When Rob first moved out of home as a fresh faced 20 year old he shared a flat with his mate Dave. I can only imagine the mess that was in Rob’s room, but I love the story that Dave had a Wall Street poster in his room. He worked hard, really hard and eventually made his way to London for work. I have only met Dave a couple of times over the years – in Sydney on a few big nights pre marriage/kids and at his wedding to his most gorgeous and lovely wife. They have lived here for almost 16 years now…officially English with kids at School and proper accents and everything.

Today we had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with him and his family – he was so generous with his time and  came and picked us up for a tour around town – a quick trip to the gallery, to the Horse guards, past Westminster & Big Ben before heading just 20 minutes out of town to the most wonderful village called Denham for lunch. After lunch we hightailed it to Kensington Palace for a wander and a play in the most fabulous kids playground (Diana Memorial Playground) where all the kids had the very best time together. It was so wonderful to see a couple of old mates catching up, to see our kids have a great time together, to be in this wonderful city soaking up all it had to offer.

I did a quick snatch and grab at Wholefoods (I FINALLY got to go into a Wholefoods!!) to pick up dinner and we all arrived home filled to the brim with happiness and good times. The girls are asleep, I think jet lag may have finally pissed off and tomorrow we start on our Scottish adventure.

London, you have been marvellous. And just quietly…I am having the BEST time. And lastly? If you have kids and are in London…you HAVE to get to this park.

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  1. Christie says

    Now would you look at those gorgeous stripey legs on Harps! So cute and squishable…loving those colour tones! Hope you finally got some good coffee and just wish you were going to cooking school with Hugh!

  2. Looks fantastic Beth! xx

  3. That park looks amazing, we love a good playground! Loving the new leather jacket I spied on Facebook too, I got my first one from Zara in Paris and that makes me smile.

  4. Loving travelling around London with you, Rob, Daisy and Harper! Keep those photos coming and the attatched blurbs! We are hoping to travel in your footsteps to London in 2015…..bring on Scotland!

  5. Loving your trip. Feel like I’m walking through the park too!!! And wholefoods- it doesn’t get any better!!!!

  6. Seriously loving living vicariously through your trip. x

  7. I’m loving how the dads are casually chatting with the girls shoes in hand. x

  8. Oh me oh my, you had lunch in Denham Village!! My darling husband grew up literally around the corner, but unfortunately the family home is no more. Give my love to Scotland too, if you end up in Montrose, Lossie Mouth or Plockton please send our love to the rellies!!

  9. How totally and utterly AWESOME!

  10. I am really loving your London pics……I admire them and feel pangs of jealousy all at the same time! Keep them coming!

  11. I’ve been to London a number of times and it hasn’t been on my list of must-visit places while living in the ME. Your posts are slowly changing my mind! I think I need to take my kids to London! SO glad you’re having such a wonderful time! xx

  12. It looks like you all are having the best time!
    Thank you for the updates…have been loving them!

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