Friday morning ramblings

A gal asks for some help and BOY did you guys deliver! Thank you for all your comments on yesterday’s post…I will have that bottom sorted in no time! I really appreciate it, and boy do I love the community we have here…no problem too small. I found myself on the blower this morning to a chemist in Tamworth of all places getting some magical “pink cream” that the chemist makes there. Paid over the phone and it’s on its way to me. Will report back on said magical cream…how good is that? I love how the internet makes the world smaller and more connected. It’s overcast in Tamworth this morning, said to Chantelle (who I spoke with) that I hope they get some rain.

It’s drizzly and cool here this morning – just 10 degrees – and it’s quiet. Harper drew a portrait of me this morning. But with duck arms and elephant feet. I think my brows look a little over plucked, but it’s not bad.


I’m feeling a little weary after last nights effort of hosting a dinner party for 8. We had such a lovely night though…lots of candles, fire crackling away, good food and wine flowing and lots of great music. I didn’t get to bed until waaaay too late and up waaaaaay too early, but we’ve made it through term 1!

Yesterday I was gifted a kilo of honey from my cleaner Anita…amazing stuff! I have a love hate relationship with honey after I overate it as a kid and spewed up everywhere. That’s what you get for being greedy (apparently I always have been)!


I thought it might be nice to gift a wee jar to the ladies last night as I’ll be doing well to get through it all so I grabbed some cute jars from a shop in town yesterday and left them at their places. As Kimmy K would say….KUTE!


Daisy helped me prepare an old school pre-dinner nibble last night: Rob’s step Grandma’s olive balls! You can get the recipe from an old post here. They didn’t quite work out when they cooked…they kind of flattened out into little volcanos but were still delicious. In any case, I love having Daisy help me in the kitchen and I LOVE that Micky’s recipe is still being used. Traditions and all that…


Table looked pretty last night.

IMG_6274 IMG_6280

And the food was pretty bloody good if I don’t mind saying so myself. Cheese and olive balls to start fireside, then rib eye, potatoes, beans with toasted almonds, béarnaise and red wine jus. Pudd was sticky date pudding with caramel sauce. The entire thing went down a treat. My favourite time of the night was post dessert when I had Apple Music and my Bose speaker asking everyone to pick one song from their life that they would say is their favourite. Big call I know but we had some cracker. My favourite was Mrs C who had The Boss’ Thunder Road. I would NEVER have guessed that. I love how music transports you and I think it’s pretty amazing that we have these options with music now to pick any song, any album from any time in the past and you can hear it instantly. Technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it?

You can’t go past George though.


After I got through the washing up this morning, and got the kids out the door for school I found an amazing bunch of dahlia’s on my door step from one of our guests last night. I mean LOOK AT THEM.


Need a different angle? OK!


And I’ve got a fancy arse new candle to light (another pressie)…


As well as lots of little goodies from another guest. Plus leftovers! Pretty good for a Friday I reckon. I hope you guys have a great weekend…we start holidays and I CANNOT wait to chill out, not be sick (please dear lord can we not get sick) get away for a few days, spend time with cousins and just pat ourselves on the back. We did it!

What are you up to this Friday morning?
What song would you pick?
Got anything planned for the holidays ahead? (NSW that is)


  1. Sounds like such a fun night and completely worth the zero sleep factor. This morning I am washing all the things that my little girl has vomited on this morning… FUN! What Bose speaker do you have? I have been looking and can’t make up my mind.

  2. Well as I have been home alone for the past week I have tuned into a hermit. On that note I thought today was Saturday. Have received some lovely flowers from family and even picked a few from the garden. Yes, lovely bright yellow Dahlia’s my absolutely fav flower. I will have to leave my bubble today as I must get supplies for my lunch visitors…. So glad you got to end of term! Hope everyone is well. xxx

  3. What a beautiful setting for what sounds like a lovely dinner party and on a school night!!!

    We are planning a staycation really because the kids want to hang out with their friends. We will have a mini break at my folks and the reality is that the kids will likely watch far too much tv! But whatever gets us through I say. I think the hubby and kids will be up your way on Wednesday next week well in Bowral at least for a Charity Cricket day.

    My song at the moment would probably be Ghost by Indigo girls.

  4. Daktozin (antifungal) was a lifesaver for me when the kids had nappy rash like that that wouldn’t go away (especially if it’s bleeding).

    This Friday, I’m attempting to settle into our new home in Brissie. Still a long way to go. Also, trying to keep the spirits up of three little kids who just “want to go home to Dubai”, but instead start a brand-new school on Monday. Fighting all the feelings that go with moving into a city where you know nobody! We’ll get there though.

    My song, easy-peasy – Superstition by Stevie Wonder. Best song ever.

    Enjoy the hols!! (and the cool weather!) xxx

  5. No rain to speak of in Tamworth so far!

    So tell me about this ‘pink cream’? Sounds like something I should know about? Especially if it’s local and I’m a daycare Mum and sore bots ARE MY BUSINESS! I am so intrigued!

    Hey I used to get that itchy ring thing too (ha!) when I first started daycare and was washing more than in the past. I can’t remember how I got it to clear up but ever since I just have to make a point of drying the area really well after each hand wash. Not a prob since.

    • I’m waiting on it to arrive – someone suggested it and said it’s pretty magical. From the Peel St chemist I think? Will report back on magical powers as soon as I have put it to use!

  6. Veggie Mama says

    What is that black candle? I must know!

  7. Well done for hosting dinner mid week and at the end of term, you deserve a medal !! My children are adults now but I still remember the excitement of school holidays, pj days and days of endless games and puzzles. Enjoy the break I hope no one even sneezes let alone gets sick – you have surely had your fill. The flowers are beautiful – you deserve them .

  8. You are truly a fabulous host!! We are going to Nth Coast NSW for 12 days! I have had 3/3 sick x 2 since Easter! I think they were needing the hols three weeks ago.

  9. Friday night is an early one after a very late night at Chris Isaak last night and a toddler alarm clock about 5 hours later ?
    My song – so damn many but I love Sarah by Fleetwood Mac. Nepotism as my name is Sarah but I love that song, makes me think of my late Dad and makes me happy & sad all at once

  10. looks and sounds like you had a great night beth!
    glad you have good cream coming your way!
    love the concentration on your faces!
    ab/fab daisy helping you prepare food with love!
    and what gorgeous dahlias! … super!
    hope your holidays will be restorative for you all!
    love m:)X

  11. I had a job interview this morning. It was good! Should know by the end of next week, and a yes would be a great birthday present.
    Love that last night went off like a frog in a sock, and the tunes thing is a great idea.
    I can’t possibly think of just one all-time favourite, so I’ll say Don’t Stop Believing by Foreigner.
    Or Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.
    Or Heaven by Eurogliders.
    Or Hip To Be Square by Huey Lewis & The News.
    Or Dream Lover by Mariah.
    Or Two Sides Of The Coin by KISS.
    Or Suddenly by Angry Anderson, because Scott & Charlene!
    Or… okay I need a good lie down now.
    Happy school hols Beth.

  12. Yay!!! We made it…last ever “last day of term 1” for us. My youngest is doing her HSC this year…where has time gone?…The song I would choose is “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys…I was a baby when that came out but I still remember *really* listening to it for the first time about 30 years ago and thinking it’s one of the prettiest music/lyric combinations I’ve ever heard, so played very loud and complete silence as we listen please…oh those voices harmonizing, to die for <3

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