Edinburgh afternoon

We got the train to Edinburgh this morning from Kings Cross – the most delightful train trip over 4 hours. If you pony up for the first class tickets you can get free wifi, endless amounts of food and drink (helpful with small people) and the friendliest staff I’d come across. Throw in a table for activities and a beautiful outlook and we were set for our journey north.

I knew that Edinburgh was going to be a beautiful old city but when we walked out of the station and were literally greeted by the most amazing old buildings all around I was sold. What a place! The afternoon was absolutely picture perfect – sun shining, a warm 22 degrees…it was looking just about as good as it could. Our apartment is on the Royal Mile in the old part of town – you look out the window and it’s like looking at Winterfell from Game of Thrones. After a short amount of settling in time we walked up to the castle, stopping for ice creams along the way before a pub dinner and now bed. I can’t believe how each and every turn has the most stunning view!

Tomorrow will be filled with some more exploring, some hiking, some more ice cream briberies and luckily for us – some more sunshine!

Anyone got some tips for Edinburgh?
Any must sees for adults and kids?
Any help greatly appreciated!

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  1. I was 19 last time I was in Edinburgh.19!! Enjoy x

  2. We lived in Edinburgh for a few years, it really is an amazing city!! We didn’t have kids when we lived there but a few of our must see’s we recommended were:
    •Jackson’s Close ghost tours (pro inlay not kid friendly)
    •The Sheeps Heid Pub (one of the originals in the UK!) The Worlds End on the Royal Mile was also a fav of ours.
    •The Tower Restaurant (great rooftop views for a classy afternoon/dinner out).
    •Hike up Arthur’s Seat is well worth the exertion, Castle Hill is also fabulous and not quite as big if you’re taking the kidlets.
    •Edinburgh Castle is always a crowd pleaser!
    Have fun strolling around exploring and just getting lost in the old town!

  3. Oh the pubs! I miss the pubs! That’s pretty much all I did in Edinburgh… except for the castle 😉

  4. Yvonne Duke says

    The Museum of Childhood, 42 High Street, just down from the Royal Mile is great for all ages! Also try one of the Ghost tours…you are making me feel homesick for Scotland !!

  5. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Wow how fabulous your trip sounds..just a tiny bit envious. Enjoy

  6. National museum of Scotland is great, Mary kings close tour also excellent. Enjoy Edinburgh.

  7. Such a beautiful city, we lived near Newcastle in 2000 so frequently went for day trips to Edinburgh. Enjoy xT

  8. Mrs Woog says

    Went there when I was 23. Mainly saw a lot of pubs xx

  9. Cassie Webster says

    Gosh, look at Daisy…she is so tall and grown up! I love your posts, looks like you are having a wonderful time x

  10. Looks like a beautiful city. Never been but looks like I have to put that on my bucket list. xx

    • I’ve been blown away with it’s beauty…all these amazing old buildings…reminds me of Prague in fact. Well worth a look. The girls sent you and Arth a postcard tonight as we walked up Arthur’s Seat and they thought it was VERY funny x

  11. Head to arthurs seat for a beautiful view of the city and the coast. If that is too long a wall for little legs then the smaller hill/plateau in front also has great views and lots of space to run around. The playgrounds in the Meadows and Princess Street Gardens are also good fun. High tea at the mercure on Princess Street for gorgeous Castle views.

  12. Never been which is quite silly of me really. It looks so nice and warm over there as I sit in my slippers and make myself another hot coffee!

  13. Loving your photo’s Beth. That train ride sounded fabulous! Have fun.

  14. Now I’m “home”sick. We lived there not all that long ago – it’s where I became a mum for the first time! Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury cliffs are a great walk – even if you don’t go all the way up with the kids. Beautiful views. Stop by Peckham’s (South Clerk St) on the way and grab picnic supplies. It’s on the corner of my old street – Lutton Place. Also, awesome little pub on the back side of Arthur’s Seat in Duddingston called the Sheep’s Heid Inn. For gifts that aren’t tartan, check out Present Boutique on St Mary’s St, off the bottom end of the Royal Mile. Really cute little store.

    Have fun!

  15. ^Princes street. Bloody autocorrect!

  16. Ah Edinburgh, my favourite city in the world! This sounds very middle-aged, but you need to do some kind of kid-friendly historical walking tour. The underground city (underneath the Royal Mile) and the history of the whole city is fascinating, although might be a bit dark and spooky for your girls. I did a ghost tour but that will definitely be too scary for the girls. Have lunch or dinner in one of the Grassmarket pubs.
    Do you MacDonalds feel like you’ve all come ‘home’?

    • I’m looking forward to heading to the countryside…I feel like we may have one of those moments in the Highlands and on the Isle of Skye were the Macdonald’s are from. Will let you know!

  17. Great photos Beth. How lucky are you with that weather.

  18. Go to Cramond for a long walk along the waterfront. Great for the kids.

  19. I cannot even believe your little cherubs wearing summer dresses in Edinburgh! The weather must be divine. Loving it.

  20. Like Nikki and Mrs Woog, I was 21 when I was last there, so it was pubs, pubs and more pubs. X

  21. I’m insanely jealous. Am desperate to visit Scotland. Keep those incredible, beautiful, inspiring photos coming!

  22. There is a lovely little cafe if you’re in the new town…it’s called Urban Angel, on Hanover Street. The Farmers market on Saturdays is pretty great too!

  23. Goodness me. so so long ago I lived in Edinburgh for a few months one cold Scottish winter – snow on Christmas Day! Yes, it was all about pubs, and scooters and mods (what was I doing?). Go for a walk to Arthur’s Seat, and relive that scene in Chariots of Fire when the Scot decides to go to the lympics. Look out for sunshine on Leith when facing that way, pretend you’re in one of Alexander Mccall Smith’s Edinburgh novels!

  24. Trish symons says

    This is certainly on my bucket list – how special that you can share all this with those gorgeous little people

  25. I,too, went there in my twenties. It was winter, cold and wet. But the most beautiful city, incredible views and yes, great pubs!

  26. Valvona & Crolla for coffee and a yomp up Arthur’s Seat for more fantastic views. Enjoy!

  27. I adored Edinburgh. So beautiful. John and I had THE best dinner out at the other end of the Royal Mile from the castle (although my spacial ability sucks and it might not be there at all!). It was down these stone steps and there was a different whiskey matched with each dish on the menu. Probably not great for the kids, but it definitely made John’s night! Have fun, wish I was there – although you take me back through your writing. Thanks xo

  28. Are u going elsewhere in Scotland. Shame your not close to Stirling Castle, it’s a great castle for kids with actors in character all the time, gardens to play in and history and dress up targeted for kids of all ages. You are seriously making me homesick.

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