Castle in the sky

Words won’t do justice to what we experienced last night. A huge dinner in the most remote place up a mountain overlooking the most beautiful view I ever have seen. I can’t explain the feelings, the emotions, the taste of the simple and delicious food, the light, the music of the clappers singing, the view, the people. The love. So I’ll look back on these photos instead and remember one of the most memorable nights of my entire life with happiness. And gratitude. And love.

This is what life is about. I will never forget this holiday, these weeks, these long summery days. This night.

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  1. looks divine xx

  2. Those pics of you in the sunlight are stunning Beth! You look like you belong there <3

  3. That’s a night you’ll be telling the story of for decades. How achingly beautiful, and special for your family.

  4. I have so many questions. First. How?? Who? Who catered? How do you get to have dinner in a semi ruined mini castle in Croatia? Do you know your brother in law looks a bit like Kris Smith?

    Wow Wow Wow. Your family knows how to throw a party. That can’t be topped. I’m sure it will be one of those memories when you’re old and fabulous sitting in a rocking chair with your grandkids.

    I’m so glad you’re taking us along for the ride. I, on the other hand, am making pizza in FREEZING Melbourne watching Turtle Tale!

    Enjoy lovely Beth.

    • Ha! OK. The castle is a restaurant owned and run by a family who live there – so they catered. My brother in law will be THRILLED that you’ve said that too x

  5. A-Mazing!!! I’m looking forward to the Holiday Recap blog post with all the minute details regarding accommodation, car hire, etc….. Love the light in these photos, stunning.

    V x

  6. Just beautiful! That pic of you three siblings got me teary and I dont even know you!

  7. I had sausage rolls for tea & not even all the ones I cooked because Miss 10 suddenly decided that she MUST have some too or will DIE without them. ’nuff said. Looks like you’re having an incredibly naff time and I can also see in the pics that you’re miserable. Bet it’s cos you want my sausage rolls too. I am GREEN with envy, GREEN I tell you! Did I mention the GREEN part?


  8. the photo of you & your brother & sister made me cry.
    so many hugs to you my friend.
    my heart is exploding for you. i KNOW how much this means to you.
    lots of love.

  9. amazing photos!!!!!!!!!! what memories!

  10. So so beautiful. Magic happens when you step outside the every day and take risks, a leap of faith into the unknown, throwing care aside. Enjoy that space!

  11. just beautiful Beth, gosh I adore you love for life, love for your family, food and celebrating. So much joy! Hope the trip home is smooth and event free.

  12. You look SO relaxed! What an amazing party. I want to go to there.

  13. The photo of you in the sun looking down with the wineglass? New avatar right there. Love it x

  14. Tears seeing you all tears that is all

  15. Oh my! To say I am a wee bit envious of you Beth, would be an understatement. That castle is fabulous. Keep on enjoying your wonderful trip!

  16. Just perfect!

  17. This looks amazing and so good for your soul. Loving all the travel posts.

  18. So perfect Beth, love it xx

  19. Trish symons says

    You look fantastic – this experience is the stuff that dreams are made of and something which will be part of the footprint of your family forever. We still share the joyful times with friends and family and the older I get, the mire special I know they are. We remember the French champagne and enormous crushed almond tuile in Les Bezards as 12 people came from various places in Europe for a 40 th birthday dinner – Christmas in Vietnam with a 40 foot tree fashioned from Geineken bottles – the list goes on. Savour and enjoy!

  20. Mind. Blown!

  21. How divine! What fun, the food looks delicious once again! Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

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