In the Evening

Mid mornings to late(ish) afternoons are our peaks here. We are up and out that door exploring while most of you are all sleeping and then we come home and trot out a blog post. It’s like our homework and we giggle to ourselves as we tap tappity tap out our posts and then file them with a “IT’S UP” where the other quickly reads the post and tells the other how funny we are.

Cause we are.

Then there is a cheeky wine. Then maybe a skype call home to the kids. Then we get ready for an evening drink and dinner somewhere. We can then choose ensembles and take the time to do makeup and change outfits and have fun like you did when you were in your twenties and you were going out. TIME TO OURSELVES. What a thing we Mum’s don’t get. I am soaking it up. We scrawl through emails and comment suggestions from all our readers and whatever is the most common is where we end up going.

Tonight the winner was Eataly on 5th Avenue. It was like a huge food hall, but like a David Jones Food Hall all with the most amazing Italian places and a beer garden on the rooftop where we sucked back a bottle of Prosecco like it was nobodies business. Then downstairs we wandered through all the shops. ANYTHING Italian you could want was here.

And some other things too popping up. Nice brows.

Mrs Woog wanted me to take these pasta’s home to cook. I am NOT cooking this holiday, you just cannot make me.

We came out and looked up. LOOK! That skinny famous building. Otherwise known as the Flatiron building.

And some other fancy, nice one. The empire state building keeps changing colours to different countries for the Olympics I think? It was Green and Gold when we went past!

It was time for dinner and drinks. And drinks. We like drinks. And this building. The Chrysler building. It’s both our favourite’s – just down the road from where we live and what a view we had of it tonight!

It was Italy’s time on the Empire State Building when we were there.

There is just something happening here every single minute. This is 10.30pm on a Monday night.

I was drinking wine. How unusual. Looking old around the eyes Beverley – REHYDRATE already!

There was Olympics on. Only showing Yankee’s winning events. How are the Australian’s doing? We have no idea.

And there’s me taking photos. Always with the photos.

And the pizza.


  1. Loving your snaps!

  2. Anonymous says

    Oh my god, we are leaving in 7 weeks to head over to the Big apple. My very first time out of Australia and I am very excited. Getting even more so, from seeing your snaps. Thank you for sharing. I think you’re funny. Bam I’ve said it.

  3. Have you been to Balthazar for brunch yet – voted one of New York’s finest. Norwegian Eggs were superb. Like Eggs Benedict but with salmon and sits on top of little cubed sautéed potatoes. Best brunch I’ve ever had. Oh and brownies from Fat Witch bakery (check out their website, on Oprah’s favourite things list and really yummy brownies) and
    Oh I wish I was there!!!!

  4. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    God I wish you’d gone before I did… are going to the most wonderful places. Must start making a list for a return trip!

  5. I am so loving yours and Mrs Woog’s posts. Brilliant. Thank you x

  6. Now I want to go!! Just back from China/England with the family this morning so I think my sweet husband doesn’t need to hear any more travel plans from me!! Your photos make me want want want to book that East Coast trip!!

  7. Your photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing your trip with us…it’s awesome seeing the sights via your pics & words. NYC has just gone to the top of my ‘to do’ list x

  8. Told you Eataly was awesome!

  9. Anonymous says


  10. I second Balthazar…or Pastis…or really brunch anywhere…it will suit your midmorning peak.
    You could even have a champagne brunch! Maybe a Bellini or two?

  11. I love the ‘skinny famous building’ 🙂

  12. I mentioned it in insta but please google ‘fishs eddy’. Cool homewares I think might be worth a looksee? Xx

  13. I’m not sure if you should attend Blogher. I’m loving the amazing tour of NYC you are taking us on!
    Please don’t leave just yet!

  14. Awesome photos, LOVE that skinny building, how many times have they used that one on Tv or in movies!? Wow, you are having the bestest time and making the most of it like I’m certain no one else could. So great to share in your enthusiasm and experience lady xo

  15. I am absolutely loving these posts! Amazing. Am eagerly awaiting each and every one. Very jealous, it sounds like you are both having an absolute ball. Keep em coming. x

  16. Oooooh I love the Chrysler Building! So shiny….. That pizza’s making me hungry.

  17. Flickster says

    Loving every post! I just am loving your trip. I see yours (and Mrs Woogs too) message on my inbox, it make my day. Keep loving it!

  18. Flatiron, oh I heart thee! Not sure if anyone has suggested you to check out Frick House, once I’d done the museums I headed there and loved it. Anyway , have a google and see what you think. x

  19. I love your photos….don’t stop taking them!! You and Mrs Woog are having the best adventure. Am very jealous of all that time you’re having to yourselves! Jx

  20. I have just been catching up on your NYC posts. Breathless. SO amazing, and I love reading and seeing, and living vicariously. It looks fabulous to the max.

  21. Am loving these posts Beth and loving your photos! x

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