Around the grounds: spring!

This week has absolutely floored me. Actually, the previous weeks of preparation (mentally and physically) had floored me and this week when I FINALLY could slow down, I collapsed. I’ve been no good for nothing, or anyone, least of all insights on this blog. I’ve been outside a bit, eating a lot, laying on the couch a lot, and enjoying spring which has well and truly sprung. The garden is BUZZING with growth and flowers, buds and greenery.

IMG_3523 IMG_3525 IMG_3527 IMG_3530 IMG_3534 IMG_3536 IMG_3537 IMG_3538 IMG_3547 IMG_3549

The garden is about 2 weeks behind where we were this time last year…must have been that long, dry winter with a late burst of rain. The garden is catching up, slowly but surely.

And so am I.

How has your week been?
Is your garden looking glorious too?


  1. Gosh you have a pretty garden. We’re starting to think about what plants we’d like in our front garden. Husbuendo’s thinking hedging and I’m longing to sneak some flowers in somewhere. Best do some research!

  2. Week has been uneventful but I’m just bloody shattered at the end of every week.
    I love seeing all the new growth of springtime. I let out involuntary squeals of delight when I saw all the buds on our Gardenia’s and the Jasmine is going ballistic and budding up so it will flower soon too. I’m Super excited!
    Your garden is looking awesome Beth! Jx

  3. Love your photos as always. Because I was late with my annual rose massacre, my roses are a bit behind the rest of the neighbourhoods. But. They finally have buds!!! Am so excited, I adore this time just before they burst open, you can see the colour through the closed bud, its just bloody exciting!! Jasmine is going bananas too.
    We all need nothing time, time to eat and time on the couch. Next week you’ll be sick of yourself and get motivated again.

  4. Gees after your MAMMOTH weekend – you deserve a week of rest and recovery!
    Your garden is just divine Beth. So peaceful.
    Happy weekending.
    C x

  5. you have a lovely spring garden beth!
    you obviously love gardening otherwise it wouldn’t look that good!
    I love a bit of gardening too, as it’s very therapeutic! enjoy a bit of kick back hopefully!
    cheers m:)X

  6. The photos of your gorgeous garden are so damn soothing… especially as I lie on the couch to exhausted to move. This week whipped my ass too xx

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