One thing: The outsource

I am a fan of the outsource where I can. Sure it may be laziness, but a lot of the time if I have a problem and have some money available, I will throw it at the task and actually get the job done. Rather than just sitting and thinking about or talking about it. This means getting the odd man in to come and do stuff. I have had out windows cleaned professionally before because they do SUCH a better job than me and I figure that my time is better spent elsewhere either on work, or looking after kids. I get my house cleaned once a fortnight and this week I received a letterbox drop that had me picking up my phone quicker than you can say #onething!


For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things. Just one. Every week.

The leaflet was for a car cleaning service that comes and does it at home. Brilliant right? I thought so anyway! We are pretty limited for places down here to get your car cleaned and the one place that does do it, is expensive and takes quite a bit of time so the idea of someone coming to your home to do it for $40 was greatly appealing.

The man appeared a few days later, vacuumed and washed and polished that car from top to toe getting out every cracker, bit of sand and dust that was on the car. AMEN.


On Friday night when I was out with some friends (OUT WITH SOME FRIENDS IN SYDNEY) one of them was telling me about Airtasker where you just put down something you need to get done, your budget and location and then somehow someone appears to do it! She needed to get some artwork hung (about 15) and dead set 30 minutes later some bloke appeared, did the job and left. How good is that? I’m going to investigate this business further, I wonder if anyone would do it down here?

What was your one thing this week?
What do you outsource at your place?
Always leave the car so long that you hate washing the car as much as me?
Go choose something, right now, just have a look around and there will be something waiting…


  1. My one thing this week: packed up my life, again, and had it all shipped from Chicago to NZ. Homeward bound, at last. ??
    Wish I coulda found a bloke to do that for me for $40.

  2. Hi Beth,

    Would love the heads up on the car cleaner. I live in the highlands also and usually drive around in grubby car due to the lack of options we have down here…..oh and I hate washing the car too 😉

  3. I’d like to outsource my stress!! I don’t actually know what I stress about but it seems it has me heading for blood pressure medication that I really don’t want to take! So if I could outsource that I would! Any takers?

  4. I really want a house cleaner. You can image how tired I am after being in a commercial kitchen…

  5. I’ve used air tasker twice. Mixed results. 1 asked for extra money to the agreed price, even though time taken still within agreed. A hassle to complain about.
    The other was great, on time, professional and will use for other things in the future. Like anything sometimes you can get lucky.

  6. Outsourced the window cleaning this week after thinking about cleaning the windows for about 6 months. It was your post last year that made me think it might be better to outsource this particular job. Glad I did. No way I could do such a good job myself and now looking at the windows fills me with joy rather than stress!

    • I need to get mine done again soon – we are hosting Rob’s 40th In May so I think I’ll book it in before then – NOTHING better!

  7. I’m about to outsource the yardwork…. I think after 18yrs of hassling the hubby, it’s time to wave the white flag. I’m also giving serious thought to some form of house cleaner – floors and bathrooms, anyone?

  8. I am finally starting to see some time/energy/motivation opening up for ‘one thing’ to become a thing for me! Yay! I too do not mind outsourcing when I have the funds. Sometimes it’s really so worth the expense. The amount of times I have thrown my hands in the air and paid someone after months or even years of thinking I might get around to a task!!

  9. Actually I need to get my car done this week. Well a month ago if needed doing. This week it is happening.

  10. I love airtasker. This week I outsourced all the handyman jobs we’ve been putting off. Two hours and it was done. Awesome. I have also recently outsourced the ironing. I leave it on the front porch Tuesday night and it reappears all perfectly ironed Thursday morning. I want to focus on getting my business going and my kids. Not ironing.

  11. One of the things I will miss the most about Dubai will be every carpark having car wash guys who do the job for 5 bucks (in saying that, the sand meant the car needed washing at least once a week).

  12. I outsource and find people think it is really odd. Especially, I think, because I am on a precarious freelance/contractor/casual budget. And I used to rent – people thought it really weird that I got my (rental) home clean – as though it isn’t still my home (I was there for 13 years). Thanks so much for the Airtasker link I’ll be taking advantage of them. Another comment – I now live in the Hunter Valley and find people up here (well, women actually) much more astounded and disapproving of outsourcing than Sydney folk (where I used to live)

  13. Is it possible to outsource ‘adulting’……..? Or even parenting. Just for an hour or so during witching hour!

  14. I thought “yes! That’s a great idea – I’ll get someone to come and clean my ovens!”. So I signed up, got offers, but can’t bring myself to invite totally random strangers into the house – doh! Keep thinking they are going to come and bury me in my own back yard….


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