Things I like {The 4th December 2014 edition}

: Hydrangeas! In all their colours, styles and forms…I just adore them.

IMG_4513 IMG_4530 IMG_4510

: Christmas wreaths too – I seem to go a little mad this time of year (actually last year too). Don’t stand too still around here, you might get adorned with a wreath.

IMG_4545 IMG_4547 IMG_4544

: I’ve gone mad for all the wonderful fruit that is around at the moment. Just perfect, sweet smelling and tasting like summer. Last night I made a simple fruit salad of mango, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries and I was in HEAVEN. Cherries too! Goodness me summer is a good time of year.


: Speaking of fruit, cracked open Glad’s fruitcake yesterday for the first time, and gave a quarter of the other cake that I made to my Mum on Tuesday, and Dad yesterday. Dad was impressed…said it was just like his Mum used to make. He also told me that Grandma used to make it for him and send it by boat to him in Rome when he was living over there in the late 60’s. Imagine that! You can get the recipe for the cake here…it’s not too late!


: All the star jasmines are out at the moment and they just look (and smell) a picture! I think they look like Christmas trees the way they have been trained to grow up all the verandah posts…sparkling with their little white stars.

IMG_4532 IMG_4535

: Loving Mum’s advent calendar that she made me a few years ago. Girls have been pretty good taking turns…anyone would think that they are growing up or something.


: Christmas tree is UP. And I mean UP. Literally. Daisy was beside herself that it’s up on a table rather than on the floor where it SHOULD be, but I explained that Frank would pull it down in 3 minutes if we didn’t. Frank this year, baby next. Things are changing Daisy!


: Look at him though!


: Got my first aid certificate and immediately added it to the fridge like a proud 4 year old would do. Was a great 2 night course and I feel like I could administer some help if required. Maybe. Hope so!


: Check out this little guy I received earlier this week from the lovely ladies at my favourite store in the Highlands Made by Others. Frank is unimpressed by him but the girls and I ADORE him. Rob pretty much just rolled his eyes. “He’s looking up for Santa Mum!”


: Loving the post gymnastics quiet afternoons we have before School pick up. I literally have 2 more weeks of this and then it all be over…I’ll have holidays and then 2 school kids! Oh, and a baby. Yes, that.


: Honestly, flowers in vases are just guaranteed to make you feel happy. LOOK!


: Purple flowers in the garden are a gorgeous combination against the green, go plant something!

IMG_4529 IMG_4531

: I also started my Christmas wrapping! Well 3 things at least. It’s a start. A very PRETTY start.


What are you liking this Thursday?



  1. I adore hydrangeas.. i wish our bushes flowered all year long!!

  2. all good! … lots to be thankful for beth!
    just would love a piece of your cake right now tho!!! … love your dad’s story too!
    your garden must be a picture!
    love your tree and puppy! … soo cute … “butter wouldn’t melt!” …
    the snails didn’t eat my lettuces yet! … what more do we want?
    cheers m:)X

  3. All looks beautiful Beth! Frank looks so adorable. xx

  4. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but … the white dog vase – does Frank get a little worried when he sees that?

  5. Love all your photos Beth, our tree isn’t up yet, hoping to tackle it this weekend. I am loving how excited my 3.5 year old gets every time we go to a supermarket (or any shop) and she spies Christmas decorations. The sheer delight she shows warms the cockles of my heart.

  6. I love that your Xmas tree is “up”, we had to go buy a fence to put around ours this year, I tried to festive it up a bit with a garland but it still looks like crap! Not to mention I had to fork out $120 for the fence, I had to keep reminding myself…we’re going to have kids someday so it will be worth the investment.
    Your star jasmine is divine!!

  7. I’m liking the quiet house so I can get my millions of jobs done! All of your flowers remind me of the smells and sights of Xmas in NZ!

  8. Summer fruit was my savior during morning sickness!
    I’m loving the school holidays (mostly) and the cool breeze at the park. Yes. I’m on my phone at the park. Quick someone pen me an open letter!!! πŸ™‚

  9. I’m liking ticking off my chore list, chilling with the kids, helping a friend with some decorating choices, doing some xmas shopping, finally getting of my bum and doing a work out (my arms are already so sore I can barely control them to type this) and finally I’m liking that I will reward myself with a vodka at the end of the day! πŸ˜‰ Jx
    P.S Flowers in any and all forms are awesome!

  10. btw frank might not be able to tolerate fat1
    my daughter’s dog is banned from it! hope it helps beth!
    atm I am feeding a cat called franc!!!

  11. I love hydrangeas too! We had purply blue ones as centrepieces for our wedding and that’s what I think of when I see them now πŸ™‚
    I was in heaven when I saw them in full bloom in Japan earlier this year – stunning!
    I’m liking that this Thursday is mine and my hubby’s Friday! YAY!

  12. Good on you for getting your First Aid certificate! Damn important skill to have. I’m loving your star jasmine – they look so magical and very Christmas-like. I’m mad for Hydrangeas! Currently trying to convince the husband we MUST plant some in the front garden. x

  13. I am joining you in the wreath madness. I decided last week that the one thing our decorations are missing this year? Multiple wreaths! But of course. Think I’ve found a couple of awesome ones.

    That star jasmine looks just divine! Love it.

  14. Lovely snaps! Hydrangeas are just beautiful…we’ve hit 2 behind our house that absolutely THRIVE on neglect, so we’ve decided to plant them along our back fence so we can neglect them and feel the love. Sadly, we have to wait until after Summer, as um, hot + new plants = dead plants! Still haven’t got the tree up, but will get to that!

  15. It all looks so beautiful. Everything… the flowers, the tree, the CAKE, and of course, fantabulous Frank. So much to love!

  16. Such a beautiful post Beth! Has made me super excited for all things Christmas. What made you decide to get your first aid certificate? I think more people should have these! In fact I may just go and get mine and start resuscitating at random. X

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