Mr. J Frost pays us a visit

I love opening the curtains of our bedroom each morning. Mostly because it marks the start of a new day…you can leave behind the night before and the lack of sleep that came with it. I also look down to Maggie’s cot that’s right there and get the biggest, gummiest smile in the world that will instantly warm the coldest morning, plus I get to see what the weather has in store. Being a weather nerd, this is pleasing.

Last night it was meant to get down to 2. It looked cold out there this morning, so I checked my weather app (see? Nerd) and it told me it was -4. Feeling like, -4. There was a beautiful frost which brings the most beautiful, magical light with it.

It’s been a cold winter, I think the coldest since we’ve been here. But the novelty of proper seasons and ‘weather’ like mists, frost, snow and summery days has still not worn off.

IMG_0644 IMG_0655 IMG_0647 IMG_0654 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0634 IMG_0636 IMG_0653 IMG_0650 IMG_0641 IMG_0629 IMG_0630

Is it cold where you are this morning?
It looks like it’s going to be a cracking day…enjoy it!


  1. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Well it’s positively barmy here in the Yarra Ranges 6.8 degrees but so grey, longing to see the sun. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. It’s cold here (by Perth standards)! My mate Alice from Tassie keeps telling me I’m not allowed to whinge unless it’s under 10 degrees and last night I was allowed to, so that’s gotta mean something haha x

  3. A balmy 13oC here in Newcastle, I too am a weather nerd – I love my 2 weather apps. I agree it has been exceptionally cold this winter, someone did tell me it’s been Newcastle’s coldest in 25years. I miss those frosty mornings from my childhood in the Upper Hunter leading to the most glorious days. Beautiful photos Beth.

  4. I’m a weather need too – I follow some people’s instagram o.s. just to see what’s happening in reverse on the other side & if they comment on the temps I have to then turn it into Celsius! Mild morning in my neck of the woods today which is a nice change from grey & cold but still no frosts in my garden.

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Hello fellow weather nerd ?I also like looking out the window in the morning we get lots of frosts too,so many this winter,I like to sit on my back verandah in the sun when’s it’s warmed up a bit.I think it’s been a very cold winter too!

  6. Smykolandia says

    So, now at 6 am is 26 (plus) Celcious outside:-) We have summer. Very warm summer. I love it.

  7. Sarah-Jane says

    8am and its 20 degrees and its going to be another gorgeous day – I am loving every moment of our Russian Summer!

  8. Love your pics, Beth, I also check my weather app every single morning, I like to know what the day has in store. Coldest winter here in Vic for years, too.

  9. Well, it was 40 something degrees when we hit the pool at 8am, so no, not frosty in my parts!
    That frost does look so pretty and fresh!

  10. Frost?
    Nope, nope, NOPE!
    I just can not do cold.

  11. Definitely the coldest winter in yonks, detest it, anything under 25c and I’m not happy! I’ve lost track of the number of days that we have had frosts. However we drove down to Berrima today for lunch and it was such an amazing crisp clear day and the air was that good I could have bottled it.

  12. No frost here in Springwood but quite chilly. Love your photos Beth… must be super Mum…..lack of sleep, a little one to take care of, not to mention two more to keep you on your toes….and you still managed to find time to pop outside and take those fantastic photos. Well done!

  13. Lovely pics!
    In Brisvegas, we are also weather nerds but mostly about storms. Spring and summer sees us glued to the BOM website checking out storm warnings, watching the weather radar and working out if it’s going to bucket down just as you’re picking up the kids from school.
    And anything under 10 degrees sees us digging out the thermals and moaning about the cold. It was in the 20’s here yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. It HAS been a cold Winter up here in the Mountains as well, but that’s why I live here, to savor each season to the fullest…although I’m not too fond of having the risk of bushfires at the back of my mind for four or more months every Summer, but I do adore Winter and Autumn…x

  15. Beautiful photos Beth. I too love the four seasons. We don’t get four seasons in Sydney that’s for sure – it’s winter for a paltry 6 weeks, then summer the rest of the time. I’m a winter fan. Moving to Canberra early next year and will get my four seasons!

  16. Gorgeous photos! Beautiful!. And I totally appriciate you going out in the cold to take them ๐Ÿ™‚

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