Put a Christmas wreath on it

We’re partial to a wreath round these parts. Look!

The kitchen window is now adorned with the most gorgeous berry number that my Mum gave me on the weekend. I’m not going to take it down, I’m just not. You can’t make me.

W1 W2

Front door has one that I got 3 years ago from Bed, Bath & Table. I keep their profits soaring.


My crafty clever older sister made me this one last year. It’s made of calico (I think) lots and lots of pieces all folded together somehow in some crafty fashion (clearly I am NOT crafty). It’s fabulous.

W5 W4 W6

Kitchen door has one too. Why stop at just one?


And of course the girls bedroom requires one. DER.


OK, I have a wreath problem. But they are so festive! So lovely!

How many do you have going on at home?
What’s your festive collection long in? Santa’s? Stockings? Lights?
Whack a photo in…I’d love to see them all!


  1. GourmetGirlfriend says

    i have made one out of pom poms. of course. xx

  2. Emma Steendam says

    Love your wreaths Beth, especially the bed bath n table one and your sisters creation. We have two wreaths, a traditional looking plain green leafy thing that is on the old stove chimney in the kitchen, and a red hydrangea petaled one which I made a few years ago which is on our front door. I love wreaths too and would like to add more to my collection, I love them in windows. I’ve eyed off some natural wooden ones this year, might wait for after Christmas sales! And tell me, why of WHYYYYY doesn’t bb&t have online shopping?! My nearest one is in Adelaide I think, where I never go and it’s three hours away, I go to Melbourne more and that’s six hours away! Hmph.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      BB&T DO have online shopping! Discovered it just a few weeks ago when I was linking back to a post….not all stuff on there but worth a look…no deco’s though!

      • Emma Steendam says

        I ran, didn’t walk, over there, and yes it seems you are correct! Last I checked this wasn’t the case. Not nearly as good as going to a store though, and when I’m in Melbs one of my first stops is The Works – of course! I used to work there 😉

        • BabyMacBlogBeth says

          The Works! I was BESIDE myself in there! Online not up to scratch but better than nothing…how can they be SO behind I ask you?!!

  3. Hayley Rose says

    I have no wreath but don’t judge me! ‘Cause now I’m going to make one 🙂

  4. Totally just Instagrammed my new wreath. The only other one we have is a kinder one, made by Angus last week using a cardboard plate! It is all kinds of kinder gorgeousness. Love all of yours.

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love all your wreaths and no do NOT take that berry one down it is stunning i need more but around these parts they are ugly and plastic so i made my own from a wire coathanger some material and some bows and a xmas decoration i am a bit proud of it have a look on Instagram if you want a peep at it Beth @queenofthrit xx

  6. Could not resist the furry reindeer in Barbara’s Storehouse last week!

  7. We have three wreaths and quiet a few reindeers…

  8. You can never have too many wreathes. I have small ones hanging from the door handles, plus several larger ones too.

  9. MotherDownUnder says

    I love all of your wreaths!
    I want to try to make one…not sure how it will go or what sort of tropical plants lend themselves to wreath making but I will keep you posted!

  10. Wow, I didn’t think you could have more than one wreath…how wrong I was! We just have the one (obviously) and it is a big, sparkly silver number. Time to start collecting more…

  11. I love wreaths! We have one on the front door, one on each bedroom door and I’m in the process of revamping an oldie from way back, as it was looking a little too 80’s for me – picture tartan ribbon and varnished gumnuts!

  12. Far out.. I only have two but I could happily collect.. one of them I made myself yesterday.. I don’t think it is all bad if I do say so myself…

  13. Oh wow.. I only have two but I could happily collect.. one of them I made myself yesterday.. I don’t think it is all bad if I do say so myself…

  14. Shame about the sideways photo.. how’d that happen.. soz!

  15. Ooh! Love a good wreath, I have several too. You really need to visit the Handmade shop in Canberra, apart from everything there being gorgeous, they have some lovely wreaths – and everything is handmade of course by clever Australians. Any chance your sister would like to share how she made her wreath or point me in the direction of a turorial?


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