One thing: The outsource

I am a fan of the outsource where I can. Sure it may be laziness, but a lot of the time if I have a problem and have some money available, I will throw it at the task and actually get the job done. Rather than just sitting and thinking about or talking about it. This means getting the odd man in to … [Read more...]

One thing: a little trim

There's two things I love most about #onething. For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t … [Read more...]

One thing: That appointment

I'm hobbling around this morning after moving my Mum and Step Dad into their new house yesterday. I've spent the past few days scrubbing, packing, reminiscing, laughing and sweating! Last night I crashed out in bed and a few hours woke to not being able to move...I'm not the spring chicken I used to … [Read more...]

One thing: A supercell of little annoying things

My #onething list just continually grows but this week there were so many little #onethings that I felt like I had to do my best to tackle the lot in one fell swoop. All those little things that all need doing but require their own individual trips to here or there for this or that, you know the … [Read more...]

One thing: My desk

I don't have an office or anywhere Pinterest worthy where I sit and work. In reality there is a desk that sits against a wall near the girls bedrooms that mostly gets "stuff" put on it, mail and the like and where my laptop sits and re-charges. It's where I end up filing away all our paperwork and … [Read more...]

One thing: TOYS

If the toy situ at your place is anything like mine, it looks like this most of the time. Maybe there is a designated storage cupboard or spot where they go but they inevitably get filled up badly when things get put back, or there are just piles, ready to topple at any given moment filled … [Read more...]

One thing: The verandah clean up

In all that hot weather this week and while the cleaning mojo had hit me good and proper I decided to tackle a job that I have been meaning to do, in you know, years. While my name could be sweeper McSweeperson, always sweeping the verandahs for a bit of therapy (controlling the controllables and … [Read more...]

One thing: Little people and all their little things

I have hit 2016 RUNNING I tell you! This week there must be the cleaning moon in my 4th quarter or something because I have not stopped with the purging of stuff. The cleaning of stuff. The sorting of stuff. The re-distribution of stuff. It's been exhausting and exhilarating including new Ikea book … [Read more...]

One thing: The clothes shuffle

I think part of being a Mum is spending an inordinate amount of time managing drawers. Clothes drawers. Re-folding things shoved and rolled back in, moving the things that no longer fit out, putting freshly laundered things back in, and putting brand new (or freshly hand-me-down) stuff back in. It's … [Read more...]

One thing: Make the damn cake already

I've been REALLY good whittling down my lists and inboxes the past few weeks trying to get to the end of year deadline so I can have some time off and try to embrace "Holiday Beth" who the family loves! As I mentioned in my podcast this week with Neighbour, everyone in my family loves Holiday … [Read more...]

One thing: the dodgy number

I found myself in a hardware shop this week. I don't often go into them and so when I do I tend to get a little excited trying to remember all the little things that I often add to the "one thing" list that require going into a hardware store. On this trip I managed to get some painters masking … [Read more...]

One thing: One on one time

Goodness, it's been a while between "one things" hasn't it? Mostly because the one thing turned into a big holiday and then dealing with jetlag and then treading water madly as life has been whizzing by with school and work and life and Maggie. There's been a million things covered off every week, … [Read more...]

One thing: The windows

Being the clean freak fruit loop that I am, I tend to attack the windows in the house every 6 months or so. Our windows are gorgeous, with lots of little window panes, but boy are they are a pain in the arse to clean. With the shoot we had a week or so fast approaching, and a baby, and a case of … [Read more...]

One thing: that sunny spot

I think that when you move into a house it takes a long time to make it a home. I think you need to live in a space to work out what's needed, where the good spots are, the places you want to spend time in a room and then what needs to go in there. Our house has been a continual process filling up … [Read more...]

One Thing: Dodgy blinds

You know when something is broken and you can live with it because it's only a little bit broken and you can still make it work even though it's not working to its full potential? I have had plenty of those half broken things around the house...a door that needs to be pushed a certain way to shut … [Read more...]

One Thing: The Kitchen

I didn't start last week off very well. Harper had been sick so as well as being up in the night with Maggie, I was not sleeping well because I was worried about Harps and dealing with her very high temperatures. I started to get cranky about, well, everything, and of course took it out on the one … [Read more...]

One Thing: A stupid light bulb

This week's #onething is quite ridiculous and yet symbolic of what #onething is all about. For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get … [Read more...]

One thing: Passport applications

It's been some time since I've got my #onething done. But this week, this magical 6 week mark where the fog slowly starts to lift and you feel at least 5% of the person you used to be before you had a baby, well I managed to get something done! Something, that is, besides having a shower and boiling … [Read more...]

One thing: the garage and its door

Whilst my #onething this week should be shaving my legs which I just did (and you don't want to know how long ago the last time was) I figured that wouldn't be the most interesting thing and at this very late stage of the pregnancy we did not need photos of that. For those of you not playing along, … [Read more...]

One thing: The car

Top of the to-do list since we knew we were having another kid was getting a bigger car. We had a standard 5 seater SUV thingy (Hyundai 135 for those wanting those kind of details) all I knew about that car was it was reliable, it did a LOT of km's and that it disappointingly never had an outside … [Read more...]