Feeding crowds this summer: BBQ shortcuts

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If there is one thing I have been doing while we have been away on Summer holidays, it’s feeding hungry mouths. That’s the thing when you are a Mum, or partial to the entertaining like I am, you tend to keep it going whether you are away or at home. I remember we hosted a small dinner party in London when we were there in June, I will always put my hand up for taking a turn for cooking when we are at the farm, and over the past week at the beach we have found the deck an easier option than going out.

For me the BBQ is the ultimate crowd pleaser. You can {usually} outsource the cooking to someone else, prep your salads and sides before hand, do something simple for the kids and you can take it all outside and there is less mess than loads of baking dishes inside.

That all works of course, when the weather plays along.


And sometimes, it hasn’t. Especially when I had some more visitors coming with visions of an easy outdoor BBQ in mind using some of the created with Jamie range as my ultimate holiday cheeky shortcut. You know with this range that the quality of the meats are going to be higher welfare and all ingredients are fresh and sourced locally in Australia.


I had in mind an easy lunch of burgers for the kids, Vietnamese style chicken with sides of potatoes and salad on the side for the adults, sitting outside under the shade of the tree on a hot summers day.

But not to worry…despite the torrential rain we managed to get on with the cooking inside as planned. Of course if you were cooking the BBQ would be the default and superior option.

Main Event: Vietnamese style chicken


This chicken comes pre-marinated in a pack (1.2kgs for just over $12) a whole free range chicken cut in half and marinated. It was a simple process of whacking it into an oven covered for 40 mins and then adding in the sachet of sauce for the last 10 mins cooking. In a BBQ char on high for 5 mins then heat down and lid on BBQ for 40-50 mins.


The flavours were good and even better by the end when it was caramelised: ginger and lemongrass, lime and chilli. Charred and sticky and delicious. I chopped the half pieces into quarters (8 pieces in total) squeezed lime juice over its back with some fresh mint and lime on the platter…dead easy and TASTY.

IMG_5143 IMG_5144

Kids: Old School burgers


Burgers are Rob’s domain in this household so any chance to shortcut these for hungry kids over summer and I’m all for it….especially when I’m on holidays. These burger patties come frozen in a pack of 4 – just whack the frozen pattie onto the BBQ and cook for 20 mins or until cooked through (just whack some olive oil on each side). Wet weather meant that I did these inside on the stove top: 20 minutes on medium heat perfect for hungry little mouths.

IMG_5099 IMG_5110 IMG_5119 IMG_5122 IMG_5126

The 100% Aussie chicken is free range and the Burgers are 100% Aussie beef with no added hormones.

Sides: Herby salad with Asian twist and roast potatoes

Whenever I am feeding hoards of people potatoes are involved. Mostly because they are so easy to prepare and if you have a good roasting pan, they turn out EVERY time with little effort.

I NEVER peel my potatoes (can’t be bothered and reckon that there’s some good stuff in the skin anyway) and usually just some salt and pepps.


I created a leafy green salad to go with the chicken with an Asian twist to highlight the flavours of the chicken. A cheat I always do with most of my salads is to go with a bag of mixed greens from the supermarket and then add in a HEAP of fresh herbs. To that you can add in fetta or goats cheese, sweet potato or haloumi…endless combos but the fresh herbs just instantly make a salad tastier.


For the dressing I added in some freshly squeezed lime juice, fresh red chilli, soy, a few drops of sesame oil, a little sugar and olive oil. Tossed through the mixed greens with coriander, basil and mint? DELICIOUS.

IMG_5139 IMG_5164 IMG_5167

Despite the dreary weather and change of venue from outside to in, we all had a delicious summer lunch…cooked with no trouble, lots of shortcuts and no compromise on flavour or the quality of meat while saving my holiday butt.


What’s your holiday secret cooking tips?
Do you outsource the cooking wherever possible or relish the chance to try new things from all the food magazines and cookbooks purchased or gifted during the festive season?


  1. looks goog bev!/… beth!
    you know how to cook and be the hostess!
    great food and ideas!
    i like to outsource when possible aka bbq especially!
    we love our weber q cooks everything beautifully!
    love the food to be like Jamie’s out on a large platters and boards on the table and help thyself style!
    shame your deck doesn’t have a roof … that makes things easier!
    all good have a great rest of your holidays! love m:)X

  2. I really like the Jamie range. Everything I have tried has been excellent. The taste has been superior to any of the other ready-marinated stuff I’ve had before. My only gripe is the cost. I think it’s prohibitive. When I’m looking at $11 for half a chicken when I can buy a whole one for less (obviously I have to season it myself, no big deal) I go for the better value option. I’ve tended to wait until the Jamie stuff is close to the sell-by date and pick them up discounted. Maybe we eat too much, but I find that one package usually only does my husband and myself so I usually have to buy two to make it cover my whole family.

    I’d love it if the price could come down just a bit. The stuff is tasty, but the price prevents me buying it more often. Just a thought Woolworths!

    • The price definitely is up there…I know the welfare of the meat is higher which would being the cost up for sure. I’m sure they are listening!

  3. My holiday cooking tip? Clint does all of it! He’s a brilliant cook but due to the ridiculous hours he works only ever gets a chance to shine in the kitchen on holidays. It’s a win-win for everyone.
    They looks delicious. We definitely don’t get JO stuff over here. Back a week and I’m already missing the Asian flavours we miss out on here.

  4. Looks and sounds divine. I may have to go get some of Jamie’s chook tomorrow ☺️

  5. Oh you are so on my page about making entertaining easy. I love these sorts of meals!

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love shortcuts at anytime ,the new Aldi burgers are really good Too Beth x

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