A Spring soirée {in Winter}

It is REALLY cold here at the moment. Windy too, which just pisses me off and makes me edgy. One of my huge pots out the front with a camellia in it smashed yesterday in the wind which REALLY made me cranky (I think this is the 4th pot I have gone through) and I just generally feel uneasy when it’s blowing a gale.

So, as I sit by the fire trying to stay I have decided to throw a quick Sunday get together with some friends tomorrow to herald in Spring time and say fare thee well to Winter. I am going WAY early, but there is blossom on the trees and I’m determined to create something fun and spring like. Who does that? Me! I do. I just need that wind to piss off tomorrow.

My vision is this (all images stolen from Pinterest):

Well without the paling fence. I see a table, under the tree in blossom. Flowers in jars. Flowers everywhere. Jars everywhere! Chairs and rugs and cushions and sunshine a go-go! Children playing nicely together! (a girl can dream).

Note to self: grow an orchard in the back garden before tomorrow.

See what happens to a girl when she is left to freeze? I’ve gone mad I tell you. It must be the wind. So now that I have my MOFO tablescape sorted…what shall I feed the people? We have 6 adults, 7 kids (2 of them vegetarian). I’ve asked my friends to bring something to start and something to end with – so I’m doing the middle.

: Maggie Beer’s double marinated lamb
: Roast potatoes
: Salad of chunky cucumber, fetta and mint
: Drowned iceberg salad
: Gourmet Girlfriend’s ricotta gnocchi with home made pesto

: Home made cheat sausage rolls
: Carrot, celery & cucumber sticks with hummus
: Popcorn
: Cakes & biscuits
: Leftovers from above
: Toasted marshmallows
: Served on picnic rugs on the grass

If the weather holds up, I am banning anyone from going inside and I also think that we may need to keep the fire pit close by for extra warmth. Served with lashings of champagne and wine, some sunshine and good company and it should be a perfect Sunday afternoon!


  1. sounds good what time shall i turn up..lol..

  2. Loving that my Ricotta Gnocchi gets a go at your fancy schmancy Winter/Spring soiree.

  3. Jane Frosh Stylist says

    image #1 is an event done by my friend Georgie Kay,. (Georgeous Events) X

  4. how amazing are those settings!! I love myself a daily pinterest dose! this makes me want to organize a dinner party!! as for the middle part why don’t you look for ideas on pinterest they have the yummiest recipes!!

    Steph 🙂

    • You know Steph, I can’t actually allow myself to properly go onto Pinterest. I am on there but I don’t follow anything or do anything to my boards…I know I will just get addicted and I neglect my family enough as it is. I usually just go in and type something into the search bit!

  5. I’m so with you re the wind. My husband is a sailor so can’t understand why I hate windy weather. But it just makes me feel all disgruntled. It ruffles my ions – I don’t know if that’s actually possible but whatever, it just makes me cranky and out of sorts. Getting some friends together for good food and much wine definitely helps – I’ve just done that and feel much better!

  6. Sounds perfect to me & seriously, how good is GG’s ricotta gnocchi ?! Have fun & I hope the wind pisses off ( I feel the same way as you about & it blows like a mofo over here in summer!)xx

  7. I saw that orchard photo on Pinterest today too…and thought to myself that it was really lovely…I well done rustic charm is my favourite!

    And I have been meaning to make Gourmet Girlfriend’s gnocchi…I will add it to my menu plan for next week!

    It sounds like tomorrow will be a wonderful day…can’t wait to see your photos!
    Fingers crossed that the sun is shining and the wind has stopped blowing!

  8. What a fab day! We’ve just welcomed some UK friends who are having a year in Sydney. We found a flowering magnolia and some sunshine and it felt like spring today. Enough Champagne and it will be! X

  9. I remember reading something about the wind and the negative somethings in the wind that causes people to be angry. Don’t think your cray cray it really is just the wind!

  10. Love it Lady! Sounds positively beautiful… cannot wait to see the pics of your own version… but these ones were lovely, haha you made me laugh about the orchard.
    And yes, the wind makes me feel very uneasy also… might have something to do with that mother of a gum tree right at the back of our place, in our NEIGHBOUR’S yard mind you. Aaaarrrgghhh that beast throws down branches like nobody’s business on days like today.
    Have a lovely time tomorrow xoxo

  11. How lovely. It is a lovely day down your way do enjoy it and share the spoils! X

  12. As a teacher, doing playground duty on a windy day is THE WORST!! Kids are always crazy (crazier) in the wind. Have fun 🙂

  13. What a treat your guests are in for. I hope it’s a lovely afternoon and the weather is good for you. Jx

  14. Hope all your plans worked out really well and yes, will be great to see your pics. I am a person that rather likes windy days but MOH hates it when windy. I think it reminds him of the weather in England (way back then).

  15. How glorious was the weather?? Just lovely, even if the images aren’t your own, i totally picture it being this pretty for real or in every guest’s heart. I too steer clear of Pinterest, not enough time in the day, i have an account & tonnes of followers, somehow, but really just update my blog images there, i don’t go looking at other people’s images or i’d never sleep!! Very happy when people find stunning pictures for me. Love Posie

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