Solving the big issues: Table coverings

You know what I CAN’T believe I forgot to even write about? My new table runner that I got from my little sister as a hostess gift when she came to stay for Christmas. I know! I can’t believe it either. How fabulous are hostess gifts? I get all sorts of lovely things when people come to stay – some soap, a cushion, napkins, tea towels, and in this instance a fab neon linen table runner. I think she got it from the MCA shop, but from some internet research I think it may be Bonnie & Neil. Oh my word you should see some of their beautiful stuff on their site! I kind of wish I had never googled that…

Do you love it as much as me? Me too!

It got me thinking, about important stuff, like table coverings. My table is usually bare. I like the simplicity of a plain table HOWEVER it does need to have something on it. Well DER. Sometimes it’s a beautiful Holme Gaarde glass red bowl that was given to us a wedding present from all of Rob’s beautiful friends, other times it’s a jug with flowers in it, sometimes it’s lots of little vases with flowers or candles. Or my laptop & work, colouring in or piles of washing.

I very rarely have a table cloth on it, however, I found myself yesterday purchasing this hot table cloth online from Anthropologie. As one does before 7am on a Tuesday. I find that a table cloth takes away from my penchant for wiping down surfaces. Often. I do know my friend Mrs Woog is partial to a table cloth in her home though. And I am most certainly keen on getting this little pretty out and on the table at some soiree hosted here soon – Easter Sunday perhaps?

So, tell me. Are you a table cloth, runner, or bare kind of person?
Why do you think I am on such a run of the colour pink at the moment?
Is there a better word than napery out there?
Do you love receiving a hostess gift as much as I do?
Why have my hydrangea’s flowered so poorly this summer?


  1. Ha – I am usually a bare table person myself, however I received the most stunning pink Bonnie and Neil tablecloth for Christmas ( and immediately had to rush out and buy some of their napkins to go with it! Now I just need to throw a dinner party so I can crack them out.

    And btw, my hydrangeas have done much much more poorly than yours this year, so I wouldn’t be stressing too much.

  2. I love a nice table cloth, but because my table is gigantic it costs a fortune to get one that fits. I’ve had to get creative and run up a couple myself on the old janome!

  3. TABLE CLOTH! A fresh one everyday. Like underpants xx

  4. I love the IDEA of a table cloth. In reality I can’t cope with keeping the edges hanging evenly….then if a spot gets on it…off it has to come….and really they should be ironed and I just don’t iron….it’s much better for my sanity to keep the table clear so I can wipe it down until my heart is content. Now a RUNNER….I could go at that…

  5. I’m a bare kinda table lady. I only use a table cloth when we’re hosting ‘big’ events or kid’s parties. However I do love a good runner and a few big vases, candle holders etc.
    That new table runner is divine!

  6. I prefer the bare look…but usually use a tablecloth for the protection factor…the table cost too much to let the kids ruin it.
    My hydrangeas did nothing this year…besides shrivel up and try to die…I’m blaming the OTT hot weather.

    • I agree re: the weather. The hot weather, over pruning and then a deluge of rain has left mine in a state of confusion and ugliness. There’s always next year!

  7. I’m a bare table kinda girl, and sometimes a runner, while my runners are nice, they are not as GORG as yours. Oh my stars, oh I so love the neon trend! Bang, I’m starting my birthday list – its not till October, I’ll get in nice and early!

  8. No choice….BARE…my 3yo pulls table cloths off and if its a runner climbs on the table and pushes it off. Aarrrghhhh….

  9. I like a runner or a placemat or something in the middle. To put the vase or bowl on. I don’t like putting them straight onto the table. And lots of coaster nearby.

  10. You wishing you had never seen the Bonnie & Neil website is how the rest of us feeling when we see pictures of your house – gorgeous!

  11. Oh, how timely. Just yesterday I was attempting to buy a round tablecloth for my small round dining table (as opposed to the other two tables which are not round). I will have to look on Anthropologie – thank you for the reminder!! I love tablecloths but my table is generally bare due to the presence of small children! I was wondering when you were going to tackle this issue. Mrs Woog will have to do a tablecloth post so I can get some more ideas of where to purchase!

  12. I like a bare table…with placemats at meal time…cloth for the grown ups and plastic for the little guy.
    I do like a runner. And I do love that runner.
    I also have a great collection of vintage table clothes that I bust out for dinner parties…but for some reason only when we eat outdoors…I think because our indoor table is a beautiful polished wood but our outdoor table is a bit nasty and needs to be prettied up.

  13. I do not like eating at a table without a tablecloth. I do not know why but it is my preference.

  14. You do know Bonnie and Neil sell a chevron tablecloth?

  15. LissyLouLou says

    I got a good tablecloth from Aldi the other week – a kind of seersucker so it will never need to be ironed. (looks nicer than it sounds, trust me).

    My hydrangea’s also did poorly this season but I suspect that’s because my little boys like to have an alfresco wee in that patch of the garden bed…

  16. 1. Team Tablecloth here

    2. Pink is the Universal colour of Love

    3.Swaddle is a better word than Napery


    5. They are in need of some phosphogens. Stop the nitrogen based fertilsers and go in hard with the former.

  17. My first ever job was in the Napery department at David Jones Elizabeth Street.

    I was the youngest there by about, oh, 47 years. But I loved that job, although keeping the napkin rings in their display cabinet was a bit of a challenge.

    A damask tablecloth is one of the most under-rated items in the world!

  18. Table runner here. I like a bare table, but my place is a bit minimalist at the moment as we’re still settling in, so table runner it is. My SIL gave me a lovely one which fits in perfectly. It came from my cousin’s homeware shop in Gladesville (Sienda in the shopping centre if you’re ever there, they have AMAZING stuff). So, it has a bit of family sentimentality about it too.

  19. Beth!!!!! Show me the dirt..the toys that you can’t be flucked picking up,show me the windows that need cleaning with an o.c.d rag and some NO-Doz.Please show me the normal stuff,not the fluffy gorgeous family..I need the real stuff,like you use to do…Love,love your writing,and I seriously do not mean to offend,honestly -Kate who sucks at see I can not even spell that word LOL.

  20. We had the big wooden table and we always had a runner down the middle,now down to one child we have a retro “can’t believe its not butter!” formica table..nothing hurts that shit,hot play doh…burnt toffee…..nail polish AND nail polish remover all happening with a 500 kilo Russian chick called Thomasina (sorry to any mums that named their kid Thomasina!) one one end of said retro table! We are all about “3’s company”,retro place mats,with random stuff on them,that was reto when the printed them!

    • Formica tables are the business aren’t they? I have my original grandparents one that used to be our dining table but it’s now out in Rob’s office.

  21. Opps that was from Kate in Welly (Wellington NZ)

  22. Naaah on show me the dirt, I can see all that if I look around my house. 🙂 I love coming here for a dose of neat. Love the flowers in the jug and your beautiful photos.

  23. My hydrangeas, this season, have been the best ever!
    I live in the tropics….perhaps the world is turning upside down. Ha Ha Ha!

  24. I’m a tablecloth girl. I’m trying to talk the husband into a new dining set and in the meantime I just want to see as little of the current one as possible.

  25. Just to clarify though tablecloths are for eating purposes only. Otherwise I have a clear table with either flower or fruit. I think I inherited this tablecloth preference from my mother. I do though wish I could go without as I am not that fond of washing or ironing said tablecloths

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