainers

With the heat and hormones over the weekend I have woken up feeling a little like my brain is fried. There are end of year things to start to go to, Christmas to think about, I am frazzled people, FRAZZLED.

So this week I don’t want to think about dinner. I’ll be doing things that I don’t have to think about. These might be old favourites in MY house, but they will be new and maybe interesting to you. Hope you can whip something up that’s easy and tasty and has you soon on the couch with your feet up.

PicMonkey Collage

Moroccan lamb wraps
Sausage pasta
Chicken pot pies
Oven baked chorizo risotto


  1. Thanks BabyMac!
    I was just up (doing my new 5am ritual thing) when the email came in.
    I have done the menu for the week- and yes your sausage pasta is already on it- but thanks for the extras. Gonna go the Chorizo pasta for something different. Even better- cooking from the pantry.
    Even knocked up, you are rocking it.

  2. Oven baked chorizo risotto for us tomorrow night, thanks for the inspo! Love it when I have all the ingredients on hand – plus I’m thinking of adding in some olives, those few mushrooms rattling around the bottom of the veggie drawer, and some grated zucchini in the hope that my adventurous but non-veggie eating toddler will get some ‘green’ in him!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration, Chorizo is always a hit in our house, and I love a good risotto recipe!! Yumm!

  4. Kat - The Organised Housewife says

    I love the look of the Moroccan Lamb Wraps! Fantastic for an easy Friday night dinner, thank you.:)

  5. always helpful to know what you are going to cook for dinner! …
    thanks beth! … love m:)X

  6. I love your chorizo risotto and sausage pasta Beth – they are both on high rotation in this house – chorizo risotto on menu for Thurs night! I agree about feeling frazzled – it’s a full on time isn’t it?

    Singing exam for daughter this morning followed by 3 hour dance rehearsal this afternoon. And dance concert tomorrow night followed by Grandparents Day on Friday (with a 2 night visit from Mother In Law commencing on Weds) and a weekend in Melbourne to top the week off… Roll on the End of Term..

  7. Those chicken pot pies look irresistible!

  8. Ooo that oven baked chorizo risotto sounds a cracker! We all love chorizo in our household, and can get some locally made stuff down the road.

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