Holiday postcard days 1 & 2

Our old School road trip holiday to Melbourne and Adelaide has been changed somewhat but is STILL going ahead. Thank goodness. It was remiss of me even to forget to tell you about the plans we had but that’s what happens when life throws you a few curve balls.

The original plan was to fly down to Melbourne, stay in my brother’s fancy house while they are holidaying in Croatia (as one does) and then take their car and drive down the Great Ocean Rd across to Adelaide for Rob’s cousin’s 40th on the weekend. The Melbourne leg was cancelled  and changed to a few days in Sydney to see my sister and Brother in law, and then we fly off to Radelaide in the morning.

We headed off yesterday morning for Sydney. I asked Harper to pack her bag and this is what she came up with:

: One pair o’ Jeggings
: One sequined butterfly mask
: 5 pegs (various colours)
: One porcelain bear ornament thingy
: One Barbie
: One sunhat
: One baby soft toy rattle

I had to repack.

We spent the afternoon at my sister’s place while she did shopping and returned back to earth after 11 days in hospital. After we left we headed straight to sushi because you just can’t get sashimi down our way. It had fancy water going down the windows. The girls were intrigued.

I was too busy guzzling my beer and eating all the gyoza’s I could lay my hands on.

Because Rob was home and Mum is away, it was a bit lonely at Grandma’s place. I hopped into bed at 7.40am and watched Master Chef with Daisy and Harper. They lasted 5 minutes before crashing out.

My favourite part of the day was when Daisy was asleep. DEAR GOD she is giving me some attitude these School Holidays. The eye rolling. The TUDE. It’s unbearable. I looked at this big kid on my shoulder and still saw a remnant of the milk drunk baby she used to be asleep on my shoulder. Sigh.

Today because I wanted to punish myself further we went to the movies with every other bastard in Sydney to see Ice Age 4 and are about to head out for dinner because I like taking overtired kids out to public places. It does wonders for my stress levels. Tomorrow we fly out early (as in 7am early). I can’t wait for a new city to explore, some time with Rob’s beautiful family AND a squeeze of Roo Coulson as his Dad is coming to take snaps of the soiree on Saturday. Bring. It. On.


  1. Isn’t it funny that when your kids are acting like complete wankers ( I have a 12 year old with more attitude than should be allowed in one body) as soon as they are asleep you can remember when they were sweet little beings……
    Have a great trip Bethxx

  2. This cracked me up I use to be that attitude girl yep I was a terror!! But don’t worry I grew up alright and now I feel so guilty I’m extra nice to my mum & dad!

  3. The comments on this blog always always make me laugh.

    As I stand here dolled up in my ugh boots (Glamour 24/7) I wonder what it would be like to meet these people in Real Life? Would they be as funny? And what would they all drink?

    Cheers x

  4. Just thought I should point out a typo in that last paragraph…I don’t think you are taking your kids to pubic places!
    But please don’t change it! It just made me crack up. I am still giggling! Funny stuff.
    I too am overtired…and my evening glass of wine has gone straight to my head.

  5. I love your daughter’s packing. My kids do the same! Last time I found 4 sets of pyjamas, a beanie, gumboots, a bar of soap, swimming goggles and his Buzz Lightyear for a two day trip.

  6. Oh the attitude! I’ve said it before lady, but it REALLY gets me down. We had two major run-in’s with Angus today. One a piece for Scott and I. But when he snuggles (also watching Master Chef), then sleeps, ahhh my baby he is again. You’re a glutton for punishment, movies on a wet day!? Though we’re just as stoopid, we did the Darling Harbour Aquarium thing for Felix’s 1st Birthday and it was manic, I think every other bastard in Sydney was there! Enjoy your trip lady, you deserve a nice relaxing family break xo

  7. My son once packed his own bag for a camping holiday in the Scottish highlands. When we arrived I discovered the bag was empty except for a large framed photograph of a donkey called Chocky. You did well to check before you left.

  8. Attitude should be frigging outlawed. It’s never cool no matter WHAT age they are! And don’t get me started on the eye-rolling. OMG. Sets me right off, that does.

    Enjoy your holidays, Beth. Hope the weather is good x

  9. Love the packing! I see she packed the essentials!

  10. Enjoy the trip and family time lovely lady! xx

  11. good to see you’re feeling better and downing that beer like there’s no tomorrow!

    I hear and feel your pain. I have a five year old going on 30 with tude to boot. No eye rolls yet, just “fine.” Ugh. I hate fine.

    I cannot wait to see your family pics on Tim’s blog. The warmth that man can squeeze through his camera is like none other.

    Can. not. wait.

    Enjoy. Relax. No brooms.

    Gab x

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