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Alternate title #1: Shit I bought in New Yorkย 
Alternate title #2: What my extra 21.4kg’s of baggage was made up of
Alternate title #3:ย Bloggers are weirdย 

Because I keep being asked I thought I better do some sharing on the stuff that I bought. This doesn’t cover it all, but it’s a start. It was also a chance for me to write about NY again because I am unsure what to blog about anymore. It was also a chance for me to reminisce. I’m feeling a little bluesy today.

I bought a bit at this place. It was my favourite, and my best. Look at that FROCK. I didn’t buy it, but I should of. Oh buyers regret – there was so much I was “going” to get, and didn’t. I wish I had.

This is what my haul looked like at the check out. Mugs (sisters pay no attention to them, they are not for you. OK they are.) See that necklace there? Do you love it as much as I do? I LOVE it. And that frock. And those silk pj pants.

This was the frock. I love it! And those green earrings? Those were from Anthro as well. I know I will be rocking that frock for years to come – I can dress it up, or down. Either way, it’s FAB. Right up there with my favourite purchase.

I got some running shoes and attire from Century 21. These brand spanking Nikes were $44. FORTY FOUR DOLLARS. And the pink neon? HOT. It might just make me hit the pavement. Note to self: go for a run you fat mole.

I got this crisp white shirt from Gap for $50. Every girl needs a crisp white shirt no? It was my nod to Audrey Hepburn. But in a fat, middle aged mother of two kind of way.

BAM! Givenchy earrings. Gold with black enamel and diamantes. Loving. Oneself. Sick. And those brows? I used my new brow pencil today to help combat the blues and it just looked stupid and ugly. How does that happen?

This is my “on trend” necklace from Century 21. It’s gold and it has grey ribbon woven into one section and then a feature ribbon section. It’s mad and I love it.

There’s that Anthro necklace. And those SHORTS. From ABC Carpet and Home. Reduced from $228 to $25. They may be the fanciest thing that I own – made from bamboo and lined with MOFO SILK. I took them to the dry cleaner this morning to be cleaned and I miss them already. Bring on summer – it’s going to be the Summer of the Short.

When Mrs Woog and I were waiting to board our plane to NY in LA we bought some magazines and I spotted Michelle Williams looking AMAZING in Brooklyn with her hot boyfriend Jason Segel. I said to Mrs W that I would thereby channel her and her style for my trip. I need my hair shorter, but the new Wayfarer’s I purchased in Bloomingdale’s made me feel a little more MW like.

I got think Elephant print shirt from Gap on a whim. I didn’t try it on and when I came back to our room and whacked it on I wasn’t sure. But now? I LOVE it. Got those gold havi’s too.

Somehow along the way I decided that I was Liz Hurley because I bought WHITE JEANS. Not just any jeans – but NYDJ (Not your Daughter’s jeans). They are cropped and tight and hot and best of all? A SIZE 8. I love them. I also got that shirt you can see underneath. It’s like a greeny mustard and I have named it Colonel Mustard. It’s chiffony, with gold buttons holding up the sleeves. This outfit is a little Gold Coasty isn’t it? EXACTLY what I was going for.

I got this black t shit from Bloomingdale’s. I was just after a plain black tshirt but Mrs Woog made me get this one saying it would be flattering. It has bat wings and is fitted around the waist and normally I wouldn’t have got this in a million years, but I did, and I love it. Thanks Mrs W!

Michelle Williams right?

I got these little leather loafers which are a little middle aged Bowral seeing as they are Mock Croc AND patent leather but I am also a little bit in love with them. This is them, at the park this morning. They look a little sad don’t they?

There’s more…like my neon orange jeans, and a Gap frock but patience Grasshoppers. They will come.

Today has been a strange day. I’m tired. And cranky. And fat. And everything that seemed so cool to me last week just seems stupid and wankery today. I think I need to go for a run right?


  1. sisters with matching mugs.
    way too cute.
    i just *knew* in my lake size waters you were blue today.
    i may have popped you a little something in the mail to cheer you up ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ahhh, all these outfits totally rock! Awesome!

  3. The post travel blues are a shit – go for a walk and then have a wine….(whine?)

  4. It’s a nasty case of the re-entry icky-blahs. Totally jelly of the haul x

  5. I’m not going to threaten to smack you over all this ‘fat’ talk as I know ‘fat’ is a relative term… However, should it not cease shortly I may have to… I’m loving everything you bought, especially the black shirt a’la Mrs Woog, suits you to the ground ๐Ÿ™‚ Am also slightly jealous that I’m not a recipient of one of those mugs! Cant wait to see the rest of the haul ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Post holiday blues… They suck. I’m having post holidays blues too. This time last year I had paid for my trip to daydream island, and was counting down the days til we left. Now I’m counting down the days until I move, looking in despair at all that needs to still be packed, and feeling like crap cause I’m fairly certain I’ve come down with the flu that mr 5 had for a week.

    On the positive though, all those beautiful things that you have to remind you have the amazing holiday you and mrs Woog had. Use those memories to inspire you to make more. (note to self in there as well)

  7. I just bought white jeans today too. They are fresh for spring and I can’t wait to wear them.

    You are NOT fat, don’t ever think that. Your legs are gorgeous and I would trade mine for yours anyday.

    I am off to Singapore in a few weeks and I am dreading the thought of wearing shorts there. My legs are hairy, and white and chunky. Maybe I could hid them in ski pants?

    More photos please!!

    Did you happen to see any coloured boat shoes in NY? Those are at the top of my want list for summer.


  8. Love everything. The dress is my fave. You look great in it.

  9. Yes chuck those runners on and get out there! You are NOT fat, but running will make you feel more fabulous xxx

  10. It’s all lovely but it’s you, YOU I am so glad to see.

  11. Lady you aren’t fat – just look at those pins of yours rocking your NY purchases! Jet lag is a mofo. Hope you’re feeling better soon. xx
    Ps. That on trend neon necklace is all kinds of fabulous.

  12. Totally understand how your feeling. When we got back from NY hubby and I just stared outside and said this is shit! But everyone is right, go for a run you will feel fab and the first wine always tastes better after a run.

    Chin up..:)

  13. Anonymous says

    You look great in all that NY stuff

  14. Oh, I love looking through your new things. You bought so many lovely things. And so you should. When do you think you will go back there again? FOREVER!

    Love all of it. And don’t worry about feeling blue. You’re just catching up with reality after such a fabulous time.

    PS. Love batwing tops. They’re so flattering and work with everything. Trust me. x

  15. Post holidays blues are the pits ๐Ÿ™ Looks like you have a beautiful treasure trove to keep a smile on your face – you are a super shopper!

  16. I get how you feel – I feel that way after 2 days in Canberra – so after 2 weeks in NYC???? Shit! Love your stuff. And yes, you should run, you fat mole. I wish I was that fat…guess I’d better run too!

  17. beth, commenting on weight is such a hard thing, but seeing as you mentioned multiple time you felt fat: I have been thinking you looked very skinny in you NY photos, and thought it must be down to that pep talk you gave yourself a while back.

  18. Shut up wit your middle aged fat bullshit OK?!If your fat I’m ready for Biggest Loser & if your middle aged then I must be sitting on the edge which I am totes not so STOP IT! I think middle aged is like mid forties yeah?! SO.NOT.MIDDLE AGED!

    Bring those neon jeans on! I am so in love with all the neon & so close to jumping in the neon pool even though it scares the shit out of me! But Nikki has re-assured me in (in her totally terrific Styling You way)that it is doable. So show me how you do it so I can deccide!

  19. Wait, you were at the park??
    You are so rocking these looks. Your pins = hot!
    Go for a run in the morning. You will feel better. x

  20. Der…you look hot! Likey that neckpiece too. Care to share? ^_^

  21. All so hot right now!
    Including you!

    I went on a Big W shopping spree today…so not the same as NYC…but still my new butter yellow jeans and my orange stripped sun hat are making me happy!

  22. Those flat/fat feelings are crap but are controllable. They are what I call head feelings – ones you can actually do something about. That is, they’re kinda just in your head. You’re brilliant account of your trips speaks volumes about how you could be feeling. Forget that Bowral cold, it gets so boring.

  23. You have got some fab pins on you! Love the outfits.

  24. Looking hot Beth. I just love your hair it suits you so much. And don’t worry the blues will pass and the skies will clear. x

  25. All of the things.

    Love everything you got. NYC smells and needs its autumn. I need to see you again. Xxxx

  26. Awesome loot lady, you did such a great job with all those treasures. You’re bound to feel a little down, you were riding super high in New York, it’s pretty tough to maintain that sort of buzz. But you’ll be firing on all plugs again real soon. You’ve got a beautiful life xoxo

  27. The reason you were blue? You were at the freaking park!!

    Nice love it all, I’m all about the wayfarers at the mo. x

  28. Post Holiday Blues (PSB) are natural and all part of taking a holiday. It would be unnatural not to suffer from PSB it would mean that you had a shit holiday.

    So that was maybe 3kgs…where is the other 18kg. Hurry woman.

  29. We all have tired, cranky, fat days – we’re entitled. And you’re just coming down off the buzz of NY and being back with your family. If it’s any consolation (and it never helps me but I’m gonna say it anyway), you look great in all your stuff. As for the run? Perhaps a good walk in the clean air, that always helps me:)

  30. Glad you and Mrs Woog had a fab NY time – your purchases are amazing! Love your style ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. All too gorgeous! Tell us more about everything NYC!

  32. YOU feel fat?! lady, you have thigh gap and size 8 jeans. Shutthefuckup.
    With love.

  33. this is the best post EVER

    Really like the necklace.

  34. Never easy coming back to reality but at least you bought a haul of goodies to sit and pawn over x

  35. Beth,

    You are not a fat mole. Not even close.

    Actually, you’re a skinny mole.

    And those pins of yours? They offend me with their hotness more than Ben the bin did Sally ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You’re beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

    Three cheers for eyebrow pencils. I don’t feel complete without mine!

    Love xx

  36. I need some of those NYD jeans. I’m going to NY in Sept. where did you find them? And by the way you are so NOT fat.

  37. baby mac, you are so fucking normal and awesome.

  38. Looking freakin hot baby-mac ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. oh gosh, i’m just catching up here…be still my heart. Anthro – clearly as good as everyone says it is. You spent your money well Michelle, very well ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  40. Oh yes you should have… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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