It was all yellow

Do you see it?

Well, do you?

I know! She’s here! At last! My new rug.

I spotted her online. I saw she was on sale. I worked a little. I bought her. She was on back order.

And today, she arrived. Like a breath of fresh summers air.

She’s settling in. Stretching out.

And making friends.

I think she is going to fit in just fine. Don’t you?

Oh! Also! If your name is Debxoxo and you are reading this post…can you email me ([email protected]) your address? I’m trying to send you out an Itunes voucher you won! Thanks.


  1. Yes she is going to have a lovely time at your house! Felt the same when my aqua one arrived a couple of weeks ago – bringing spring with it.

  2. So summery! She’s gorgeous Beth.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Beth. xT

  4. Love the rug and love the touch of yellow so bright and summery.

  5. Oh she’s pretty. Is that the bigger one – 2×3? I think I might need a new addition too. x

  6. cute and very ‘on trend’ 😉

  7. Where is this magnificent rug creature from?

  8. I really like her!!!!!!! xo

  9. oh my! that is pretty. What site would one find something like this?

  10. Beautiful! Where did you get it from?

  11. Looks gorgeous! But is it soft?

  12. Love it! Who needs summer weather outside when you have that gorgeous cheerful rug inside. Thank goodness they don’t deliver to NZ as I could nearly buy everything on that website.

  13. Love it. Want one. I know a rug like that and my cow hide Geraldine would be so happy together. Thanks for the link.

  14. This Deb will happily take the iTunes card off your hands….

    *cheeky grin*

    You so need to be an interior designer.

  15. She’s damn HOT is what she is!! xo

  16. Love that rug! To quote The Dude, it really ties the room together.

  17. Love it! Yellow and white is simple, joyous, perfection. Your pretty red toenails look quite hot resting on it too! xo

  18. Oh my Gosh, I’m totally loving that rug. Might just need to design and draw up a DIY version of my own.

  19. The rug is famous! Front cover of inside out!

  20. I LOVE IT!!!! Enjoy the happiness it projects!! x

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